The Chaser's War on Everything

Wednesday 9:00 PM on ABC1 Premiered Feb 17, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • A fantastic Aussie Show! Involving Political Satire and real life things they do on the streets of Sydney and other major Australian Cities. Is it over? Or is it coming back?

    The Chasers War on everything is an Australian reality comedy about 5 men who who talk about the news, politics and many other things to joke about. They go to places in the cities of Australia and go and do things that most normal people would never even think of doing. The fact that it's funny and that it's real makes it really funny. They have also got into trouble with the Police a few times when APEC. The ceremony which is held in many different countries around the world that are in the Pacific. They pretended to be Canada and were held in Custody because they got passed all the guards and police. The show may not come back because now pretty much nearly all of Australia knows who they are they might not do it. But it could still happen. The Chasers War on Everything is a great show that shouldn't be missed by anyone! It's Laugh-out-loud comedy makes it a cutting edge for Free Australian tv. Great for when you're happy or sad and fantastic for the person who loves Political satire.
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