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  • The Chew needs to GO!

    The most obnoxious people I have ever seen. I tried to watch it and the cackling self important hosts" voices pierve uourvears like an amber alert.
  • Ohh She's Still On?

    Watched some shows without Daphne, it's was perfect! When she is on, it feels like the show is somewhat degraded, she interrupts everyone when they are talking and it's irritating and not funny. Once in a while she does something worthy of air time...
  • Daphne finger in mouth preps food

    On today's show April 21 during Mario's segment, Daphne used her finger to scoop an ingredient from a spoon into the bowl. She then sucked off what remained on her finger. Not bad enough, she then grabbed the head of lettuce to chop touching it. I would never eat anything she would prepare. I like her but this is unacceptable.
  • Please Keep Mario

    Sorry to those who disagree. I watched a number of shows without Mario and could not believe how dull it became. It's just not as fun or funny w/o him. Also, Michael does not seem as happy. I love the chemistry between the two. I understand that Daph does not bring too much to the show, but not the case with Mario. Without Mario, Michael, or Clinton, I would not watch it. Besides, the shows for the past week have been a re-run, 04/10/17 - 04/17/17. Mario has definitely become more humble these days. He has more knowledge at his finger tips than other chefs on the show. I like Carla, but sometimes she really needs to just chill a little. She tries too hard and stumble upon words (um um um). Not very pleasant for TV show...
  • Mario is a dick.

    They really need to get rid of Mario and his MASSIVE ego. All he does is make condescending remarks about the others and act like they know nothing compared to him. In today's episode ( 04-12-2017 ) he makes a comment almost under his breath to Carla " way to backpedal " when she is explaining why she sometimes doesn't want to cook at home. Most of the recipes he makes are uninteresting compared to any of the others ( except for maybe Daphne ) . He ALWAYS ruins what is an otherwise great show.
  • Daphne needs to GO!

    I have watched the CHEW on and off for a long time and Daphne used to be nice, friendly etc. Now she acts like she is too good to be on the show, she is in constant "eye roll" phase and looks like she hates her co-workers or anything they cook. Get her off! Do yourselves a favor
  • Jealousy

    Sounds like a lot of jealousy over Daphne. Maybe she doesn't eat some of the food because it doesn't agree with her cause she is breast feeding. I hope she stays there. She is young and refreshing.
  • An Ex-fan

    I went to a taping of the Chew today, and they did not show us any love. We didn't get to taste any food, we didn't get a appreciation gift for partiapated in the audience. I will no long watch the Chew.
  • Love the show, except---------

    Love the show except for Daphne Oz. She is hardly ever there and when she is I don't see where she contributes much. Why is she even part of the show? Love to watch Carla, Clinton and Michael. Mario is okay.

    They all have such great personalities and are fun to watch.

    Get rid of Daphne and the show would be much more enjoyable.
  • Get rid of Daphne Oz

    The show was so much better without Daphne Oz. Why is she even on the show? And it's rude when she wont eat what the team makes and her personality is just rude and boring. The other cast is great!! I would rate this show a perfect 10 if Daphne was gone and no more. To the producers of The Chew, listen to your viewers. Get rid of Daphne. She is just another Tamar that was to the real. Someone who almost ruined the show. It's time to let her go and make your show watchable again and make your viewers happy!
  • The Chew is enjoyment

    I look forward to The Chew every day. I enjoy the comaraderie among the hosts. I like is so easy gets offended by with the punches. She is excellent at preparing dishes because she is so knowledgeable. Michael does make me laugh and he really "knows his stuff". He brushes off Mario's insults and what a man water off the duck's back.

