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  • Tax sugar

    I do think we should put tax on things that is no-good for us to help the economy. But I also feel that some people who can not have the diet sugars like slenda,nutrasweet,etc,etc should be tax exempt because of medicinal conditions. I can not have any diet sugars and I have to use sugar. I know there our more who have reactions to those kinds of sugar and it should not be an extra cost because of those conditions they have. I just wanted you to know that some people can not use diet sugars and have to use sugar in their diets. Great show though!
  • Lettice?

    I realy like your show. But! yes there is a but. Who or whom decided that a salad should be made with something you find on trees? What happened to iceberg? Even the burger joints and putting this leafy stuf on my burger. Yuck why the change and WHO DECIDED THIS FOR US. Ps make the servings larger some of use really like to eat.
  • Carla - Coconut layer cake

    Carla - need help. Want to make your coconut layer cake and am confused as to what type of coconut you used. It looks like shave - when I looked on line for shaved it says that it's unsweetened. Do you use just really sweetened flaked coconut that you would by in any grocery store or do you need to get from a specialty store? Sweetened or unsweetened?

    Please help!
  • Keep it fun, Keep it interesting, Keep it "COOKIN"!

    "risestafani" what a mean thing to say! Not necessary girl!

    I love the "Chew" and look forward to it. When not at home the DVR records it to be watched later.

    Enjoy all the hosts many talents, each of which is different. Its fun, interesting, and that includes...... ALL the hosts!
  • Chew audience and tasting table member

    I loved my experience! We were on the show last March and my friend and I were chosen to sit at the tasting table. Daphne and Mario were not there BUT Chef Curtis Stone and actress Yvette Nicole Brown were there. I met everyone and they were all nice. I really wanted to meet Clinton the most, but left there really loving Michael and Carla's warm personalities. Clinton was delightful, but they left an impression on me along with the two guest hosts. I have pictures (selfies) with all of them, which they all initiated. Did I mention I loved my experience? I ate Michael's and Curtis Stones' food. Oh, I got play a game while on there and won a small prize that meant a lot to me. The key to sitting at the tasting table.... There isn't one. It was pure luck and it was on my side that day. I've been a fan since day one, and I believe it was just meant for me. I guess it was a blessing. I still think about my adventure often.
  • Cook Books Needed

    How do I order your cook books. I do not see anywhere on your home page?
  • Kimarie50

    I love you guys!!!!!
  • Good chemistry

    I really like the show. I think there's a good chemistry with everyone.. like, in real life, they could be friends. Yeah... sometimes, there's a bit of ribbing of each other, but that's what friends do. Some of the recipes are a bit out of my league (not much of a cook), but I always learn good tips to try in my cooking. When the show first came out, I thought... won't last long. The title seemed silly, like almost taking the title from the show, The View. I was pleasantly surprised, though. It's funny and entertaining, and always learn something. I love Carla's style, too.
  • Audience letdown

    WOW!! Shame on you for, in my opinion, discriminating against older people in your audience!!!

    I'm so stupid for NOT looking at the hundreds of photographs of the CHEW audience BEFORE I planned to get tickets as a surprise for my wife on our NYC trip because she is such a great cook and loves the CHEW. I could not find ONE older person in ANY of the audience pictures.

    I waited weeks until the morning of the 1iota (the folks who regulate your audience) website finally said the tickets were available and had to be one of the first to ask for tickets. I had already signed up with that website and given them ALL that personal information about me including age (required) in order to later request the tickets.

    This is not setting any kind of good example or producing good TV audience relationships.

    Fred Marschak

    Martinsburg, PA


    What do the chefs recommend to replace the fistful of salt for those of us on a restricted diet? Please respond by e=mail to: elsyd13@gmail .com. The show is one of the most enjoyable I have ever seen in my 87 years!
  • Mario Swallowed His Manners

    Whenever I watch this show Mario is saying something obnoxious or being disrespectful (not in an entertaining way) to Carla which doesn't fit the program, in fact it makes it hard to watch. Seems like he has a personal problem and the other cast members will only feed off of it.

