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Season 4 : Episode 216

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The Chew will focus on food from every regard - as a source of health, happiness, family, friendship, fitness, romance, weight loss, travel and adventure. Viewers will get the dish on anything everything related to food. It will focus on new food trends, pesticides in food and urban gardens. Hosts include Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Michael Symon and Daphne Oz.

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Fan Reviews (452)

  • Michael and Carla are so annoying, they both need to go!

    Every episode Michael will ALWAYS bring up one or more of the following:

    Lizzy, The Browns, Cleveland, Greek. Get over yourself Michael and stop trying to be the center of attention. You and your sick laughter are disgusting, get off the show!

    Carla, you act like a clown bouncing and dancing around and no matter what anybody is cooking, you always have to make little know it all remarks on the side. You and Michael always try to compete for the spot light. You need to get off the show too!!!!moreless
  • sea salt

    Why SEA SALT emphasis? ALL mined salt is sea salt. It is mined from ancient sea beds that were deposited long before man was filling the seas with toxic chemicals!
  • Mean People chttrbx128....

    You asked "Why are people so Mean?" They are mean because they are anonymous and can be. They are cowards. They would Never say anything like that to any of these peoples faces. They are haters and enjoy every minute of hating. They are also mean because they actually enjoy when people comment back to them. They should be Ignored Always. If people would Stop replying to them they would go away. Just ignore them and Hope that nobody you know nobody like them. Why do you suppose they continue to watch a show and the people on it yet write Hateful things? That makes Zero sense, right?? Have a great day and Enjoy the Chew and all the wonderful cast ;)moreless
  • Why are people so mean???

    I am reading these reviews and I just can't believe what people are writing. If you don't like the cast or the way the show has changed just stop watching it. People will write the rudest things online but won't say it to their faces. It's very cowardly and annoying. It seems as if some of you are jealous of daphony oz and of the others success.
  • Cartoon or Cooking Show

    Why is this show becoming more and more like a bad joke? Very little time spent on "cooking" while more and more time spent on cartoon characters. Jokes and laughing are one thing but leave that to the Comedy Channel.. These so called Chefs are looking like amateur comedians.. No wonder show not on a cooking or food channel.. I hate that these prob great chefs are being looked at as a joke..moreless

    The Coast-to-Coast Kiss of Death

    Thanks to attractive tax incentives and high-quality studio facilities, New York is now host to a record-breaking 23 primetime TV shows.

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