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The Chaser formally apologize for The Make a Realistic Wish Foundation sketch

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    The apology reads:

    We want to make an apology for a sketch we created called "The Make a Realistic Wish Foundation".

    We've just heard from the ABC that they're pulling the show for 2 weeks. We were keen to keep making the show, so we're disappointed by the decision, and we don't agree with it.

    But that aside, we'd like to apologise. The piece was a very black sketch. Obviously too black. And we're really sorry for the significant pain and anger we have caused.

    Many people have asked how could we possibly think a sketch like that should go to air. We realize in hindsight that we shouldn't have done it. We never imagined that the sketch would be taken literally. We don't think sick kids are greedy and we don't think the Make a Wish Foundation deserves anything other than praise. It was meant to be so over-the-top that no one would ever take it seriously.

    But we now understand the sketch didn't come across as intended, and we take full responsibility for that. Now we've seen the impact of the piece we wish we'd thought it through better. There was no value in it that justifies the impact it's clearly had on people whose grief or trauma is so great already. We should have considered that. We got it wrong. We're sorry.

    We'll be making no further comment at this time.

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