    Tip: Keep your personal problems off air!
  • great show

    Love the show, however it appears that Mario always makes ugly faces especially when Carla says something. I think he is rude to her. I could do without seeing his face on the show, perhaps even another female chef would be better than him.

    I absolutely LOVE this show!!! Everyone is Fabulous!!! (And they make me laugh!) But why oh why do you have a Kardashian on??? I almost don't want to watch this episode, but because i love it so wll :(.
  • To Each His Peach

    These posts show that everyone's taste is different, to put it mildly. What's annoying to one person is charming to another. I watch every day that I'm home and find it generally entertaining. Mario and Michael are the only two real chefs. Carla has some expertise and Daphne is lovely and has a pleasing personality but would someone please take her under their wing and give her some advice on how to dress? Her outfit today was just plain silly.
  • 3 great Hosts always a pleasure to watch

    luv todays show ,i luv watching Mario ,Micheal and Clinton. Mario's recipes are always fast ,easy ,and delicious ,Micheal's are always scrumptious and as always luv Clintons ideas
  • Maybe a great chef, but.

    Mario is a PIG. He licks his fingers and touches food. He puts his spoon in something to taste it and reuses it. What a PIG.
  • Interesting show, great ideas but won't watch because of Carla

    As stated above, interesting show I stumbled upon, but will not watch for Carla. She has terrible on screen appearance and timing and is not engaging. Nice person, but detrimental to the show.
  • Clinton needs to go

    Clinton is so annoying, he is the reason I don't watch the show, and btw he is not cute, god get rid of him
  • Please Shut Down The Frauen

    I know in this dirty world of pc everyone is eager to hire females, even if they hold no qualifications or talent. This dilemma applies royally to this show. Carla is a harping, loud, rude, obnoxious, attention grabbing shrew. And Daphne is clueless and a bit inept. These two females add no credibility to the show, and really don't fit in at all. It's painfully obvious. Why not hire competent, knowledgeable, composed women who actually have a background in cooking. If not, just leave the show to the men. Quite frankly, there's a reason females slam up against a glass ceiling and HERE IT IS EXEMPLIFIED ON THIS SHOW! They are overly emotional, aggressive, insecure, and just out right incompetent. I think the show would be far more appealing and worthy of viewership if you kept the men and dumped those females.
  • what a shame

    What a disgrace Hispanic Heritage month and not a single Latino Chef, news flash not all latinos eat tacos
  • Me and the Chew

    I love the Chew because it has all the elements to keep me watching day after day...

    good food much laughter!!

    Carla you add so much to the Chew with your zany personality and fun approach to life.

    There is great balance between the personalities which makes this show a standout !

    It is my very favorite daytime ABC program and I just love, love everybody on this show!

    You all bring a lot of sunshine with your delicious recipes...

    friendly interactions ....

    and guest presenters. Keep laughing Carla..

    I adore you!
  • Yesterday Celebration Tape

    Yesterday my husband and I had the pleasure of being part of the audience of the Chew and I cannot begin to say what a positive and wonderful experience it was.

    --Everyone was professional and warm. The stars of the show are definitely not the divas you would expect--freely mingling with the audience.

    --Thank you Carlton for your patience--you signed everyone's cookbook and smiled when a fan monopolized you.

    --Simon the Iron Chef--came up to us and was great and warm.

    --Carla--I remember you from Top Chef and your genuine warmth and enthusiasm was contagious.

    --Daphne no new mother should look this good.

    --We were nervoud about what to wear--especially with Carlton there so we blended too mucjh to be in the group that was photographed more. Next time and believe me there will be a next time we will follow our instincts.

    Thank you guys--and the cookbook , food etc was terrific.

