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  • Recipe Ingredients Used Frequently

    Why is it that when you say, "You will have most of these ingredients already in your pantry!" that I am lucky if I have one or two of the 15? You do not use the most COMMON ingredients in your recipes. My cooking is very simply, HOME cooking, and that is what I am looking for more of on tv! Also WHY oh WHY must you make everything so HOT?? Many of us out here would like to TASTE our food, not have our taste buds burnt off by hot peppers and hot sauce. PLEASE try to cook some food this season that has some taste instead of just being HOT, and that does use more common ingredients. There are many of us out here who will be very happy if you do! THANK YOU! I'll be watching to see what happens.
  • Michael Symon's laugh

    I love, love, love The Chew, and have been a faithful viewer for a long time. I have learned so much from the show, and I'm a huge fan of all five co-hosts. Carla, Daphne, Clinton, Mario, and Michael are truly fantastic, but there is one thing that makes my teeth cringe, the hair stand up on the back of my neck, and my ears hurt. That is Michael Symon's laugh. I try to avoid listening to it by blocking it out, I try to stay calm and know his laugh will only last a few seconds, and that the show means more to me than his annoying, startling, and overly loud laugh, but enough is enough. I've decided to only "watch The Chew" by way of Facebook posts and stop watching the show on TV. Sorry Michael - I tried, but I just can't listen to one more burst of cackle from you. And yes, I know others will disagree, and many more could care less about how I feel, but I needed to make a final closure from my "brake-up relationship" with the show, and this post is how I choose to do so. Goodbye The Chew. I will miss you, but I'll still see your happy faces on Facebook.
  • The Chew

    After seeing a bakery (Ovenly) recommended on a show a short time ago, I went to Brooklyn to try the cake that the cast raved about. It was probably the worst chocolate cake that I have ever tasted. I have great respect for Mario Batali and Michael Symon and have had their food on several occasions so I don't understand this.
  • LOOKS really are Important !!!

    The Chew is a decent show but, that Carla is just Really un-attractive. With all the Beautiful Black Women in the USA, Carla is just plumb Ugly. Its Embarrassing that shes even on .
  • What a relief!

    I didn't see the whole show today, but while I was watching, Michael didn't let go with his donkey laugh, and when the show was over, I felt a sense of relief and calmness. He is obviously a nice guy, but that rude laugh is soooo aggravating that I often turn off the program. Please Michael, brush up on your social skills for everybody's sake.
  • Fab menu at Carnevino

    I'm a Las Vegas resident, had friends staying at The Venetian had dinner at B&B Carnevino...

    Excellent menu and wine list, table settings perfect, our waiter was so well versed in all dishes, perfect I guess I should'nt have expected anything less from you and I DVR The Chew every day, you're all fun to watch I love the quick interactions between you and the sense of humor!



    That recipe was NOT the winner's own recipe!!!!. That resipe is Ina Garten's, just so you know...

    NOT FAIR!!
  • dips and condiments etc

    Please get a Lazy Susan for the center of your table not OCD just old school
  • Yorkshire Puds.

    Those were the silliest Yorkshire Puddings I've seen. I have never seen anybody mix them up like that, eggs and flour together.

    First of all, you beat the eggs until they double in volume, then gently mix in the flour a bit of salt. Beat the milk in.

    You put the dripping or oil in the pans, put them in the oven and heat the oil until it's almost smoking. THEN you add the Yorkshire Pudding batter ! They sizzle up the pans and rise like little mountains of deliciousness. Serve with gravy etc. Never open the oven door to see how they're doing. they will collapse. Of course, you remove the heated pans carefully from the oven before adding the batter.

    To make it even easier for everyone, you can just bung the eggs in a blender, beat them up, bung in the flour, salt and milk and blend them well. Presto. Yorkshire Puds to be proud of.

    Ex-Pat from England.. learned to make these when I was 9 years old.

  • Too much sex talk and innuendos

    I have enjoyed the show and the recipes. But, the show evolved into too much talk about sexual issues. TMI of what the chefs wear to bed or if they do or do not ware underware. Please, keep it center on food. Spend more time on the preparation of the recipies instead of rushing the techniques.
  • Refrigerator Treasure Hunt Game

    Loved today's show. Howie Mandel always brings a lot of fun to the table, but the Indiana Jones refrigerator treasure hunt made my day. When the two contestants couldn't find the shallots and made ridiculous substitutes, I laughed out I was standing in the kitchen all by myself. This is easily the best cooking show on TV. Kudos to Clinton and the entire cast.
  • My Chew Review

    I love this show.

    This is the only show I watch that has me smiling all the way through.

    Clinton and Carla's dancing is so fun to watch.

    I think the chemistry between all is fantastic.
  • Clinton and Michael need to tone it down

    Clinton is often talking about sexual issues - hmmm on a talk show - are the producers pushing this on him or does he come up with these comments on his on? - and Michael is often lost in his own laughter. They both are obviously great cooks but really can we just have a little less sex talk and loud busting out laughter over other people trying to talk? Mario is my fav and I do try to catch some of the show unless Clinton and Michael go off the deep end.
  • Salt & olive oil !

