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The Changes

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Welcome to the guide to The Changes at Based on a trilogy of children's novels by Peter Dickinson, The Changes follows the adventures of fourteen-year-old schoolgirl Nicky Gore whose everyday life is shattered one evening after she and her parents hear a strange noise in their heads that compels them to destroy all of their electrical possessions. All across the country other people find themselves succumbing to the same violent rage against technology, and soon men, women and children are forming angry mobs intent on overturning vehicles, smashing electrical machinery and destroying buildings.
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  • BBC Embarassed by this?

    Perhaps the reason why this show has never been released on Video or DVD is the content? Indeed the BBC would perhaps like to pretend this series never happened. Why? I thought it was the best children's drama series I ever saw. Yet they do not acknowledge it's existence in any way. Bring it back!

    Let the kids of today judge for themselves! When I tried to explain the content to my own children they were eager to see this for themselves. Then we realised that it is not available anywhere. I asked the BBC with no joy and found myself talking to a brick wall.

  • The Changes was a mid-1970\'s BBC production, about a cataclysmic event causing people to reject technology, and destroy machines. Through 10 episodes we see how society disintegrates. In the final episodes the reason (supernatural) is found and the worldmoreless

    The Changes was broadcast on Mondays 5.20 - 5.45pm from 6/1/75 to 10/3/75 on BBC1. The first episode \"The Noise\" and the tenth \"The Stone\".

    It is the story of a young girl who loses her family in the early days of \"the changes\" and survives in a world were technology has been rejected by most people. She spends time with a Sikh family unaffected by the madness but trying to survive in a britain were they are unsure what they can and cannot do without offending the locals (a nice little sub-tale about racism), is accused of witchcraft by a man to whom \"the changes\" are a sign of divine wrath, and has risen to power in his little village, and eventually arrives at a quarry to find a miner who awoke an ancient power of balance (in the form of a giant stone) and in attempting to ease to troubles of the world created even greater misery.

    I have very fond memories of this show, from the opening credits hinting at the answer with images of a quarry explosion to the end credits showing the mysterious stone.

    In fairness it is more than the sum of its parts, but a good example of classic mid-1970\'s \"collapse of society\" tv.

    It was briefy revived on UK Gold in the mid-1990\'s, but has never been released.moreless