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  • Summertime

    Can you tell me the name of the mfg - 2nd Bathing suit shown - Larger Breast

    and Carla - You go Girl!
  • So full of himself!!!

    Like the show, but can't stand Mario's condescending attitude. He is Sooo full of himself and it is so annoying to watch. I like Clinton the best and usually Simon, except when he starts laughing uncontrollably or repeating silly words. I've found other things to watch at that time, however, because Mario is such a turn off!
  • Love the show <3

    My name is Kelly Burch & I watch your show every day at 12 pm Central time & I just love love love your show I can't pick which one of you I like the best because I like all of you & I would appreciate it if you would send me an autographed picture of the five of you.

    Your Faithful Viewer,

    Kelly Burch
  • LOVE the CHEW!

    I LOVE the CHEW! I love the chemistry between ALL of the hosts! I try never to miss it and dvr it. Love the information, crafts and recipes. Everyone brings something to the program. Thanks for making me laugh. I received the CHEW book for Christmas. Hope you come out with another. Could you tell where you got the cherry button for the cupcake ornaments that Clinton made? Keep up the good work I Love you! Best Regards Ms. Terry

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs and a big glass of milk!

    I totally agree! When I was a kid, every school night, we had to have milk with our dinner. Anything with a lot of tomato base, we needed that glass of milk! I too, to this day, have to have my big glass of milk! My two young sons are no different. i love the show and look forward to new recipes to make for my kids! They love it!
  • Not impressed with the choices on recipes... :(

    Its obviously showing the results of your choices on The Chew. I want to watch a show with healthier choices. Its also kind of gross to watch Mario, I think, the big fat guy. Plus hes always wearing the same pink pants and vest. If anything it reveals too much of him. Simon, too. He used to be hot to anymore!!! Very disappointed with your show. Id rather watch the Zimmern guy on The Travel show.
  • Daphney Oz

    A comment to Daphney - PLEASE talk slower!! Sometimes you talk so fast I can't follow what you're Dad talks the same way too. I love this show, but that would be one negative comment - and I DO like her!!!
  • Cooking with the Chew at Home

    I think you should give the ingredients you will be using on the next show to viewers so they can cook along with you at home!
  • 2 reasons I cannot bear to watch this show

    1) The show goes against everything Clinton Kelly espoused in what not to wear. Don't be literal. Don't wear a christmas sweater, but rather something festive. Yet on this show everything the cast wears is a literal interpretation of the theme. Stupid.

    2) Carla Hall is obnoxious
  • Yumminess

    Hi, love the ideas for everyone! I'm curious if any or all of you take cholesterol lowering medicine? Please be honest Jeanne
  • The Burger Bash, Pride Driven Expletives

    It seems so common place these days that throwing in a swear word here and there is part of the norm. Yet, on the Chew it is very uncommon to hear swear words. Today Simon chose to banter the word "ass", and then Carla did as well. Is there really a need for it in the presentation of anything? I say no. There are many other ways to describe a subject matter without common cursing. It is very unbecoming anyone's use, especially media celegrities.
  • show time


    I watch or record your show each day and I really enjoy it. However I still don't understand why Dallas, TX runs a day late, it is very frustration. The holiday specials you have before the holiday we get the day after and it is really annoying. I don't understand why we have to receive it a day late, it makes no sense. I have written to both The Chew and ABC about this but it appears that no one really cares since there have been no changes...
  • Favorite pies!

    I do watch your show every chance I get by the way! Although I like most of the pies you mentioned, I love "Sweet Potato Pie". I can not be the only person that does!
  • Amazed

    I watch your show very often and love the receipes and ideas I get. One thing I'm amazed at however is that with all the different receipes of all kinds, healthy, easy, cheap, is that you don't have any for low sodium. What's up with that. You have lots of healthy but none specific to low sodium. I am one of two in my home where it's a huge issue. Can you add some please?



    Orlando, Fl
  • Daily Watcher

    I enjoy your show almost on a daily basis; one of my favorites! It is frustrating though that it airs a day behind. Today is Feb 15th and it is airing the 14th on Direct TV. Feel "like a day late and a dollar short" especially on special occasions!!
  • Clinton's cheesecake

    Made Clinton's cheesecake for valentines day and it was wonderful !!!!
  • spicy

    Does all your food have to add spice to it. I can not have spicy food and some of your food that I would like to try you have to add spicy produts or mushroom, yuck. What else can you
  • Early seating at resturants

    I took great offense to the statement by Daphne Oz, that a family with noisy children should be seated next to Seniors, they can't hear any way. I'm a senior and can hear perfectly, Families should teach their children how to behave in public or leave them with a baby sitter. What happened to treating people as you would like to be treated.
  • the best cooking show on television

    i love your show and have since it first aired , the show ideas are always very interesting and a good way to get tips on how to spice up my own recipes. keep up the good work .maybe a show on how to use an electric smoker grill would be a good show because they are a fast and easy way to make some good dinners . i use mine all the time. chris ballard
  • Origin of the hamburger

    On your January 30th show you were at a restaurant claiming origination of the hamburger. Here is where it comes from.

