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  • Hungarian goulash

    The recipe for Hungarian goulash was way off. As,a true Hungarian it was bad , yiu have probably not had true Hungarian goulash which is a soup with vegetables...
  • Halloween Handouts

    I hand out Mardi Gras beads, the kids love them, and less expensive than candy. We collect them at the parades.
  • Asia from stone mountain ga

    I hate that they don't work with gloves with the food after they touch everything. GrosGross me out.
  • Are you getting this? For Michael Symon

    ... really? Spaghetti squash for the Thanksgiving table? Uh-huh. Who do you think loves watching cooking shows, other foodies or ??? Spaghetti squash has the texture of styrofoam and you know it. It would Never oh, did I say NEVER yet? cut it on the Thanksgiving table, sir. Why waste space and sharpened taste buds at Thanksgiving? Dude, you underestimate your viewing audience, for shame!



  • Attitudes

    I use to like watching, I feel Mario acts like he is better than the rest of the crew. He always talks down to the others. Then there's Carla who has really changed and acts like she is queen. I love Michael he is a great chef!!!! Daphne is just ok. Clinton is a bit silly. I don't watch anymore but if I see Mario is gone I might flip back and forth from People's Court.
  • obnoxious Jamie Lee

    I watch the show religiously and I never felt so much animosity towards a guest as I did her. Because of her reckless nature with the granola I may stop eating it, only kidding. Although I did want to take that tiara and stick it up her was awful and extremely disrespectful. If 17 years sober makes her that way, she needs a drink.
  • Awsome Bread & J. Lee Frightrain

    She gives a bad name to the sober.... I am having trouble finding the recipes section. I'll try that box at the top of page, but it looks like it's going to take me to an entirely different program. Thanks, Mike
  • Jamie Lee Curtis

    I thought Jamie Lee Curtis was rude to the whole cast. I couldn't wait for her to leave. I felt bad for Clinton. She acted like she just wanted to promote her show, and had no interest in what Clinton was doing. She has no class. I'm rating a one because there is no zero.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis

    If you ever have her on your show again, I will immediately shut it off. She was obnoxious and rude and showed very little class, wanting to talk about herself THE ENTIRE TIME. Whoever scheduled her, def didn't do their homework. Horrible!!
  • Have you???

    Have any of you ever made Bread Puddin using Assorted Donuts. You have to try it at least once!!!
  • Raviolo, "raviolis"

    Sept. 16th episode "We'll Have What You're Having" features Mario making leftover pulled pork, potato salad, and peas into

    As a native Italian he should know that the plural of raviolo is ravioli, not The same can be said of "panino" and is no

    Then Clinton has a segment with a guest chef in which they make chicken kabobs. After the guest chef places the raw chicken kabobs on the grill with her bare hands, he then prompts her to add raw cucumber to the accompanying salad. Cross contamination should be addressed here! I am a little disappointed, since many home cooks do not know these rules and the result could be food poisoning!

    I love the show, but these concerns should be considered and addressed. After all, many of us watch the show to not only be entertained, but to be educated.

    As an aside, I have tried to edit this review 5 times, yet key words are omitted, which defeats the purpose, since the message is not clear. MY point was to use the proper terms for "raviolo" and plural "ravioli" but these words were left out of my initial paragraph! It IS the same with "panino" and "panini" but due to omitted words, the review appears otherwise. Maybe you don't really want to know what your viewers my draft the correct words appear, but in the posted review they are missing!
  • pronunciation

    Could someone PLEASE tell Mario that ONION is pronounced UN-YUN There is NO G in onion I love the Chew but hearing that word pronounced incorrectly makes me crazy:)
  • Creepy

    I wish the producers would address the extremely inappropriate and creepy "unkie so and so" titles that Michael Symon and the rest of the crew uses when referring to each when it's used, it's in a childlike tone and it's like the crew takes a step back in their childhood where they are "playing house It is so weird and uncomfortable.

    Sometimes MS makes sexual innuendos that are inappropriate and uncalled for. Such bad timing and he often sounds like the creepy drunk uncle at a family reunion that seems to always make the wrong jokes at the wrong time and only he laughs at them.

    These adjustments would at least help this show, otherwise, I can enjoy cheesy humor. But they really need to edit it down for a noon, FOOD program because it's completely possible to be funny without being perverted.

  • Are you smarter then a fifth grader?

    Carla and Daphne act like misbehaved little children , can't take it no more! The show would be at least watchable without them. The point is, I no longer watch the show.
  • Boring last few episodes.

    I watch this daily, but the shows from the end of July & beginning on August have been terrible.

    The choice of food being prepared has been garbage. Mario preparing mexican something with an egg on it, ugh, then Clinton dying pillow cases??? What the heck does this have to do with a food show. Below is a comment asking the Chew to remove Michael & Carla, are they kidding!1 I'm saying the person who should get removed is Clinton. He is a terrible host, has no pizazz, and spends most of his time on the show making crafts????? If you want to keep him PLEASE ask him to shave he looks very ridiculous with that beard
  • Michael and Carla are so annoying, they both need to go!

    Every episode Michael will ALWAYS bring up one or more of the following:

    Lizzy, The Browns, Cleveland, Greek. Get over yourself Michael and stop trying to be the center of attention. You and your sick laughter are disgusting, get off the show!

    Carla, you act like a clown bouncing and dancing around and no matter what anybody is cooking, you always have to make little know it all remarks on the side. You and Michael always try to compete for the spot light. You need to get off the show too!!!!
  • sea salt

    Why SEA SALT emphasis? ALL mined salt is sea salt. It is mined from ancient sea beds that were deposited long before man was filling the seas with toxic chemicals!
  • Mean People chttrbx128....

