The Champions

Season 1 Episode 18

The Interrogation

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 1969 on ITV

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  • Its clever plotting makes up for i'ts lack of action.

    Basically Craig wakes up in a room to find he's been drugged and is questioned throughout the episode by an expert interrogator who will use any methods he can to get answers. But what is he talking about? Does Craig really know anything? What is he really after?
    This is mainly in the same room using flashbacks from other episodes and clever wordplay - this may sound boring but it's very clever in its approach and the dialogue between Craig and his interrogator is superb.
    The lack of action and travelling causes a little tedium, but you'll be won over by Stuart Damon's performance and the ingenius twists which ensue.
  • Many fans of ITC shows have said that "ITC" stands for "I'm Terribly Cheap". Nowhere is this more evident than this pathetic episode filled with splices of other episodes, watchable ONLY because of Stuart Damon's acting.

    The prevalent rumor is that ITC made this episode to save money. It shows. The episode focuses primarily on Craig, held prisoner by a rather sadistic man intent on getting "the truth" out of Craig about a recently completed assignment. The man's theory is that Craig did such a perfect job on the assignment that he MUST be a double agent.

    The plot is part of the problem with this episode. That argument makes no sense, especially given the number of other assignments Craig completed to "perfection" (thanks to the powers he and his two partners obtained in Tibet). The fact that Tremayne would step so far out of character to allow Craig to be exposed to such mistreatment shows how out-of-place this episode is.

    Another problem is the glaring error: this interrogator is interested in uncovering the secret to Craig's success, but he doesn't think ANYTHING about a man being able to rip steel door hinges off the wall with his bare hands? That didn't send warning lights off in the guy's head?

    The only redeeming quality for this episode is the great performance of Stuart Damon, but even his superb acting cannot save a poorly written episode that clearly appears to have been thrown together instead of carefully thought out (as was the case for the rest of the episodes in this series).

    I love "The Champions" and highly recommend the series to people. It was far ahead of its time, with mostly great acting, writing, and directing, and a unique premise. However, if this is the first episode you see you might never want to watch "The Champions" again, so make it the LAST episode you see instead.
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