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  • Overall I enjoy the show and the comraderie but....

    I agree with some prior comments, Carla is offensive. She tries too hard, too brash, too loud. She's exhausting. What I find unusual is the 5 on the panel actually enjoy tasting while the audience is watching. Sharing with the audience is more inclusive and not perceived as on the outside looking in. Even with the tasting table, are they always included in tasting the dishes that are prepared? Overall I enjoy the program. Refreshing but I think it needs some tweaking. The segment with Mario's family was fun to watch. Thank you.
  • It's Chew Love

    I love The Chew. This delightful cooking show is so refreshing and entertaining. The format is easy and entertaining. Sometimes Carla talks so fast I can't understand a word - maybe that's a good thing. I enjoyed the laundry tips from Clinton. Here's another: to wash sheets and/or towels, add 1/2 cup Arm&hammer Washing Soda before adding detergent and linens. The soda (found in the detergent aisle) cleans, freshens and removes odors. Vinegar can be used as a disinfectant but my repairman says it will deteriorate the seals on the washer.
  • Carla Must Go!!!

    The Chew is a very enjoyable show with a great cast EXCEPT FOR CARLA HALL!!! She is unbearable and ruins the entire show. The only remedy is to replace her with a pleasant, unrude person.
  • I love the Chew

    I want to share my tip. I keep jars of Alfredo sauce on hand. I have used it in multiple ways and get rave reviews. I used it to make my Mac n Cheese 2cups of Tillamook sharp to one jar of Alfredo sauce, to one box the reg macaroni, top with Italian bread crumbs place in oven until lightly browned.

    I use Alfredo sauce to make my scalloped potatoes now and top with pork chops. Makes the most the most delicious and tender chops you will ever have.

    I recently put Alfredo in my mashed potatoes. I use to think garlic mashed potatoes was my favorite. This is now my favorite.

    A quick easy Fondue, heat one jar of Alfredo add 2cups very fine grated Swiss cheese gradually.

    I have a fudge recipe my friends all rave about.... lol it does not include Alfredo

    I pkg Chocolate Gurley almond bark, and one can sweetened condensed milk. Place the chocolate and milk in a microwave safe bowl. Heat until the chocolate is soft. The stir with spatula until smooth. Add your favorite nuts. I have used walnuts, and almond. You do not have to chop the nuts. Add as many as you like. Place in 9x9 buttered pan. Then refrigerate for 30 min. Then try to eat just one piece.

  • The Best Cooking-food Show

    I love this show. It funny, they are all so cool and they get along great. I have no trouble following their directions. Its full of ad lib, laughs and good food. I try and watch them every day.
  • IT's TV for gosh sake!!

    Someone please help Carla with her hair... girl what a mess!!! It's Tv for gosh sake can they not throw a wig on it? I seen better hair on a wet dog! Yep, I said it!!
  • This show is painful to watch

    They may have some good recipes and ideas... and that is its only redeeming quality. These hosts have absolutely ZERO chemistry, and are quite unsuccessfully trying very hard to make it look like they're having a grand old time cooking together, while its obvious they can't stand eachother. And lets be honest, there's just only so much fun you can have eating. Sure, the act of eating is often enjoyable, but five completely dissimilar people suffering through conversation with pained smiles plastered on their faces, throwing around flat jokes, all while chewing, is not a party. I can see where the "powers that be" were coming from with this idea, innovative new talk show/cooking instructional in a time slot watched mainly by stay at home spouses/parents and all, but I've got to say, this show is a dismal failure. Time to cut losses and move on.

  • Clinton Kelly

    Chicken Sandwich great job of all the people on the chow I like what you make the best , people don't relaize that some people can't have hot & spicey . for acid reflex prevents people form heating that way.

    You are the best as far as I am concerned. Love your craft corner aslo it great . I do a lot of crafts my self but I also use to cook for a living until I got hurt years ago. No I am retired and Writing my own cookbook which is a health verison .