    My wife & I were told SALT & OLIVE OIL in large amounts are NOT good for you! Why do U ALL use salt by the pound & olive oil by the gallon?
  • THE CHEW Best Afternoon Show Ever

    I have watched a lot of cooking shows in my day but the CHEW is my vavoirte it number 10 in my book

    If people don;t like it just don;t watch . The Chew has a viriety of different cooking stiles ans well as Clintons Craft Cornor and easy way to decreate with out the espense . I use to Cook for a living years ago and no quite a lot about making different recipes and converting them . like everyvody on the Chew but Clinton is my favorite. by Ruth Hemingway
  • Why is everyone so unnecessarily mean?

    I have read a lot of negative comments regarding the hosts of the Chew. In some cases people have even gone so far as to personally criticize the hosts for qualities they have no control over ie: Michael's laugh, Carlas hair or voice, etc. If you really don't like the show/hosts then watch one of the many other dozens of cooking shows on TV/online. Don't waste your energy hating on someone when the solution is as simple as turning on another show. Why must we constantly attack one another?
  • when I miss you

    I usually watch you all @ . & again @ 1 . , if I happen to miss both show it just throws the rest of my day !! I have tried a few times now hoping that they've manage to add Canada to be able to watch your shows ( even if I have seen them ) I know I can go check what you've done for the day but it's not thw same as hearing your voices. Your all GREAT !! Have a Great Summer from Beverly in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
  • Carla Goes Tooooooo Far

    9/31 We had a couple of days when Carla put her outrageous hair up; thus clearing Clinton's view and sparing everyone from having her hair in their food. Alas, it didn't last long. Why? When Clinton is in frame, we also get half of Carla. Doesn't happen with others. Why? Congrats to Ms. Oz.

    We have seen changes in Mario's negativity; less of Clinton's Craft Corner; and Ms. Oz's initial obsession with cilium husks. Why aren't we seeing changes in Carla's loud voice, crazy behavior, hair everywhere, etc. She seems to be the subject of most negative comments and the reason some viewers are leaving.

    7/15 Love the show but Carla Hall is terrible. She is tooooooo loud and she has a tendency to make very cruel or insensitive remarks about her co-hosts. Although she pretends it was a slip of the tongue or can't understand how insensitive it was, it happens too often to be an accident. Two examples include her remark to Clinton about";knowing lots of men" ; recent comments to Michael about his smoking; and how to be cheap by using single-ply toilet paper for her guests. Her mouth is huge and most often open 2 inches from a guest or co-host--must be really offensive after eating some of the spicy/garlic rich dishes often prepared on the show. All that hair while preparing food--yuck.

    6/16/14 Glad to see that Carla is less obnoxious. Moving her to center keeps her out of Clinton's shots and her hair seems to be more in control. But the woman must be incredibly insecure--her "look at me" antics are just over the top. She doesn't need to talk over co-hosts and guests, laugh louder than anyone else, make a big fuss over guests who clearly don't know her, solicit other jobs on the air (Broadway, Dancing with the Stars, Please go or calm down.
  • Clinton and Jennifer on todays show: 5/5/14.

    Why did u have Jennifer on? She was trying to explain her "journey" with Celiac disease, and you constantly were interrupting her more or less trying to tell her to hurry up and get to the point and move on! How rude!! You did the same when she was trying to give the receipe for "French I believe it was for that. Looked delicious. If u can't be considerate with a guest--don't have them on!! Allow them ENOUGH TIME to do their thing which you had them on the show for!! I got the impression u could have cared less what she was all about as long as got done on time. Disgusting. All-in-all, I love the show and watch it most days. I just hate when you, esp. u. and the others do that.

    One year ago June 1 2013, I started my weight lost plan and today the 3 of June 2014 I have loss 90 pounds with the help of watching the CHEW and not snacking or eating when I'm not to . It helps watching everyone else enjoy cooking and eating when I can't . So a BIG THANK YOU "THE CHEW"
  • Too much Carla

    Im tired of Carla, always cutting in when people are talking. She has a loud voice and thats all you can hear, its like she needs to be noticed all the time, Carla, its NOT always about YOU!!!
  • My live cookbook

    The Chew...

    These guys are the best on TV. My go to site. Everything I have ever made from this site has been awesome. Thank you
  • Too much Carla

    Why not just call it the Carla Hall Show! Too much Carla!
  • Cape Caution crab boat CruSteak 'in dinner

    You should get crab boat crew cooks on the show and see the cool stuff they make to keep going. CruSteak 'in is king crab meat wrapped in steak then wrapped in bacon. Brown sugar rubbed on top and backed or broiled, not sure. Michael Simon will love this, I think.
  • amazing

    I just started watching one month ago and now I am hooked. The entire cast is funny and at the same time learning new culinary tips. What's great, the audience is involved. Keep it up.
  • Lea Michelle - NO TALENT!!!!

    May 21, 2014 show - guest is Lea Michelle. She has absolutely no talent and dated Cory Monheith who died of a drug OVERDOSE. She has milked the Cory Monheith (sp) thing to the point of making me vomit. No one cares if she dated a drug addict - what is our country coming to???? She has zero talent, is not good looking and her publicity people need to have their heads examined.
  • fleet week hungry people

    today May 21 you had the fleet week people on and you never fed them please tell me they got some prime rib when we were not looking.......
  • meatless monday

    I'm watching your meatless Monday show. I went vegetarian 3 years ago. The worst part is other peoples reactions when I tell them I'm vegetarian. They laugh, roll their eyes and start sending me pics of them eating meat. Why is it funny that I choose not to eat meat?
  • Let's all applaud - it's food!

    I used to watch cooking shows, but I gave them up as a NY's resolution. I stopped watching The Chew because I am heterosexual and always felt I was intruding.
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