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Season 4 : Episode 216

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The Chew will focus on food from every regard - as a source of health, happiness, family, friendship, fitness, romance, weight loss, travel and adventure. Viewers will get the dish on anything everything related to food. It will focus on new food trends, pesticides in food and urban gardens. Hosts include Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Michael Symon and Daphne Oz.

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  • Creepy

    I wish the producers would address the extremely inappropriate and creepy "unkie so and so" titles that Michael Symon and the rest of the crew uses when referring to each when it's used, it's in a childlike tone and it's like the crew takes a step back in their childhood where they are "playing house It is so weird and uncomfortable.

    Sometimes MS makes sexual innuendos that are inappropriate and uncalled for. Such bad timing and he often sounds like the creepy drunk uncle at a family reunion that seems to always make the wrong jokes at the wrong time and only he laughs at them.

    These adjustments would at least help this show, otherwise, I can enjoy cheesy humor. But they really need to edit it down for a noon, FOOD program because it's completely possible to be funny without being perverted.

  • Are you smarter then a fifth grader?

    Carla and Daphne act like misbehaved little children , can't take it no more! The show would be at least watchable without them. The point is, I no longer watch the show.
  • Boring last few episodes.

    I watch this daily, but the shows from the end of July & beginning on August have been terrible.

    The choice of food being prepared has been garbage. Mario preparing mexican something with an egg on it, ugh, then Clinton dying pillow cases??? What the heck does this have to do with a food show. Below is a comment asking the Chew to remove Michael & Carla, are they kidding!1 I'm saying the person who should get removed is Clinton. He is a terrible host, has no pizazz, and spends most of his time on the show making crafts????? If you want to keep him PLEASE ask him to shave he looks very ridiculous with that beardmoreless
  • Michael and Carla are so annoying, they both need to go!

    Every episode Michael will ALWAYS bring up one or more of the following:

    Lizzy, The Browns, Cleveland, Greek. Get over yourself Michael and stop trying to be the center of attention. You and your sick laughter are disgusting, get off the show!

    Carla, you act like a clown bouncing and dancing around and no matter what anybody is cooking, you always have to make little know it all remarks on the side. You and Michael always try to compete for the spot light. You need to get off the show too!!!!moreless
  • sea salt

    Why SEA SALT emphasis? ALL mined salt is sea salt. It is mined from ancient sea beds that were deposited long before man was filling the seas with toxic chemicals!

    The Coast-to-Coast Kiss of Death

    Thanks to attractive tax incentives and high-quality studio facilities, New York is now host to a record-breaking 23 primetime TV shows.

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