The Chaser's War on Everything

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  • Great Show, Wish there were more eps. Super Funny!

    The Chaser's war on Everything is a comedy show that used to air on the ABC.
    It is about 5 guys (and Charles Firth) who talk about current issues (esp government issues) and poke fun of it.
    They do fake advertisments, un necesseary competitions and funny segments.
    This is one of many Chaser shows. There is also "CNNNN" which stands for the "Chaser NoN stop News Network" and The "Chaser Decides". In my point of view, the Chaser Decides is the best because its about the election that will be coming up in the next couple of weeks.
    The Chaser is possibly the funniest show ever.
    Watch it, it's worth it!
  • Season Premiere - The Chaser does it again!

    I tuned in to the season premiere the other night with that feeling of misapprehension and dread you get when your beloved show is about to start another season and you fear that it will have jumped the shark.

    But surprise! Not only was The Chaser very, very funny again, but it seemed to have a sped-up pace, there seemed to have been about a half-dozen funny things that happened in the first minute, and that relentless pace definitely helped stamp out any initial fears that it couldn't possibly be as good as previous years.

    If you missed it, they said they were posting the entire episode on their website, which is a good thing. (I know all Shore parents will rush to see what had to be the funniest skit of them all that night)

    The only reason I stop short of a 10 is I miss the skits where they confuse unsuspecting people.. I don't know that they're really as famous as they think they are and that 100 percent of Australians would go "oh it's you guys" .. maybe they need to be not quite such legends in their own minds.
  • the CWOE is a pollitically driven show which returns to our screens this week

    The Chasers war on Everything is an extremly ballsy show which screens on channel two, it is a politically satrical show which sees the chasers team ambush leading pollies and prominent public figures and basically take the piss out of them and it doesnt stop there with the chaser team road testing and adds and putting into practise what life would be as a musiclal.The Chasers consist of Jullian,Craig,Andrew,Chas and chris,all bounce off each other extremly well and complement each others humor.The show returns this wednesday and is well worth watching as this season could well be the last very worth while watching 10/10
  • Need more shows like it.

    This has to be one of the only good satire base shows' in a good time. The surprise spruiker, current affair segment and all the othera are all really great. Though I think the shows isn't as quite as good as it use to be. Firstly, beacuse in gneral a lot of the new episodes can be pretty weak. And secondly, keep in mind this isn't any of the Chasers' fault; is that too many know about it, which makes it harder pull a lot of their gags off. But still it's a great show and I will always laugh about the stunt they pulled off at APEC. To sum it up, this is a really great show.
  • A fantastic Aussie Show! Involving Political Satire and real life things they do on the streets of Sydney and other major Australian Cities. Is it over? Or is it coming back?

    The Chasers War on everything is an Australian reality comedy about 5 men who who talk about the news, politics and many other things to joke about. They go to places in the cities of Australia and go and do things that most normal people would never even think of doing. The fact that it's funny and that it's real makes it really funny. They have also got into trouble with the Police a few times when APEC. The ceremony which is held in many different countries around the world that are in the Pacific. They pretended to be Canada and were held in Custody because they got passed all the guards and police. The show may not come back because now pretty much nearly all of Australia knows who they are they might not do it. But it could still happen. The Chasers War on Everything is a great show that shouldn't be missed by anyone! It's Laugh-out-loud comedy makes it a cutting edge for Free Australian tv. Great for when you're happy or sad and fantastic for the person who loves Political satire.
  • Rarely does a show come along where the only genre it falls under is pure "funny" but the Chaser's have proved that such a feat is acheiveable.

    The show features five average Australians who are like six Michael Moore's; down to earth, clever and share an appearence and demeanor that everyone can associate with. Essentially they poke fun at every topic that can be laughed at, sensitive or callous, using not only observational humour but hilarious segments, outrageous stunts, a range of sketches and songs but most effectively the amazing special effects which gets their point across more strongly than any dialogue could.

    Although taking no prisoners in regards to their "war" on everything and showing no restraint in regards to their stunts, the Chaser's have rarely gone too far. That was until 2007 when the team really did cross the line with two acts that not even Moore would think of doing; the first was infiltrating the restricted APEC zone during the summit in Sydney and the second was the performance of a satirical song which poked fun at several dead celebrities, some of which had died not months before. People watching this show should take into account that these guys have a history of "faking" scenes so not everything that appears on screen can be believed. The Chasers are skillful enough that often we don't know when we're being fooled but most of the "did they really do that?" shennigans have no guarantee of not being set - up beforehand (although i like to think that most of them are authentic).

