The Charmings

ABC (ended 1988)


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  • The Charmings is a what if show centering on the plot about what would happen if Snow White, Prince Charming lived in LA in 1987.

    Well first it of all it wasn't that bad, certainly it wasn't in the same level as let's say "Cheers" but this clearly had a younger audience in mind.

    In the 1980s shows aimed a kid audience were popular including "Small Wonder", "Harry and The Hendersons". This was on ABC for almost a year so clearly they must have liked to keep it on that long.

    Some of the jokes and plots would still work today like the "Charmings go plastic" episodes where The Charmings like other Americans develops a sick infatuation with credit cards. It eventually results in them being broke and going at it. Other episodes like "The Witch of Van Oaks" with John Austin were good.

    ABC around this time had shows like "Perfect Strangers", "Head of the Class" and "Full House" so "The Charmings" was meant to be as successful as those shows. Unfortunately because of poor ratings and having such a bad timeslot it never did last.

    It's a funny odd sitcom for the family. If you're into those you might like it but as I said clearly meant for younger audiences with the exception of a couple of episodes.
  • The limits of just how amazingly asinine TV could get is shown in this story of Snow White, Prince Charming, etc. appear in an American suburb.

    A formula fish out-of-water story involving public-domain characters from children's literature for easy understanding. In the Munsters, the oddball characters were immigrants from Transylvania, who aspired to live the American dream. That's one of the only things that made sense. In this one the storybook characters make none, they're unwilling immigrants from make-believe. They have troll and witch problems just as the Munsters might, but the level of humor wouldn't be good enough for H.R. Pufnstuf.
    That it's taking place on a television sitcom set, the kind they always warned you was in front of a live audience, shrinks any larger-than life characterizations. The look of videotape makes it look cheap too. This was just before the cable explosion. No network would dare burn valuable time like this any more.
  • Snow White and Prince Charming marry and live happily ever after... until they are transported to the 1980s.

    I really enjoyed this show. It was well written and well acted. It was a funny show with a lot of good one-liners. I remember Cinderella showing up in one episode and the joke ran something about how she was always losing her shows during dates in the back of her carriage. Apparently, Cinderella had a lot of shoes.

    I'd like to see it again.