  • Yesterday taping

    I have to start by saying Carla was so beautiful in person and I loved the way she inter-acted with everyone during every break. Michael thanks for the bean dip . I was one of the 3 crazy lady's sitting up top. I would also like to thank Michael and Clinton for taking photos with me . I had a great time and would come to the show as long as Clinton ,Michael and Carla where there .
  • The cast

    Clinton was awesome, We love you Michael, from the 3 crazy broads up top, the bean dip was great, you can cook for us anytime. Carla you are beautiful in person, love your dancing. Mario you were quiet, now Daphne you looked miserable the whole
  • Decent concept, bad casting

    This sow is an unusual mix of personalities, and sometimes that's a good thing. Unfortunately not here. Michael Symon, Mario Batali and Clinton Kelly seem to make every effort to blend and share in the group conversation portions of the show. Daphne, who is completely unqualified to even be on this type show (her college degree is liberal arts; nothing to do with diet and nutrition which she professes to be an expert in), has gotten more aggressive in her efforts to shout over the other hosts. I'd of thought after the first three seasons she would mellow and feel secure with her position. Carla Hall acts like a battier loudmouthed nut case as the show has progressed. She literally screams on the show, and you can see her cast mates just cringe. She grabs at food like a refugee who hasn't eaten in days, and wolfs it down during the CONVERSATION portion of the show!! She really thinks everyone wants to see her dance also.

    This season seems to have gotten worse. That producer Gordon Elliot (fired from several Food Network shows) is now having them perform clownishly at the beginning of each episode. Dancing, pretending they are the cast of Friends... its so silly. Mario Batali, a world wide respected chef is clearly uncomfortable with this, and I don't blame him. There are more game show stunts and celebs. coming on from other ABC shows that they are required to promote and fawn over.

    Sad to say, I'm leaving. Michael & Mario - get your own show. I'll be the first one there.
  • Todays show a disaster

    We were late due to directions from NJ;we were told to come back for the next showing and when we returned only to be told they would not approve our tickets and would we like to see the view taping instead.

    I said no we spent over 50.00 to travel to NYC to see the Chew. We deserve VIP tickets for 3 people.

    Very disappointing and the staff were very insensitive and the manager told us too bad i come in to work from NJ every day to work. Very disrespectful to fans. We even waited for standby tickets and then turned away. 5,9
  • Recipe Ingredients Used Frequently

    Why is it that when you say, "You will have most of these ingredients already in your pantry!" that I am lucky if I have one or two of the 15? You do not use the most COMMON ingredients in your recipes. My cooking is very simply, HOME cooking, and that is what I am looking for more of on tv! Also WHY oh WHY must you make everything so HOT?? Many of us out here would like to TASTE our food, not have our taste buds burnt off by hot peppers and hot sauce. PLEASE try to cook some food this season that has some taste instead of just being HOT, and that does use more common ingredients. There are many of us out here who will be very happy if you do! THANK YOU! I'll be watching to see what happens.
  • Michael Symon's laugh

    I love, love, love The Chew, and have been a faithful viewer for a long time. I have learned so much from the show, and I'm a huge fan of all five co-hosts. Carla, Daphne, Clinton, Mario, and Michael are truly fantastic, but there is one thing that makes my teeth cringe, the hair stand up on the back of my neck, and my ears hurt. That is Michael Symon's laugh. I try to avoid listening to it by blocking it out, I try to stay calm and know his laugh will only last a few seconds, and that the show means more to me than his annoying, startling, and overly loud laugh, but enough is enough. I've decided to only "watch The Chew" by way of Facebook posts and stop watching the show on TV. Sorry Michael - I tried, but I just can't listen to one more burst of cackle from you. And yes, I know others will disagree, and many more could care less about how I feel, but I needed to make a final closure from my "brake-up relationship" with the show, and this post is how I choose to do so. Goodbye The Chew. I will miss you, but I'll still see your happy faces on Facebook.
  • The Chew

    After seeing a bakery (Ovenly) recommended on a show a short time ago, I went to Brooklyn to try the cake that the cast raved about. It was probably the worst chocolate cake that I have ever tasted. I have great respect for Mario Batali and Michael Symon and have had their food on several occasions so I don't understand this.
  • LOOKS really are Important !!!

    The Chew is a decent show but, that Carla is just Really un-attractive. With all the Beautiful Black Women in the USA, Carla is just plumb Ugly. Its Embarrassing that shes even on .
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