The Chaser's War on Everything

Wednesday 9:00 PM on ABC1 Premiered Feb 17, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Season Premiere - The Chaser does it again!

    I tuned in to the season premiere the other night with that feeling of misapprehension and dread you get when your beloved show is about to start another season and you fear that it will have jumped the shark.

    But surprise! Not only was The Chaser very, very funny again, but it seemed to have a sped-up pace, there seemed to have been about a half-dozen funny things that happened in the first minute, and that relentless pace definitely helped stamp out any initial fears that it couldn't possibly be as good as previous years.

    If you missed it, they said they were posting the entire episode on their website, which is a good thing. (I know all Shore parents will rush to see what had to be the funniest skit of them all that night)

    The only reason I stop short of a 10 is I miss the skits where they confuse unsuspecting people.. I don't know that they're really as famous as they think they are and that 100 percent of Australians would go "oh it's you guys" .. maybe they need to be not quite such legends in their own minds.