    Of the six men, there is no "funny guy" as they all have different styles of presenting facts and making us laugh but the cult favorites have to be Andrew Hansen and Chas, with the other three coming off as the "straight" ones. Despite the questionable tactics employed on the show; The Chaser's War on Everything is stimulating, witty and frequently side - splitting. The relaxed tone never makes the viewer feel threatened - just as the casual appearence of the hosts and sets puts the viewers and targets at ease, they're predators in disguise. Whether or not you agree with what they have to say or if you find them funny or not, how these problems are adressed and amusingly handled makes this one of the best Australian comedies to come around for a long time.
  • Great comedy satire show

    The Chaser team each week satire current events, and have many segments of hilarious satirical comedy. This is the best satire show in its class (the non subtle variety) and it has been subject to numerous controversial stunts. One of the best aspects of the show is its location shooting. Vox pop style segments, feaux musicals done in the public and many other segments are shot outdoors in various locations. The news is satirised too and this is unsurprising given their older show was the Chaser's Nonstop News Network. A great effort by some hilarious people- certainly worthy of watching. Mind you, if its subtlety youre looking for South Park would be a better alternative. One of my favourite segments is where this chap plays a piano and does hilarious songs- also theres several characters like the hilarious Clive the slightly too loud commuter. Music video parodies are also a treat. Great show.
  • Chaser's Age of Terror Variety Hour, National Tour!

    Chaser's Age of Terror Variety Hour, National Tour!

    If you are an Australian, or an american that's ever been asked to find Australia on a world map and point to Iraq, you will know of, met, or seen the TV show The Chaser's War On Everything on ABC. Well in 2005 their live stage show entitled 'Cirque du Chaser' found amazing success and they have now come back to stage to perform 'Age of Terror Variety Hour'.

    Kicking off the Australian National tour in Australia's Capital of Canberra over the weekend, the Variety Hour will travel to each of the capital cities and a number of Victorian and NSW cities to finish just in time for the APEC related Trial for which unfortunately the prosecutors DO have A LOT of evidence already aired nation-wide.

    Tickets are only $40-50 depending on who and where you are, tickets are available now through various sites but primarily: It was one of the best stage shows i've seen lately, rating it about 8/10, marked it down for adding the random guy to replace they guy that opted out
  • This is by far the best thing on free to air TV!

    I got into watching this because I used to watch spicks and specs before it but then I stopped watching spicks and specs and I only watched this.

    "I am Thesaurus"!
    "Why say egg man? When you can say person........ with an omlette for a head!"
    yeah that one is the funniest. And I also liked the "Bunnings Warehouse! Where our staff are too busy making commercials to attend to your needs".
    And the Horse flu race and the Apec one is the most famous but it wasn't very funny, although I liked the bit where they tried to get into the RSL club with the things they used to get into the apec.

    And I don't care if the chaser boys keep getting into trouble all the time; but my friend is always yelling at me for not caring about the people offended in things like the dead song.
    Yeah this show is heaps funny and if you have never watched it- which would probably be a lot of users since the show is only in Australia- you should go to and then search I am thesaurus in you tube!
  • I love what the Chasers do.

    This is the best Australian show I've ever seen.Started watching it towards the end of Season 1 and it's so hilaroius.Each Chaser has a different personality but they share one thing in common,they wage a war on one in the media,sports and politics is safe.Neither the ordinary people walking along the street.The Chasers War On Everything is favourite tv show.They have been in trouble like APEC and The Eulogy Song.If you haven't seen this you don't know what you are missing out on.If you're not from Australia watch clips on YouTube and spread the word in your nation: "Australians are funny"
  • I am absolutely obsessed with The Chaser! I can't get enough of them. I loved CNNNN and now I love The Chaser's War On Everything. It is simply the funniest thing that I have ever seen.