    Charles Nagreen, also known as Hamburger Charlie, of Seymour, Wisconsin, began calling ground beef patties in a bun "hamburgers" in 1885; and, Hamburger Charlie first sold his world-famous hamburgers at age 15 at the first Seymour Fair in 1885, and later at the Brown and Outagamie county fairs; and,

    Hamburger Charlie employed as many as eight people at his famous hamburger tent, selling 150 pounds of hamburgers on some days; and, the hamburger has since become an American classic, enjoyed by families and backyard grills alike; Tthe members of the Wisconsin legislature have declared Seymour, Wisconsin, the Original Home of the Hamburger.

  • Dinner food.

    I love it homed tomatoe cream soup.. It is great. The one person who said make more expasive was wrong.

  • potty mouth

    why do you have to use profanity? No need to call if a big A.. Pop Tart.
  • For the chew crew

    This is to the crew of the chew; I've been watching the chew for a little over 1 year and I have yet to see certain recipes on there. I am a hugh fish person (mainly catfish); and I am wondering are the any catfish recipes outu there for meatballs and making the catfish healthy.
  • Love Your Chew!!

    Finally, a show that doesn't talk about fat and diets!! Clean talk and subjects make me feel good about myself. For an hour the show makes me forget my problems and also makes me laugh. Enjoy the respect that the co-hosts have for each other and their guests. Keep up the great work!! Ligia
  • Spew.

    This mess is an awful replacement for the classic scripted drama that used to be on at this time. I decided to be fair and give it a chance. It was horrible. I came back a few months later, thinking they might have settled in. Nope, still a cacaphonous, trashy mess.
  • Nutrition Advise May Not be Wise

    I am a fan of the show, it is entertaining. I do have an issue with some of the nutrition advise on the show. I am a registered dietitian and some of the advise is not good. Today they said not to drink diet soda to lose weight, but to drink regular soda. I know there are some studies about the artificial sweetners out there, but overall drinking regular soda can pack on the calories and contribute to a lot of weight gain. Some people drink 800-1000 kcal of soda a day and that is contributing to their obesity or growing waist line. Diet soda obviously has no calories and therefore you are cutting your calories by switching to diet. Excessive calorie intake causes weight gain. They need to be careful on the advise they are giving on the show, it is misleading people.
  • Was a Fan

    What's up with all of the Clinton Kelly stuff -- he's the host but give me a break -- Judge Foody, Cocktails - he's now become the side kick on the cooking segments - was complaining about chopping parsley but he gets cocktails, he gets decorating, he gets Craft Corner. I loved the ensemble - the way it was --- but now it's the Clinton Kelly show -- Geez - if you recorded how many minutes each host gets to speak, he'd come out on top -- and what's with his complaining about Michael interrupting him during his craft segments or whatever - poor Michael get's detoured I don't know how many times during his 5 and 5's --- I'm just catching up on my recordings but I'm ready to puke with that ego there. The first year was great - I'm tired of Clinton's complaining -- that episode with the quiche was ridiculous -- I don't know whose idea it was to have dish of the day with a quiche and the other four hosts actual pictures -- but Thank You. He cut Carla off when she was about to do a no booze option on a cocktail. Yes, he's funny - yes, he's entertaining - but I love the other four - even more now! There are three chefs there -- I want to see them do the cooking together or with Daphne - also a foody and lo and behold -- here comes Clinton ----- again!!! Sure hoping that by the time I catch up on the past few respecting his co-hosts! This was one of my Favourite shows - still watching but gritting my teeth :) LOVE Michael Symon!! and Mario is a great ad libber too!
  • The Chew takes out One Life to Live

    I have to say I swore I would not watch anything that replaced All My Children or One Life to Live. But I glanced at bits of your show here and there and I was hooked. I laughed and enjjoyed your recepies. You all have such perfect chemisttry that I really enjoyed this show. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job of replacing my shows Pam
  • Best Daytime cooking show

    I don't go one day without looking at this show. I love what they are doing which is helping America cook one day at a time. They all have their own personality that they bring to the show. Love love love them. I have made many dishes and i loved each one. I know everyone has the right to say what they want but i just wish if people didn't have something nice to say that they just wouldn't say anything. Because really, who cares about your negative rants. Don't watch!!! Clinton, Carla, Michael, Daphne and Mario please keep up the good work. And yes i do have more to do with my life than make comments on a blog but i had to respond after seeing some of the negative comments. Love you Chew Hosts. Muah Muah Muah!
  • Hootie Hoo has GOT TO GO!

    I find Carla the most annoying person on tv. She is loud and obnoxious (just as she was on Top Chef) and does everything to upstage every other co-star. She is a one -note. Her repetoire is solely from her grandmother's greasy Tennessee cooking. Who wants to cook like they did during the Civil War? What is wrong with her? Does she have ADD? She jumps around and probably should be on drugs to calm her down. Perhaps her thyroid is bad? Her eyes bug out like she has a goiter. She needs to be checked by a doctor and sent home to her unfortunate husband. Everything she does is to make herself the standout and I don't want to see her. I don't understand how this ugly stick could have been a fashion model. SHe has absolutely NO TASTE. She has to go! I DVD the show every day to watch later so I can skip Carla's antics.

    I like Daphne. There has to be some balance with the PORCINE GROUP. We all love pork with Mario and Michael but some balance is necessary.
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