    Mario really knows his stuff. I like when he talks about his home life and his boys. He seems to be challenged when Michael is "on stage to prepare a meal". Clinton is my favorite. He can make people laugh; he can prepare a meal really well; he can create part of the show that I really LOVE. He is NOT an it from know an Alcoholic when I see one. He likes to drink, but, no doubt, he can take it or leave it. They need to have the most keep the show organized and a great announcer. Speaks very well. And, then there is Daphne. I just want to say that she ruins the show: speaks too fast (I miss a lot of what she is saying); her mouth is always eating or laughing--at something that she has way OFF COLOR or something really stupid; hate when she throws her head back to phony and unladylike; she really thinks that she is "hot stuff"---guess that comes with being a "filthy rich bitch'. Wish the Producers would throw her off the is such a misfit on this show.
  • Daphne needs to stay gone

    I have really enjoyed the show these past 2 weeks while Daphne was gone. She bring absolutely NOTHING to this show but annoying people. She doesn't eat the food but pretends to or she picks out little pieces and eats like a bird. I just can't grasp the concept of her on this otherwise talented and entertaining show. Unfortunately I will not be watching once she's back ;(

    The Chew really made my day on a lot of occasions--they have some of the greatest home cooking tips. The 5 hosts make great chemistry (as a unit, not so individually!). I love the fact I'm learning some critical techniques for cooking--like cooking steaks and other proteins properly. That is essential in life!!!!!!!! And I really DO NOT MIND CLINTON MAKING AND DRINKING HIS COCKTAILS... This is a TV show for crying out loud. Why do some peeps here accusing him of being "ALCOHOLIC?" Don't you ppl know how to party?? Not like he makes it every show! You have alcohol virgin like Carla Hall, so Clinton should balance out with that, OK? And I just love his wit and charm. Mario just enjoys himself a lot. I don't mind it. It's all good for the show. Last but not least, LET MICHAEL BE! He's a clumsy guy, but no one in TV cooking show biz are educational as iron chefs Mario and Michael esp with a streak of entertainment. They make it perfectly ideal for home cooks. Give them a break......
  • Over it

    I dont understand why Daphne is on with 2 Iron Chefs and a Top Chef finalist.. she really has nothing to offer except that her father and her mother each have their own TV show so somehow she is qualified ?
  • An opportunity to comment - finally!!!

    Never knew this review spot existed! I love The Chew. the talking over each other is annoying. Michael does not need to have a comment for each and every other comment made and he continues to talk louder and louder. Carla seems to do the same quite often. What I would really enjoy knowing, however, is where a host is when they are not on the show. Obviously there are limits, and it is still interesting to know why they are not on that day's show. Love the teaching aspects, the ease with which cooking is shown, and what can be learned from the segments. I watch it every day!!!
  • Chew On This...

    The show is off track and has become about Michael, Mario, and their constant lusting after Clinton. Mario needs to stop being gross with his nasty eating habits of licking his fingers, double dipping and crap left on his face. Michael and his " Uncle Clinty or Little Buddy" is sickening. Bobby Flay was right about Michael being the one to laugh at his own jokes. That guy needs to have his vocal cords checked for polyps he is too raspy probably from smoking. Mario can't seem to cook without pasta and cheese. Michael is a better Chef than Mario in my opinion. Carla Hall is funny and entertaining. I wish she had her own show. Daphne doesn't add a whole lot to the show but once in awhile has good ideas. Clinton is boring with needing to have a drink on every show. He needs AA. Stop the lusting Michael and Mario for Clinton on the show and just get a room already. We stopped watching about a week ago and it feels right.
  • The show it's self

    I think the should get rid of Clinton he is no more then an alcoholic. All he ever wants to do is make a cocktail he need to sign up for rehab and then go to AA. I also think that Clintons craft corner is stupid a huge waste of time. Then you have Daphne who ads not one thing to the show. The she dresses terrible and her hair is always a mess. Then we can move on to Carla she is not a chef and i get so tired of her saying this is my jam. She is not a dancer although she thinks she is but i have news for her she isn't. Now lets move onto to Mario he is a pig in the kitchen and he just babbles on and on. And i read that at one time he had stolen money from his employees not sure it's true but i did read that. The only chefs on this show are Michael and Mario. The show is called the Chew so get chefs on there not home cooks. You would think that Gordon Elliott would read all these reviews and make some major changes but i guess he doesn't care what the viewers think. I think it was very funny no one would talk to Carla on the red carpet. Jason Bateman kept his back to her. Denzel never talked to her. She is a nobody still cant figure out why shethinks she belonged on the red carpet. I have never laughed so hard. And for a recovering alcoholic she sure does drink a lot on the show.
  • Daphne Oz

    Has Daphne Oz left the show? It has been better since she's been gone. She is too manic when she cooks and always flirting with the camera, batting her eyes and pooching out her lips when she eats.
  • One of my favorites....

