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  • Carla Goes Tooooooo Far

    9/31 We had a couple of days when Carla put her outrageous hair up; thus clearing Clinton's view and sparing everyone from having her hair in their food. Alas, it didn't last long. Why? When Clinton is in frame, we also get half of Carla. Doesn't happen with others. Why? Congrats to Ms. Oz.

    We have seen changes in Mario's negativity; less of Clinton's Craft Corner; and Ms. Oz's initial obsession with cilium husks. Why aren't we seeing changes in Carla's loud voice, crazy behavior, hair everywhere, etc. She seems to be the subject of most negative comments and the reason some viewers are leaving.

    7/15 Love the show but Carla Hall is terrible. She is tooooooo loud and she has a tendency to make very cruel or insensitive remarks about her co-hosts. Although she pretends it was a slip of the tongue or can't understand how insensitive it was, it happens too often to be an accident. Two examples include her remark to Clinton about";knowing lots of men" ; recent comments to Michael about his smoking; and how to be cheap by using single-ply toilet paper for her guests. Her mouth is huge and most often open 2 inches from a guest or co-host--must be really offensive after eating some of the spicy/garlic rich dishes often prepared on the show. All that hair while preparing food--yuck.

    6/16/14 Glad to see that Carla is less obnoxious. Moving her to center keeps her out of Clinton's shots and her hair seems to be more in control. But the woman must be incredibly insecure--her "look at me" antics are just over the top. She doesn't need to talk over co-hosts and guests, laugh louder than anyone else, make a big fuss over guests who clearly don't know her, solicit other jobs on the air (Broadway, Dancing with the Stars, Please go or calm down.
  • Clinton and Jennifer on todays show: 5/5/14.

    Why did u have Jennifer on? She was trying to explain her "journey" with Celiac disease, and you constantly were interrupting her more or less trying to tell her to hurry up and get to the point and move on! How rude!! You did the same when she was trying to give the receipe for "French I believe it was for that. Looked delicious. If u can't be considerate with a guest--don't have them on!! Allow them ENOUGH TIME to do their thing which you had them on the show for!! I got the impression u could have cared less what she was all about as long as got done on time. Disgusting. All-in-all, I love the show and watch it most days. I just hate when you, esp. u. and the others do that.

    One year ago June 1 2013, I started my weight lost plan and today the 3 of June 2014 I have loss 90 pounds with the help of watching the CHEW and not snacking or eating when I'm not to . It helps watching everyone else enjoy cooking and eating when I can't . So a BIG THANK YOU "THE CHEW"
  • Too much Carla

    Im tired of Carla, always cutting in when people are talking. She has a loud voice and thats all you can hear, its like she needs to be noticed all the time, Carla, its NOT always about YOU!!!
  • My live cookbook

    The Chew...

    These guys are the best on TV. My go to site. Everything I have ever made from this site has been awesome. Thank you
  • Too much Carla

    Why not just call it the Carla Hall Show! Too much Carla!
  • Cape Caution crab boat CruSteak 'in dinner

    You should get crab boat crew cooks on the show and see the cool stuff they make to keep going. CruSteak 'in is king crab meat wrapped in steak then wrapped in bacon. Brown sugar rubbed on top and backed or broiled, not sure. Michael Simon will love this, I think.
  • amazing

    I just started watching one month ago and now I am hooked. The entire cast is funny and at the same time learning new culinary tips. What's great, the audience is involved. Keep it up.
  • Lea Michelle - NO TALENT!!!!

    May 21, 2014 show - guest is Lea Michelle. She has absolutely no talent and dated Cory Monheith who died of a drug OVERDOSE. She has milked the Cory Monheith (sp) thing to the point of making me vomit. No one cares if she dated a drug addict - what is our country coming to???? She has zero talent, is not good looking and her publicity people need to have their heads examined.
  • fleet week hungry people

    today May 21 you had the fleet week people on and you never fed them please tell me they got some prime rib when we were not looking.......
  • meatless monday

    I'm watching your meatless Monday show. I went vegetarian 3 years ago. The worst part is other peoples reactions when I tell them I'm vegetarian. They laugh, roll their eyes and start sending me pics of them eating meat. Why is it funny that I choose not to eat meat?
  • Let's all applaud - it's food!

