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E! (ended 2006)





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  • Chelsea Handler,best known from Girls Behaving Badly and from her various comments on E! specials,has her own tv show which consists of sketches and her views on just about everything.

    The Chelsea Handler Show is a funny show. I mean,this show is funny. It has a funny hostess (Chelsea Handler),it has funny bits and it has funny lines and it just is overall pretty darn funny.
    I like the elderly sketches (and months earlier,when I oriignally wrote this review,I bashed the old people sketches,but they actually are laugh-out-loud funny,and this is thanks to the reruns and thanks to the fact that they're on) and I like the "Dinner for Five" sketches that make fun of various celebrities and I like the sketches that show people that were famous back in the '70's (now,those are pretty funny) and I like Chelsea Handler. I really,truly,honestly do. I like some of her Internet clips too (including this "Shake" one where these guys like spilled shakes on these people,I laughed so hard at that) and this one where these guys were trying to scare a bunch of people by doing very "sudden" things. Would I recommend this show? Yes. Why? It's funny! And,a lot of people already seem to like the show. So,overall,I recommend this pretty funny little show on E! to anyone who has a sense of humor. A good one,at that.