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Fat people and Fat Food

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    [1]Sep 12, 2012
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    I have limited English tv to watch and The Chew is one show that is aired. I cannot help but gasp when I see the foods they make. I have yet to see anything of nutritional value. It therefore does not surprise me to know that those in USA have hit an epidemic proportion of morbidly obese citizens. Today was some hideous deep fried fluff sandwich?? Good grief, isn't it bad enough to eat that mucky marshmallow guck without deep frying it? And the big winner of the audience food was a deep fried cheese ball. Lay off the fat and put away that handful of salt you guys. And if you are going to use salt, use sea salt. A good cook does not rely on handfuls of salt to make their creations taste good. Better yet, find something else to air during that time slot.

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