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The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

CBS (ended 1986)



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The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

Show Summary

Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy, and the whole Peanuts gang enter the television world in their very own television series shown weekly, followed by comic strips drawn and written by creator, Charles M. Schulz. With the help of Bill and Lee Melendez, these wonderful comic characters have very different and strange personalities that make each scene very humorous and unique. Focuses on the anxieties and joys of childhood as expressed by an ensemble cast of children who often seem wise beyond their years. Based on the famous comic strip. Character Guide Charlie Brown - Charlie Brown is a boy who has a dull life, and is constantly worrying about everything. He loves playing baseball, but his team never wins a game. There are some strange things happening in his life such as the attitude and actions of his dog, Snoopy and a kite-devouring tree that swallows all of the kites that he tries to fly. He is referred to a "blockhead" or "wishy-washy" and always puts himself down. Whenever he tries to kick a football that Lucy is holding down, she pulls it away, and Charlie goes flying in the air. She also helps Charlie Brown for five cents at her Psychiatric Booth. He has a little sister named Sally. Snoopy - Snoopy is an imaginative little beagle that lives under his owner, Charlie Brown. He creates daydreams while he sleeps on his doghouse. He is determined to finish writing a suspenseful story, while helping his friend, Woodstock and staying away from "the cat next door." For almost everyday, all Snoopy does is eat and sleep. He makes up characters that he pursues himself such as Joe Cool, The World War I Flying Ace, The Flash Beagle, a Vulture, etc. Lucy Van Pelt - A rough girl who is always bossy, crabby, and selfish. She likes bossing her little brother, Linus around, complaining that he always carries his blanket around. She is always angry - arguing and yelling. But her sweet side is shown whenever she is talking to Shroeder, who she likes very much. Schroeder idolizes Beethoven, and his piano. He always stays at his piano, playing music for others to enjoy. Linus Van Pelt - Linus, a intellectual boy who speaks of philosophical revelations and solutions to problems using complex details. He constantly holds a blanket, which he refers to as a "security blanket." This wise boy always stands beside his best friend, Charlie Brown, and is always under the command of his big sister, Lucy. Although he is very intelligent, he still believes that there is the Great Pumpkin, who rises out of the pumpkin patch and gives children gifts. Peppermint Patty - Patty is simply amazing at playing baseball, but is receiving D-minuses in school. Sort of a tomboy, Peppermint constantly sleeps during class. Marcie, who calls Patty, "sir" always follows Patty around, doing whatever Patty says and is always looking out for her "boss." Show Status - Canceled/Ended Season Information Only running for two seasons, The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show has received awards during its viewing at the Young Artist Awards, obtaining "Best Family Animation Series or Special" and "Outstanding Young Actress - Animation Voice Over" for Gini Holtzman's performance as Peppermint Patty, while a nomination for Jeremy Schoenberg playing Linus Van Pelt, for "Outstanding Young Actor - Animation Voice Over."moreless

    September 2, 2008 DVD Releases

  • Bill Melendez

    Bill Melendez

    voice of Snoopy

    Keri Houlihan

    Keri Houlihan

    voice of Marcie (1985)

    Yeardley Smith

    Yeardley Smith

    Sally Brown

    Kevin Brando

    Kevin Brando

    voice of Schroeder / Otis (1983-1984)



    voice of Sally Brown (1985) (as Dana Ferguson)

    Angela Lee

    Angela Lee

    voice of Lucy Van Pelt (1983-1984)

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    • Bring it back

      Omg! i love this show it is one of the best shows i have ever watched! Charlie and Snoopy are like the best two wierd mildly funny kidz i have ever seen! i l o v e T h i s S h o w It Is THE BEST S h o w E v e r! its not anime but hey its still good, ive been watching it since i was like four! i mean seriously bring it back! Charlie and Snoopy are two of my favorite guys! heck i have a poster of snoopy on my bedroom door!moreless
    • I have seen the cartoon. I have a story from my experience in school.

      I have seen the cartoon since I was younger. My favorite character is Snoopy. Charlie Brown is what some jerks called me in middle school and I don't know why they were doing it. I kept complaning to one of my teachers about it and she refused to do something about. I beat students with my umbrella on the school bus because they kept calling me Charlie Brown and my mom got a phone call from one of my other teachers about it. I was fighting in the locker room because some jerks kept calling me Charlie Brown and I had enough of their behavior. I was suspended for two days from school as a result. One time in class one of the boys called me Charlie Brown and I yelled. "Do Not Call Me That" I did it really loud and I was written up and I had trash duty the week after Spring Break. I got almost about every punishment that my middle school had to offer for fighting the students that were jerks. Some jerks continued to call me that in high school, but I didn't fight after what happened in middle school.moreless
    • Good grief, Peanuts finally hits Saturday morning after 18 years of specials.

      18 years after A Charlie Brown Christmas, CBS granted the Peanuts gang with their own Saturday morning series. The show was mostly from the comic strips & were quickies.

      When this show first aired in 1983, I had to fight with my cousins because it was opposite The Littles (ABC). If Alvin & The Chipmunks had been on, would've been much worse of a dillemma (KPRC in Houston had a local show & aired Alvin @ 6:30 am).

      After a year layover, it came back in 1985. And it joins Shirt Tales, That Girl & Roseanne to add lyrics to their theme song.

      Two future stars voiced Sally Brown. One would go on to Kids Incorporated, the other, Full House. Linus would go on to be Ben Seaver (Jeremy Miller-Growing Pains).moreless
    • The show reveals the most pure inner self of a child. The show tells us how a child's childhood should be, with a smart dog, and all other innocent kids in the neighbourhood. Such purity, innocence and love have long been lost in present day.... SAD!moreless

      Although I live in North America, I didn't come from North American. I was born and raised in the countryside of the capital city of Taiwan. I grew up watching Snoopy in my living room. Snoopy has always been my best friends. I left my homeland and moved to Vancouver at the age of 16. Somehow I gradually forgot about Snoopy because the show was never aired in North America. Check out the date it was last aired! 1985 June? Wow, I was only 10 months old by then. Of course, the show was constantly shown in Asia. I must say I was beyond blessing growing up in Asia, being able to watch Snoopy for most of my life. Snoopy is the greatest cartnoon or animation, however you call it, of all times in the entire human history. The word "classic" can't even describe how classic it really is. The show reveals the most pure inner self of a child. The show tells us how a child's childhood should be, with a smart dog, and all other innocent kids in the neighbourhood. Such purity, innocence and love have long been lost in present day as Snoopy stopped airing. Now what do we have? South Park? Family Guy? A bunch of lame kids swearing, killing adults, and getting killed? A supposedly genius baby wanting to murder his own mother? Talk about corruption.... This is not how kids shows should be! Snoopy is what kids should watch! I know it is impossible, but I still want to say to the world, BRING SNOOPY BACK, PLEASE!moreless
    • First Charlie Brown series based on the Specials

      This is actually the first series of the Peanuts ever to be broadcasted on television. The episodes before this show was made were really either holiday specials or various other shows with one plot. This series features three or more segments about the Peanuts' lives. Charlie Brown is considered the most famous loser in the history of animation. Snoopy is one of my favorite characters. Although he never speaks, Snoopy is still hilarious. I don't know why they removed this show off the air. I want to see them again!moreless

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