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The Chew will focus on food from every regard - as a source of health, happiness, family, friendship, fitness, romance, weight loss, travel and adventure. Viewers will get the dish on anything everything related to food. It will focus on new food trends, pesticides in food and urban gardens. Hosts include Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Michael Symon and Daphne Oz.

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Fan Reviews (377)

  • Please Shut Down The Frauen

    I know in this dirty world of pc everyone is eager to hire females, even if they hold no qualifications or talent. This dilemma applies royally to this show. Carla is a harping, loud, rude, obnoxious, attention grabbing shrew. And Daphne is clueless and a bit inept. These two females add no credibility to the show, and really don't fit in at all. It's painfully obvious. Why not hire competent, knowledgeable, composed women who actually have a background in cooking. If not, just leave the show to the men. Quite frankly, there's a reason females slam up against a glass ceiling and HERE IT IS EXEMPLIFIED ON THIS SHOW! They are overly emotional, aggressive, insecure, and just out right incompetent. I think the show would be far more appealing and worthy of viewership if you kept the men and dumped those females.moreless
  • what a shame

    What a disgrace Hispanic Heritage month and not a single Latino Chef, news flash not all latinos eat tacos
  • Me and the Chew

    I love the Chew because it has all the elements to keep me watching day after day...

    good food much laughter!!

    Carla you add so much to the Chew with your zany personality and fun approach to life.

    There is great balance between the personalities which makes this show a standout !

    It is my very favorite daytime ABC program and I just love, love everybody on this show!

    You all bring a lot of sunshine with your delicious recipes...

    friendly interactions ....

    and guest presenters. Keep laughing Carla..

    I adore you!moreless
  • Yesterday Celebration Tape

    Yesterday my husband and I had the pleasure of being part of the audience of the Chew and I cannot begin to say what a positive and wonderful experience it was.

    --Everyone was professional and warm. The stars of the show are definitely not the divas you would expect--freely mingling with the audience.

    --Thank you Carlton for your patience--you signed everyone's cookbook and smiled when a fan monopolized you.

    --Simon the Iron Chef--came up to us and was great and warm.

    --Carla--I remember you from Top Chef and your genuine warmth and enthusiasm was contagious.

    --Daphne no new mother should look this good.

    --We were nervoud about what to wear--especially with Carlton there so we blended too mucjh to be in the group that was photographed more. Next time and believe me there will be a next time we will follow our instincts.

    Thank you guys--and the cookbook , food etc was terrific.

  • Yesterday taping

    I have to start by saying Carla was so beautiful in person and I loved the way she inter-acted with everyone during every break. Michael thanks for the bean dip . I was one of the 3 crazy lady's sitting up top. I would also like to thank Michael and Clinton for taking photos with me . I had a great time and would come to the show as long as Clinton ,Michael and Carla where there .moreless

    The Coast-to-Coast Kiss of Death

    Thanks to attractive tax incentives and high-quality studio facilities, New York is now host to a record-breaking 23 primetime TV shows.

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