    I used to watch cooking shows, but I gave them up as a NY's resolution. I stopped watching The Chew because I am heterosexual and always felt I was intruding.
  • Carla

    Go Away Please! You are so annoying.
  • I think all you guys are great

    hi my name is Ursula! i real like your show .i learn a lot from . i like to find Mario Batali Greek cookie recipe. and my congratulation to Daphne Oz l and her husband for the baby. and happy Birthday to Carla. thank you ursula
  • Getting to be ENOUGH ALREADY

    I have no confidence that anything will be done but I can't watch the show any more!!!! Mario is arrogant beyond Mr. KnowItAll. Carla has resorted to "talking ghetto". I can't stand the ghetto accent that she seems to have adopted. She seems to need to be the center of attention because along with the accent is obnoxious loudness. And though I love Michael laugh sends chills through my body. I hate to do it but I just can't any more. When I get annoyed more than being entertained it's time to move on.
  • "I Heard It Through The Grapevine!"

    My Mom (Nonie -- because her mother was Nona) used raisins and red currants in her meatball recipe. They were Dad's (Papa, Pop and Poppy's) favorite ingredient and I still use them today. I'm looking forward to trying Mario's recipe for Stuffed Cabbage. Thank you -- and I LOVE all of you. You have the MOST entertaining show on television.
  • I think all you guys are great

    I would love yo say how much I love your show . I clap and lol all the time u are the best Love your recipes I try lots of them and my hubby like them to he get wat I make lol. But what to send hugs to all of you from Sharon Hutt in Edmonton Canada. <3
  • Why Do They All Have To Scream So Much?!

    Why do all the cast members, particularly Clinton, Carla and Michael have to scream all the time? It's a freaking *talk* show about cooking, not the Beatles on Ed Sullivan . It's so forced and obnoxious how they make them act so loud and manic during every segment. Carla has to yell over top of everyone else constantly, to try and be the center of attention, and Michael Symon always acts like he's constipated and taking the biggest dump of his life when he's screaming out some cooking "tips". Speaking of which, who is writing the "jokes" and "tips" in the first place? It's such generic mundane "advice", are they just scraping crap off of content farms like eZineArticles or something?
  • Why in the world.....

    Is Kelly cooking in the show? They have real chefs and they put the guy that is an expert in FASHION instead!!!!

    Today, April 29, 2014 - Michael was making a dish using what he calls Ramps. I don't know where that name came from but here in Ontario Canada they are called Wild Leeks. I go out every year (except this one due to bad weather) and hand pick these luxurious tasting things. Mother Natures gift. BTW - absolutely love your show, & Welcome back Daphne - congrats on your beautiful daughter.
  • Really?!

    How about you stop talking bs about other stars(taylor) and talk more about food!
  • Is anyone listening???

    I read the comments that are left on this web page. There are numerous comments regarding Michael Simon's very annoying, extremely loud, and obnoxious laugh! Has anyone mentioned this to Michael? Hopefully he can practice some self control over this issue. I really hate his laugh so much! I thank you in advance for anything that can be done about his laugh!!!

  • feed the hungry

    That all cook shows should donate the food to homeless shelters!!! ;-)
  • I want to share my recipes!

    I would love to send you all a copy of my CookBook called Cooking Kept Me Sane! I wrote this as an homage to my late Mother who had the patience of a saint!

    Please have a look at my website and offer a new recipe free every week to all of my facebook fans and would love to be able to share my book and recipes with all of your fans! I would love to meet Mario and Michael as I am a huge fan of both!

    Thank you so much,

    Jackie Valenti
  • craft idea

    get the wooden balls from the craft store and paint them christmas colors and then paint the names of your family members on them so you have a family tree
  • Michael Simon

    I find Michael's laugh absolutely annoying that I am going to stop watching the show. He over laughs at his own comments.
  • Stop the screaming!

    I love your show. I like the way the different personalities of the hosts interact. The five of you make a really fun show. Your quirks and cloths are great, they are part of what makes the show, don't change. My only complaint is, too much fake screaming and the hosts trying to talk over it.

    Very, very annoying ( clapping is If you cut back on the screaming there would be more time for the cooking and fun stuff. Great, great show.
  • Small plates, big bites.

    Please remind Carla to close mouth, swallow food then talk. . Geez! Clinton needs to stop yelling!!!!!!!!!!

  • Run to the fun

    Love that little trot to the oven today. If I had an oven like that I would fall into it's arms as well. What brand oven is that anyway?
  • Clucks for bucks

    Just watched this episode and laughed MAO. YOUR AUDIENCE doesn't know difference between a chicken and a rooster. The male contestant end with a rooster call. Female should have won that one.




    Liked lemon chicken
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