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The Chelsea Handler Show
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Sassy female comedian Chelsea Handler spoofs celebrities, television, and movies in her new E! show. She does on-the-fly interviews with random people on random subjects, as well as parody pieces mocking the entertainment industry. Her self-deprecating style and easy humor make for side-splitting laughs and great entertainment.
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  • Classless Handler

    I really don't get her humor. The only thing I like about her show is some of the comedians on panel. Chelsea is a boring drunk, she's rude and racist. Her "I don't give a fu*k" attitude is getting really old. And we get it already, YOU LIKE BLACK MEN. Is it necessary to insult other male ethnicities in the process of letting us know you prefer black men. Classless.
  • White rapper!


    Redeem yourself. Eminem might be the best known white rapper but catch up. Check out Watsky. He's very cool. love your show.

  • I dont like the show at all

    I dont like Chelsie, I just think she is an unhappy person and she just reads and thinks she is so cool. The after lately sow is worst.
  • Not at all funny.

    I really don't like Chelsea Handler as a comedian or as a person. I guess it's all a matter of opinion. To me, she is just not funny and is really rude in terms of her act. Her comedy is disrespectful towards races and people in general. There's good comedy, bad comedy, and then her comedy. Every time I see her, she is either blasting some race or ethnicity, or making jokes about people with disabilities. How is any of that funny? It just makes me sick that I turn the channel any time I see her. Overall, this show is terrible. Thank you.moreless
  • "Fantasic"

    I think Chelsea Lately is a great show.

    I can't help but laugh the whole entire time. She's just completely hilarious. I love how she makes fun of everyone. Everything she say's is so true about people and how they act but she makes it so funny. I think that if anyone has a problem with Chelea Handler and what she says then they don't know what comedy is or even understand it because she's definately one defintion of comedy. Chelsea Handler is a very talented comedian. She's beautiful, and hilarious. I think if anyone thinks that woman aren't really that funny, they're wrong. She puts a whole new perspective on that view.moreless
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