    I admire these guys for their bravery in all their stunts, and for the way that they are so humble about their comedy; they really don't think that they are as good as they are. I love all of them so much.
    Andrew Hansen – by far the greatest musician/parodist I have ever had the pleasure of seeing and hearing. Andrew composes great music and lyrics and he has a way of performing that makes you laugh even more, especially with his facial expressions and all his different hairdos. I also love all his aliases – the Crazy Warehouse Guy, the Surprise Spruiker, Mr. Ten Questions and Clyde the Slightly-Too-Loud Commuter – each of which is funny in their own way. Craig Reucassel – I love the way Craig always used to chase John Howard (he won't any more because, well, Howard is no longer Prime Minister) – as Doc from Back To The Future, the rabbits out of a hat, with the chainsaw, when he told him how much he "loves" WorkChoices and of course, when he and Julian tried actually helping the Prime Minister in The Chaser Decides 2007. Chas Licciardello – I'm pretty sure everything Chas does speaks for itself. He always does all the outrageous stunts including "trespassing" on Today Tonight headquarters with Andrew, wearing a wedding dress and proposing marriage to Philip Ruddock, dressing up in the Coco Pop monkey suit, testing the beds, smuggling meat into Big Day Out, and who could forget dressing up as Osama Bin Laden for APEC?
    Julian Morrow – as Citizens' Infringement Officer, Jules does a great job. No one else has the air of authority that he has, nor the ability to make people actually listen to what he is saying. Open Mic is also really funny, especially the expressions on other people's faces when Julian goes to make "public announcements" (case: the one minute silence in the supermarket). … and last but definitely not least…
    Chris Taylor – brave enough to go into a shop wearing a stocking on his head, Chris is one member of the Chaser that no one could ever forget. His hatred for cracked pepper never ceases to make me laugh, and his Little Britain impressions made me cry from laughing. The Chaser are a fantastic group of hilarious guys that could only get better. I love and admire them so much and no one could ever beat them in humour. The Chaser's War On Everything is my favourite Australian show and my favourite show right now. Hopefully they will continue making The War after their tour at the beginning of 2008.
  • Why is it that the higher the ratings are the worse this gets?

    To be honest I preferred CNNNN to this. I think that the the first series was great. I don't know if its because they are running out of material, people recognise the chaser boys too much now or its the preasure of ratings or something else entirely. It seems to get worse as it goes along. I still enjoy parts of most episodes but I cant sit through a whole show and enjoy every segment. I consider my self pretty broad minded but a few segments more recently have left me thinking "ouch". I don't think regular viewers would have to think very hard to guess which ones I am referring to. Don't get me wrong I think the chaser is great but when I watch it these days I have the remote firmly in hand and when the need arises partake in a little channel surfing...
  • The Chaser continues to push the boundries every week, and even though thier best days may be behind them, they're still pretty damn funny.

    The Chaser is a satirical comedy panel made up of a penel of 5 hillarious comedians (6 if you include charles Firth) who continue to push the boundries and annoy just about everyone, especcially politicians.

    The newer episodes of the Chaser are not really as funny as the old ones, because as they become more and more popular, they also become more and more recognisable which to a certain degree, takes away the innocence of the victim of the Chaser's wrath, as now they usually know who they are, but they are still pretty damn funny. However, in the latest season of The Chaser's War on Everything, the team has resorted to puns and parodies of music videos and movies. These are mildly funny, but they do get quite boring when 15 minutes of each show is made up of them.

    But when the Chaser team just take the piss out of everyone from Kevin Rudd to Anna Corren, they strike gold. This is when the team is at their best, as despite the limitations that popularity has put on them, they still manage to crack most of us up. Even the most up-tight individual should be able to find something in each episode mildly humourous, even if it is those god-awful parodies.
  • The best Australian comedy at the moment.

    The boys on the Chaser always know how to make me laugh. Whether they are mocking current affair shows or hassling local politicians, tuning in to watch the show is always enjoyable. The various segments during each show are all hilarious. The best of these being 'Clive the slightly loud Commuter', If Life Were A Musical, What Have We Learnt From Current Affair Programs. The other various stunts that the boys perform leave you in hysterics. The program always includes many hits at local scandals and news items. It can be enjoyed by many different age groups due to it's versatility. Watching the whole program is guaranteeing you a laugh or ten.
  • The chasers are the best comedians in Australia. Having there show going on every week wendnesday at 9, Seeing all there waky stunts they perform for the show and all the laughs he gets from all of his viewers. Its the best tv show i have ever seen..

    The Chaser did lots of wonderful and fabulous shows in the past. They done great stunts and thats why i think the show has been very successful. They have been in trouble with the law a few times. But got arrested twice. Chaz Liccadelo got arrested for selling rubber weapons. I still remember that show. And now the APEC arrest. The Chaser 11, Chaz liccadelo is my idol and he does so much wakey stuff and i wana be just like him. Not giving a stuff what happens to him. If he does something against the law. it would be awesome to see tonight the video of then getting arrested and seeing Chaz dressed up as Osama. Its a very comedian show. I just love it.
  • A great show, and my favourite Australian show ever.