    I personally like this show, and I find it to be the best daytime talk show on. The cast gets along well, and I enjoy many of the recipes and tips.

  • stop constantly looking at the camera!

    daphne, the camera is not always looking at you! stop constantly looking to see if the camera is on you! it's so annoying!
  • Daphne Oz

    I watched the show today, November 28, 2016. Daphne Oz had on a dress so short that you could see her whole bottom side if she were to bend over. She either looks like a hooker or a pretend teenager on more than one occasion. Whomever handles her wardrobe should rethink it. She adds nothing to the show but useless chatter and pretense of being a food expert.
  • Daphne

    Please please please get rid of Daphne between her licking her fingers, flipping her hair and not adding any value to the show she is the reason that I won't be watching anymore. I just cannot stand it anymore. I love this show, but she has made me HATE this show.

    I feel so bad that everyone is being so mean to Daphne on the comments... That aside... The young lady on your show kept talking and talking and talking about building that sandwich. I felt bad for her. She was so nervous... I didnt even get the recipe. All of you bring so much happiness to my life here in Knoxville Tn. Thanks Chew Crew
  • Runny nose cook

    I watched the show today January 11, 2017 great show. I am pretty sure Nancy is a great cook but she sniffled and wiped her nose that was not good that was nasty.. not only did she do it once but repeatly...

    not good
  • Nepotism

    Today on the show they had Dr. Oz. Now they usually never let Daphne cook with the guest but because it's her father, I guess she got the go ahead. To my amazement she made a SALAD. A SALAD!!!. Wow, not impressed. Please listen to your fans and let her GO..
  • Lighten Up

    I love the lighten up shows !!. I wish they did this everyday . With the clean eating movement ,I think this show could really gain in popularity/ratings .I usually watch this show. The food looks good ,but not realistic for everyday eating .
  • Mario

    Mario is a greaser. His hair is nasty. He thinks he is the master of cooking. Thinks he know everything about Italy!! With his stupid accents. He makes me sick to my stomach!!! He is gross !! I love Clinton, Carla & Michael. They gave great personalities!! Daphene needs to go or learn to dress appropriate. She can't even cook
  • Daphne need to go

    She's useless and doesn't bring anything to the show. She acts like a miss no it all, not only on health food but now she knows everything about being a mom. If she's the fresh face of healthy, I'd rather be me, too thin. Cause she's not looking healthy, nor does she eat healthy on the show. Once in awhile she'll make a lighter dish. Wholly! Actually I don't care if she cooked healthy more often, she's still useless. I see all these reviews that agree. She has no right judging on other shows. She just started eating real food when starting the show! She's just disgusting and if you keep her you may loose a ton more of fans. I love the rest of you but when she's on I can't watch. Get Anne Burrell, Alex, Josh Can somebody that could bring something to the show. Something new!
  • Pure Entertainment

    I love them all. They are so down to earth. They act just like a friend or neighbor and keep me laughing for the entire hour. So happy when I get to watch.
  • First Time

    I went to the chew yesterday 12/13/016 (will ar 12/15/16) it was a great experience. I went with my husband and it was just wonderful. The staff are all friendly yet very professional. I have been watching the show for sometime and happen to be in the city at this time. I am a great fan of Michael and he did not disappoint me he is as funny in person as on the show. I hope when we come back to the city next december we will be able to get tickets again. A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE Maureen & Joey Raiola
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