    Mario drives me CRAZYYYYYY he is Never happy with anything and he is so demeaning to the other hosts and guests. It is just that nothing seems to make him happy and he is such a food SNOBBBBB. OMG american cheese how dare you ughhhh SHUTTT UPPPP !!!

    Please replace him pleaseeeee

  • Can someone PLEASE

    Tell Carla to calm down!! Her loud ridiculous outburst are so freaking annoying! It really makes it hard to enjoy the show with her constant screaming, the faces she is always making and her know-it-all attitude. It's like listening to fingernails running down a chalkboard. The show would be so much more pleasant to watch without her as part of the crew chew.
  • it's is changing for the worst

    love the show in the beginning but lately it has become the Clinton & Carla show and with every episode it seems like Carla's voice gets louder and higher it hurts my ears. during the show I keep my hand on the remote and mute the volumn alot.

  • Problems with Bake Sale

    Food allergies aren't just eating problems. Some children are so sensitive that they react to airbourne particles. I realize that your livelihoods rely heavily on food, but in a school environment where the schools will get sued and have to deal with the possible death of a child. As a teacher, I used to love having fruit taste tests for graphing and teaching secondary colours via making icing for students cupcakes - I can't do it. It's sad, but there are other ways to teach the same lessons without the food. Also, there are other ways to raise money for the school ... walk-/run-a-thon (healthier). Sometimes the old ways aren't always the best ways, . rule of thumb.
  • Relationships

    I don't often to get to watch the show, but I have noticed that it is quite obvious that Mario doesn't like or is intimidated by Michael. Michael seems to back down to Mario's need to be "alpha". Poo on Mario. Grow up and learn to share the spotlight. Just because others back down doesn't make Mario any better at what he does, it just makes them quiet down and let him still be on the level he's on. Mario, stop being intimidated. AND, it seems like Dr. Oz's daughter is in pain or something. She seems kind of stiff or moves very carefully as if she's always in pain or something. Hmmmm. Otherwise, I love the show.
  • food,cooking

    You guys eat too much, just saying
  • this is just my opinion

    Hi: I have been watching a lot of cooking programs and have noticed that when a chef (host) chops veggies or herbs, they scrape them up onto the knife blade and deposit them into the cooking vessel and whatever is leftover on their hands, they scrape the knife blade on their palm and fingers to get the remainder into the pot. This means that all loose skin cells, etc. are also being deposited into the pan. How unhealthy is that??? We (people) lose skin cells from our bodies by the millions everyday. I know they say their hands are clean and I am sure they are, but scraping is just wrong.
  • The Babies on the Adds

    Well Clinton Kelly, Back in the 50's babies would sale the products, like sex does in this century. I would opt for the babies myself. But, I am sure no one would smother a baby with saran or with your sarcasm. They are far to sweet. Chef Mario you Rock and hello from Seattle..
  • Justin Beber

    I not only Love Chef Mario, and Chef Michael's cooking and food--I especially loved their views on Justin Beber--someone does need to kick the kid in the ass--and give him someboundries--or he will sadly go the way of other young in the spotlight before Him--Jail Prison-or worse DEAD. No lets cook!!!!!!
  • disgusted

    we were watching the show today on 7/4/13 and we see that Michael was not wearing gloves to cover the bandaid on his left hand and was also touching the food with his bare hands after it being cooked and ready for consumption
  • Appreciate Your Comments about Paula Dean

    I appreciate your taking the time today to voice your feelings concerning Paula Dean. It appears that we as a country expect morre from our cooking show hosts then we do our politicians, what a sad commentary. I have read all 150 pages of the deposition and although we could question her devotion to family [a forgivable offensive] or question her distance from her business, in all honesty I do not see where we can call her racist. She has made a mistake, it is not who she is and you all made that point today.