    This show is quite unique. I don't really think I've seen anything like it, except for their other show 'CNNNN'.
    Season 1 is their best. One slight (very slight) problem with 'The War', which to most people is not a problem, but I find it a bit boring to watch episodes that aired a while ago, because the episodes are all about what was happening currently, and things that everyone is over, and even sick of. This obviously couldn't of been helped as it is how their show works, it is based on pop culture, its just I can probably only watch these episodes twice before I get really sick of them. Another problem, which will probably end the show at the end of season 2, is that the people that they are targeting know who they are, and it won't be as good as it was when they were relatively unknown by their targets.

    With season 2 there are both good and bad ways at looking at it. On one hand, the second season has shown strong signs that they have matured as a show, and have also reduced their patchy material and vocal mistakes.

    On the other hand, I think they have forgotten what made them such a good show in the first season, In this season, it just seems that Chas is always doing something outrageous, etc..
    that they have basically forgotten WHY they are targeting these people in the first place!

    Apart from that, this is a great show. I love all the segments, some more than others but...
  • The boys on Chaser's are sooo funny! I love them all! They sure know how to make an Aussie laugh! I love it how they poke fun at the current affairs and make a joke out of it. It just lightens up my day. Thanks Guys!

    'The Chaser's War on Everything' is about a group of comedians that walk the streets of Sydney, that poke fun at current affairs, or just the little things that annoy you. For instance; when your drink gets taken away from you at a bar when you haven't even finished it. Those little things that just bug you. These guys do it in the most hilarious ways. I bet anyone that watches the show wishes that someday they will be run into by one of the Chasers' guys. (I know i would!) 'The Chaser's War on Everything' is the most hilarious show in Australia! I urge everybody to give it a go.
  • The Chaser boys should run the country ... but then they'd have to make fun of themselves...

    The Chaser's War on Everything is awesome. They say what (most) everyone is thinking and they are not afraid to get their hands dirty.
    I would recommend this show to everybody... just be warned that some of the stuff they do (actually, a LOT of the stuff they do) is cringe worthy. I'm in love with the Chaser boys because:
    Julian: not afraid to ask the hard questions to the big names
    Craig: Just too damn cute
    Chas: not afraid to do anything Chris: Ever since his Mr Darcy impression, I find it hard to hate him (despite how "Everyone Hates Chris)
    And last but not least...
    Andrew: The crazy warehouse guy, The Surprise Spruiker, Mr 10 Question - the guy is a freaking legend. Also, he’s got a fine set of lungs on him.

  • Cool!

    A very funny look at some of Australia's current affairs and political goings-on. The Chaser boys really seem to have fun with this show, and what I enjoy is that they all have their strengths; some are brilliant (Chas) at making complete idiots of themselves, whereas Julian can pull off the whole "I'm interviewing a famous politician and I'm about to suggest that he disguise himself as a pot of jam" type of humour.

    They have great segments in the show taking the mick out of all sorts of aspects of Australian culture such as our Current Affairs Shows, our Adverts and Early Morning TV programmes. Some material is a bit tired and predictable, but overall it's a lot of fun to watch, and will leave you with a smile on your face.
  • The chaser boys finally get the timeslot they deserve.

    The chaser team has been mainly political, with CNNNN and The Chaser Decides. But the Chaser's war on everything has literally been waging war on everything from Jetstar and Sunrise,to Spruikers and Cable. The show is on Wednesdays at 9p.m. on ABC, moved ffom fridays at somewhere between 10:00 and 10:45. The show is always funny and sometimes offensive, but you can see that the hosts don't seem to worry about media attention. In recent weeks there has been speculation that the chaser would be 'selling out' and moving to a commercial station, like Kath and Kim, though this seems unlikely, with The chaser mocking it themselves. The show has many recurring themes, Ad road test, What have we learned this week from current affairs?, The Fixers, In other news, Mr.Ten Questions Surprise spruiker, Crazy warehouse guy, Pursuit trivia, and Firth in the USA.The chaser team are very talented, and are now getting the ratings they deserve.
  • A bunch of grown men, who don't take anything seriously... what could be better?

    This show started for me as a guilty to pleasure to one of my favourites to watch, the only critical thing I have to say about it is that it's such a letdown that I haven't actually seen them perform a skit on the streets. But other than that it's good to see them back on air in 2007 in a slightly better timeslot. Chaser is important and a necessity on tv in so many ways, their dodgy antics reach young adults at a level that politicians or other influential leaders can't, it's safe to say that Chaser's war on everything is the only way I know whats happening with politics in Australia.
  • A comedy program that makes clever and genius comedy

    A comedy program that makes clever and genius comedy.And for once its Australian.In a way when they joked about Channel Ten's new ad with the American actors from:Law and Order,NCIS etc... by saying at the end with on of the chaser's saying:"I believe Ten's too much Americanized''. Really all The Chaser's are trying to is to keep more home made Australian shows and get rid of lot of American shows and Muslims from our country,Australia.
  • Indeed, this show rocks.