    You asked "Why are people so Mean?" They are mean because they are anonymous and can be. They are cowards. They would Never say anything like that to any of these peoples faces. They are haters and enjoy every minute of hating. They are also mean because they actually enjoy when people comment back to them. They should be Ignored Always. If people would Stop replying to them they would go away. Just ignore them and Hope that nobody you know nobody like them. Why do you suppose they continue to watch a show and the people on it yet write Hateful things? That makes Zero sense, right?? Have a great day and Enjoy the Chew and all the wonderful cast ;)
  • Why are people so mean???

    I am reading these reviews and I just can't believe what people are writing. If you don't like the cast or the way the show has changed just stop watching it. People will write the rudest things online but won't say it to their faces. It's very cowardly and annoying. It seems as if some of you are jealous of daphony oz and of the others success.
  • Cartoon or Cooking Show

    Why is this show becoming more and more like a bad joke? Very little time spent on "cooking" while more and more time spent on cartoon characters. Jokes and laughing are one thing but leave that to the Comedy Channel.. These so called Chefs are looking like amateur comedians.. No wonder show not on a cooking or food channel.. I hate that these prob great chefs are being looked at as a joke..
  • #1 chew don't need PAULA

    you'll are number 1 you don't need to try and help paula do a come back !!the type of person she is she might just take your spot on tv!!!!!! hope not love the chew most of the guest love them but just not one of paula" a fans and never will be!!!!!keep up the good work on the chew love it.

  • Daphne needs to go ...

    PLEASE ask her to take a permanent leave this time! She is such a HAM and constantly interjects ridiculous remarks which can sometimes be sexual in nature. Just because her father - a doctor with whom most true MD's in NYC have serious concerns.... is pimping his title for the money and fame .. doesn't mean his daughter is a food or health expert. She is annoying and is always playing up to the camera and yesterday as she was seated between two hunky male guests talking to each other over her .. she then picked up two links of sausage and started playing with them ???????????????????????????????
  • love this show

    we love watching The Chew, everyone is funny, great food, enjoying watch this show everyday, Monday --Friday,
  • daphne

    Time to say so long

    Daphne offers nothing but being a food taster. She is such a vulture you would think she has never eaten

    She looks so stuffed into her clothes. Not because she is pregnant again but because she eats like there will be no tomorrow. Get someone with personality who can bring something to the table. This woman is useless..
  • Daphne's Gotta Go!

    I know Daphne's had weight issues & is pregnant again, but she is disgusting to watch. She takes bigger mouth-fulls than the men on the show. She licks her fork/spoon & fingers afterwards. If she's not shoveling food in her mouth, she's staring at it like she's afraid someone 's going to take it away. Seems she's only there to eat because she contributes absolutely nothing! Serious hope she doesn't return next season.
  • Cooking - My First Love

    I was delighted with the inception of The Chew. My weekdays revolve around the program. I enjoy all the co-hosts since they all bring something different to the table plus interject fun variety to the program. I have tried many of their recipes and with success. It is a wonderful cooking show. Needless to say, I have no negative comments. Viewers need to see each co-host for their qualities. Since I am a Clevelander, Michael is a favorite, although since I am Italian, Mario is also a favorite. On my bucket list is to have Michael and Mario (M&M) cook a special dinner for me.

    ~Marie/Head Chef at home

    I would like to add to my review. When I read some of the previous comments, I find them ignorant. All cooking shows use a fair amount of salt. If you have salt conscious needs,use less. I do it all the time (even with Food Network recipes). If you don't like spicy foods, use less or don't make the recipe at all. Everyone has different needs so adjust the recipes accordingly!! The Chew cooks a variety of meals to please the viewers. It is up to you to pick and chose which ones you want to try. Not all might be 5 star recipes, but you need to decide what appeals to your palate.
  • Hawaii Segment

    Your info is incorrect...90% of vegetables are imported. We live on Maui, and 100% of our fruit and vegetables are grown locally. And the quality is outstanding compared to mainland.
  • Where is Mario

    Is Mario coming back ?
  • Mario/Daphne

    He is always giving snide demeaning comments as well as tone to

    Daphne, as if she is below him. There is obvious anymosity between them.

    She is nice to not lash back at him,

    as he would certainly be an easy target. Lay off and show some respect!
  • All for Carla Hall-- You are the reason I watch the show- You are a Super Woman

    I don't ever write comments, but I have to. It saddens me when we have someone like Carla Hall that's gifted and talented,, that there are so many people, including her co-host Daphne Oz, Mario, And Simon, where they are always trying to put her down or correct what she says. Carla Hall can hold a show on her own and we would never be bored. I don't know how Carla just gracefully accepts all the nonsense that goes on on that show. Only Clinton Kelly treats her nice. I'm sure that I'm not the only seing this. Carla, you and Clinton are the only reasons I turn the show on. I hope that one day you get your own show.

    Daphne oz is just blahh, blahhh, eats everything and then wants to talk about chia seeds and smoothies. When someone says anything when she's talking about something, she acts doesn't have any pertinent information about is running out of things to do and say so he just interrupts Carla, and Mario can't help his facial expressions when Carla and Clinton are talking. Mrs. Carla disregard the rude comments. Certain people can't stand fabulousness and awesomeness. Keep up the good work, you and Clinton are the ones that keep the audience pumped up and awake.
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