    Our country is in a sorry state on many fronts but it is not because of Paula Dean
  • comments on Paula Deen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying everything I've been thinking about Paula. I have watched her for years on different shows and always thought highly of her. Please let her friends know how important it is for everyone who loves her to speak up!

  • Carla

    She talks too much with or without food in her mouth. I'm tired of her comments while she's eating. Rude.
  • The truth about the Chew

    This is just my opinion. For some reason, some of my typed words don't appear when I click "submit" but I'm posting any way. Hopefully, it makes some sense:) I first loved this show but as I watch the second season, I've noticed a few really annoying themes. Mario, a wonderful chef no doubt, but his wardrobe needs a serious makeover!!! Very tired of looking at the same pink shirt, weird vest with shorts. AND the same ORANGE shoes!!. Every day. FOR SURE he has enough money to buy TV appropriate clothes. I think he really believes he's a Shakespearean actor with his weird over annunciation of words and over dramatic sense of self. It's a distraction from the cooking, and this is a cooking show, right? Which brings me to Clinton's and his crafts. Huh?? They do NOT belong on a cooking show and though some of them are cute, who's really gonna buy materials to make that stuff. I think Daphne is a gorgeous girl and I worry for her that she's put on so much weight. She wrote a book about healthy eating ( which few of the dishes on this show qualify) . It's a contradiction and her dad is Dr. Oz. but, the annoying thing is that I've noticed she eats so fast. Then I thought, maybe she's pregnant which would be awesome for her but apparently, she's not. Watching someone cram food in their mouth like they haven't eaten in days makes me loose my appetite. SLOW down girl. Carla is sweet but very annoying. I've lost count of how many times she makes a huge deal that she " doesn't drink alcohol". So what. Why mention this 3x a week? Weird to me. Michael is great EXCEPT that LAUGH. I love his happy energy and he's an amazing chef but, my GOD! I have to mute the TV. Sorry for the negativity but some of these things can be changed. Such as, Clinton's obnoxious vanity issues (leave them in your dressing room), creating healthier dishes on occasion, Mario's wardrobe. i will buy the man new shoes, a pair of jeans and a nice shirt that looks more professional. I don't want to see his huge belly when I'm tying to eat lunch. I think there has become a "disconnect" between all of the hosts, a change in the dynamics that makes the show less appealing, therefore, I don't watch it as much. I'm sure producers want to hear what the public thinks. Here's one opinion, right or wrong.
  • Going over the hill ...

    Have really liked The Chew until ... recently it seems to want to be the Clinton Kelly Show, and he is becoming fairly obnoxious and full of himself ... getting sick of him ... agree with Superfluous Segment comments ...
  • Superfluous Segment

    I really enjoy almost everything about this show, I enjoy most of the hosts and most of the segments. I even enjoy Carla and Simon even though their laughs are sometimes annoying. The only problem that I have is with Clinton and his craft segment. First, I believe that the craft segment does not belong on The Chew as it takes precious time away from food segments which I assume is the prime purpose of this show. Second, I believe that Clinton is much too obviously vein about his looks and appears annoyed when something is jokingly said about it. This review would be a 10 without Clinton and the Craft segment.
  • love this show

    I really don't like talk shows but I love this show. I laugh out loud watching it and have told my friends it's a can't miss show.
  • Get rid of Carla so I can watch the show again.

    when I first started watching the show I loved it and always got great ideas for recipes. Lately all I see is Italian or bbq which I like neither. Also I am to a point I turn on the show and when Carla pipes in with her loud obnoxious self I have to turn it off. I think if you replace her things could get better because she thinks she is so funny and she is so not.
  • More recipes and cooking.

    More recipes and cooking, less games, please!!!!
  • Peruvian fan!!

    I really enjoy every episode ,it seems that you are having lots of fun while working and the chemistry between you guys is refreshing.

    The recipes and tips very useful and usually easy .

    If you guys never had Peruvian you should try it is delicious and very diverse .

    Loveeeeee you show ,keep up he good work.

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