    The Chaser's War is one of the best shows out there, and is most definitely the best war out there. For those of you who haven't seen this, watch it because it may change your life, it sure changed mine, and I am a better person for it. For those of you who cant watch it, look it up on You Tube, specifically the Ad Road Test and What Have We Learned From Current Affairs? This is the funniest Australian show going around at the moment. Very rarely are we blessed with such a witty show and such a good network that will keep it on the air. God bless ABC, they are the only decent free-to-air network left now that SBS has sold out.
  • Even bettern than CNNNN! I didn't think that was possible.

    These guys are really pushing the boundries with this show.

    Whether their testing out crazy commercials, taking the piss out of current affair shows, or following politician or celebrities you can't help but laugh at the antics of the Chaser Boys!

    Chas has to be the most out there. He seems to be willing to push everything to the limit (and then go past it) Hes shown up everywhere at the logies and sold fake weapons at a Bulldogs game. (The supporters have a history of violence)

    Most importantly none of these guys have that little voice inside their head trying to convince them not to do these sorts of things.

    Thank God for that!
  • the chaser boys are in their best show ever- The chaser's War on everything.

    Chas Licciardello, Andrew Hanson, Adam Reucassel,Chris Taylor, Julian Morrow and Charles Firth reporting from the USA. their all Australia's funniest Host's and Australia's greatest show.

    The chaser has segments like, The surprise spruker, Crazy warehouse guy, Mr.10 questions and ofcourse what have we learnt from a current affairs this week. The Chaser started their fame on a show called CNNNN with mocks the channel CNN and another show called the chaser decides. Charles Firth reports in the USA and has a segment every week reporting on events that are happening or things that are happen in daily matters. there's so much to say about the chaser. You'll just have to watch it and find out how funny it is. Australia's greatest show and it's on the ABC not channel 9 for once.
  • Anothr greath Satrical Comedy

    This show is another great Australia comedy that pokes fun of other people.
    As I never watch ABC I never found out about this show until a friend told me about but by then the season had already finished so he showed me a clip on youtube of the time they go around harpooning Japanese people.
    From then on I have been totally addicted to there way of making fun of people and the great thing is most of its true as well as funny. My favourite skit would have to be the one where they fill a trojan horse with people and take it around places and see if it can get in.
    I can't wait until the next season I hope it will be just as good.
  • Another brilliant Aussie comedy which I only just found out about!

    Because The Chaser's War on Everything is on ABC, I had no idea about it but when a friend sat down and watched one episode with me, I was totally addicted! The Chaser's War on Everything is such an excellent show! The skits are so damn funny and I love it how they take things that we deal with in everyday life and make it so hilarious. I have only seen the last 5 episodes but judging from them I can tell that this will be a long lasting show. If there is a downside to The Chasers, it is that some of the skits, rarely, but some of them are lame and not funny at all.
  • This show is just great!

    I just LOVE it! The Chaser\'s War on Everything is one of my all time favorite, it is so funny. Especialy this:
    i never laugh so hard in my life! Recently i tried introducing this show to my friend but she didnt liked it!! I could believed it. But who cares, people have different taste. I was first introduced to this show when i was flipping through channels and found the chasers. They were doing an Ad Road Test, its about the nicorette comercial. Its was so funny! They were dancing and trying to do cart wheels. One of the smoker were like \"Thats it! Thats how you should do the dance.\" and the Chasers were like \"So are you gonna quit smoking?\" and the smoker was like \"No\". Thats how The Chasers got started watching the show and i still do. I would give it 11/10 if i can!
  • The Chaser boys return in style, and bring Australia the funniest home-grown show currently on television.

    What can you say about the boys from Chaser: they're risky, brave, cunning, sharp, and some may say fearless. They boldly go where other shows dare not, and manage to deliver laughs and make us think at the same time.

    You could tell straight from the first episode of this new (and arguably better) show that they hadn't lost their edge. What's one of their first jokes? Only attacking the recently deceased Kerry Packer! But that's only the tip of their comedic iceberg.

    When they say war on everything, they mean a war on EVERYTHING. Well, anything within good taste range, that is...maybe.

    It's sure to offend everyone, but make everyone laugh at the same time. If you don't know how to laugh at yourself and others, this show isn't for you. For the rest of us, it's a shining gem amongst the other mundane Australian "comedies".