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  • Since I was 12 years old... way back in 1969, I have loved this show. It was great then and is great now.

    Great show. Three stunning and brilliant young actors a great plot with high ethical standards and production values. It also made me laugh. The two handsome and adventurous men accompanied by possibly the most beautiful woman of her generation fight the baddies and with the aid of superpowers given them by a lost tibetan tribe strive to maintian world peace and justice. Still being repeated nearly 40 years after it was first broadcast. Just the best ever. Craig Sterling,Richard Barrett and Sharron McCready face challenges as varied as the austrailian out back to the arctic wastes. Great fun to watch now an dspot the guest actors who have become famous since. Also how many of the fine old actors have died.
  • A recent discovery since I was too young the first time around!

    I've been watching this series for a few months now, as it is being shown on Freeview ITV4. My husband introduced me to the series, as he used to watch it when he was younger. The storylines are well-written and the main characters have good chemistry. It has that wonderful charm of its era, which is sadly lost in many of the programs which are made today. I feel that it has aged very well and still has something to say to a new generation of viewers. What I particularly like is the more subtle use of the characters' super-powers, rather than the gung-ho tactics featured in some superhero type series.
  • The champions from the very first episode we learn where they get their supernatural powers & how they have to learn to use these gifts for the benefit of mankind & save the planet many times over in the swinging sixties & of course they never fail

    The Champions my most favorit programme from my childhood it seemed to me to have everything action,humour & no soppy romance,from the opening episode were they crash in the mountains & snow to many exotic places (although they never left the uk) all three characters was fantastic the hansome craig & rather cute richard & the stunning sharon combined with their magnifecent supernatural powers they managed to save the world many times over,& although its now over 40years old i think its still a great show get the dvd & enjoy
  • The Champions - Superb.

    There were many unusual things about 'The Champions', not least that it was one of the rare shows to be cancelled before it had even been screened. Filmed in 1967, but not broadcast until 1969 in the United Kingdom (it was sold to the rest of the world first), this fantasy series about secret agents with superpowers anticipated such telefantasies as 'The Six Million Dollar Man'. Heroes Craig (Stuart Damon), Sharron (Alexandra Bastedo) and Richard (William Gaunt) had had their senses (and psychic powers) mysteriously enhanced by a kindly Tibetan mystic (played superbly by Felix Aylmer) after their plane crashed. The show is a fine example of what Gaunt calls 'The white Jaguar' school of British TV. The same white Jag, usually hurtling down a lonely road towards a cliff, appeared in (among others) 'The Champions' and 'Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased) and 'Danger Man'. ITC accountants couldn't see why, if a character had to die, they couldn't save everyone money and effort by getting in the same car to set out on the same deadly ride.

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  • The Champions: Classic in my childhood and classic in my life!!!

    The Champions:

    Waiting in front of tv every afternoon to see a new episode of this great tv show. Imagining myself being Craig Sterling doing my agent tasks, of course, using my superpowers.
    I still admiring this show, hearing the special noise effects for the superpowers and enjoying the intial trailer and the music also, what is one of my favorites TV themes songs.
    The only thing that I am dissapointed about: Why no more episodes? Why only a few of them? I hope that a smart movie producer can place in a cinema screens the marevelous characters of the champions agents..


    Gerardo Moreno

  • I Like The Champions TV Show. I strongly disagree 'in part' about the review entitled 'A Decent Show'.

    'The Champions' ITC show, was one of the best series ever shown on TV, a previous reviewer suggested that "the series was dogged with weak performances" & " ultimately unsatisfying piece of television history" I must strongly disagree.

    Isn't it lucky that there are other websites dedicated to this show, that would not allow such unqualified statements to be made about this marvelous show, if people are going to make statements like this please keep it for the forums.

    You may think this section should be dedicated to show reviews, but when a person writes such statements & is not allowed to be challenged apart from "agree" or "disagree" about nine paragraphs, it is a ridiculous state of affairs, as one may agree about certain parts of the review & disagree about other sections, so I have come to the conclusion that this new site is a free for all!

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  • A fondly remembered show but hampered by low budgets and unimaginative episodes.

    The champions was a premise made in television heaven - three superhuman secret agents involved in stories that guaranteed straight espionage, comic book heroics, science fiction and pure action and adventure. When you think of the influences around the time - James Bond, The Saint, Dangerman, The Fugitive, The Man from UNCLE, the hippy movement with its transcendentalism, Quatermass, even Doctor Who – You can't help but wonder how a series such as this could go wrong!

    Yet the producers of The Champions managed produce some of the most
    uninspiring, humourless, un-engaging and amateurish episodic television.

    Not that the Champions was all bad; episodes such as The Experiment, The Interrogation and Autokill were excellent episodes and some of the stunt work from the three leads still look good -even by today's CGI enhanced standards.

    The Champions is one of the most fondly remembered of all the 1960's action adventure series mainly because of its humanist feel and the excellent theme music and opening credit and closing credits. However on later viewing it is clear that the series was dogged with weak performances, poor writing, miniscule budgets and a general misunderstanding of the series’ potential.

    The three leads certainly looked the part (even Richard Barrett!) but only actor William Gaunt seemed comfortable in his role. The Champions’ boss, Tremayne - who seemed so cool and authoritative to a young kid - now seems an irritating and scatty character: a woefully under-rehearsed performance from veteran Anthony Nicholls

    Stuart Damon seemed strangely limited for a leading male actor though he was extremely adept and convincing at the physical side of the role.

    Alexandra Bastedo looked perfect for the part of Sharon Macreedy, but at that stage in her career she wasn’t a strong enough actress to carry off the role - how different this team would have been if someone like Catherine Schell had been chosen.

    Although the miniscule budget was a main factor, the actual stories seemed oddly old fashioned - the plots and scripts seemed more like re-hashes from an old 1940's war or espionage movie rather than an imaginative 1960’s thriller.

    The Champions could have been a series that defined British television of the period but instead it is a fondly remembered but ultimately unsatisfying piece of television history.