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  • Iron Chef Bragging Rights

    Hey guys. My name is David and I just want to let you know that my mother and I love the show. She watches almost every day. For me however, being an over-the-road truck driver, I only get to tune in when I'm in town.

    We also know that both Mario and Simon are Iron Chefs... So we were discussing how neat it would be to see the two of them have an "Iron Chef" competition on The Chew, and let the audience members that sample the food, determine the winner.

    Just a thought for a future episode. Nevertheless, we will still be tuning in on a regular basis. So thank you and keep up the great work!

    David K. Wood

  • Inappropriate and unprofessional

    'The Chew' has potential for a fine cooking show. Unfortunately, Clinton Kelly is allowed inappropriate behavior by which he flaunts his gay life style openly, in your face, being inconsiderate of the rest of the cast and audience. This is not only unacceptable behavior, but obnoxious and self-imposing. You don't see the others flaunting their heterosexual lifestyles, because they have better sense. He's not cute, as he obviously thinks of himself to be. I personally don't want to see or hear about anyone's sexuality; it's just not what this program should be about. Elliot is an idiot by permitting this conduct to continue. The whole staff act as though they're 14 yr. old delinquents.
  • I Lovethe chew cast

    I love watching all the regular cast, Carla is my favorite up the good work.
  • Tasha Smith is not a suitable replacement....

    When a host is out PLEASE PLEASE do NOT USE Tasha Smith as a sub. She overpowers everyone and is not a good fit with the others. When she is on I change the channel. Tasha thinks it's the Tasha Smith show and you all let her be. She is ruining the show and causing you to loose viewers. What a shame.
  • I Love everyone of the cast members<3

    I think that this is a great show!!!!!! I am a single mom of two boys and I need to learn to cook for them!!!!!. yummy food that is not just the usual!!!!This show has shown me how to make such great meals!!!

    If they have issues then they can keep it cool so we can continue to do business because that is what is at the end of the day your bank account :) think they are all so sweet individual and who doesn't have issues at the work place makes us proud and keep it professional.

    Just saying

    No disrespect

  • Love the show but

    I love all you guys except daphne I hope she don't come back after the baby. She is rude her and Trisha talked over each other. I missed Carla but daphne needs to GO
  • Bully

    After school my 4 & 5 yr. old grand sons & I love watching The Chew while fixing lunch. Both boys enjoy being in the kitchen. Every time Clinton brags continually about winning a contest against Carla, raises his voice at Michael not doing a good job on a craft project, or makes a big deal that anyone rings the bell before he finishes his card reading, MY boys call him a BULLY. The show may not be geared for children but Clinton needs to control his arrogance. Today Michael was complimented on the way he was dressed, cutely Michael made a cute comment to Clinton. Clinton responded something like when you get a show on what not to wear we'll talk. If he reads this I can see him now blowing up and stating kids don't need to watch The Chew. Even I think he goes way over board with his attitude.... He is not the reason I watch and so enjoy the show. I Love-love-love the other four and all of the wonderful guests. Thanks for listening
  • Tasha Smith has to go!!!

    Honestly I love the show, but when Tasha Smith is on I've got to turn it off! She has an annoying voice and laugh. She looks like she is more interested in eating then contributing any cooking expertise to the show. She also does not appear to have a great deal of chemistry with some of the cast.
  • I Miss Carla Hall!

    I Love Carla Hall she is a perfect mix with the other Chefs and she is such a great cook. I often take something that she makes exactly or with a few of my modifications and its always wonderful. I really miss her. I like guests but I hope she's just on vacation, or filming someplace. She's wonderful and we miss her, please bring her back! As for the other commenter, they don't know 1 how hard this job is and 2 how difficult it is to get a good representative cross section of people who are amazing cooks. I love Clinton and his crafts and Mario's Einstein wardrobe. I love Dafs heathy options and Michaels - whats not to like.. I love all of you guys!! ABC, please leave the show as it is, the hosts are wonderful including Carla, we are in a nation of uneducated people with internet access, don't let that get in the way of this high quality funny, brilliant well directed, written and hosted show!
  • You're getting ready to lose a viewer.

    I find Tasha Smith so obnoxious. Please get her off the show and keep her off. I love The Chew but she has to go, or I do.
  • Tasha Smith

    please get Tasha Smith off of the chew. her voice is terrible I can't stand listening to her
  • host are loud mouths

    Hate these loud mouth females you are hvng on your show for three weeks now
  • What is going on at The Chew?

    Last week we had to deal with NeNe Leakes and this week it's Tasha Smith? Is it ghetto girl month at the chew? This isn't a racial comment, the show just had Nia Long on who was great, professional and courteous. But NeNe and Tasha Smith? What benefit do they bring to the show? They have no background in cooking and have no manners. Constantly speaking over people in their brash, high-volume voices.

    Enough! Who's the next guest host? Honey Boo Boo's mother and a Kardashian sister? Honestly, we watch this show to escape much of the trash on television.

  • TA TA Tasha!

    I have watched almost every episode of the Chew except when on vacation on a cruise! I love the show! The dynamics of the regulars and even 99% of you guests is outstanding. But Tasha Smith is just so annoying. Please don't bring her on permanently and she could be relieved of her current duties.

  • love it

    love the show you all ht along so well togather and cover aa full range of topics. one qusstipn for you can you use a cast iron pan on a glasstop electric range thanks
  • Yikes! Are you serious about that lady co-hosting today - battle of the grandma desserts

    Ms. NeNe, appears to have a distinct taste palate whether it is on the mark, may be another discussion. I simply find her rude with her 'honest' comments. She does not cook, she has no constructive feedback to offer, (likely because she doesn't know anything about cooking) and hails coming from the South as a qualification with which to critique I wonder how much Southerners feel she represents them! If Mario or Michael, can say they like something, it seems surreal to hear the comment she made about the rice pudding to the Columbian grandmother. What a shame, for the show; Ms. NeNe may be too arrogant to know how ashamed she should be.

    I enjoy the Chew, the brilliance, humility and humour of Mario & Michael, Carla's passion and baking savvy, Daphne's sweetness and health angle, and Clinton's energy and humour. A real nice mix of discourse, banter, and food & lifestyle info from a a cast who have found a good chemistry (something that was not as apparent at the show's outset). Each time this lady is on the show, I believe it is a mistake as she neither enhances nor complements the existing mix

    If I were watching the Chew for the first time today, I would never watch again. Assuming a rating of 1 is low, and 10 is high:
  • Clinton Kelly

    I am so sick of CK, he is obnoxious and rude. Has to be in charge and controlling, It is to the point that I will not be watching any more even though I enjoy the other four. CK has been condescending toward more than M Symon, his tweets are more than sickening for his attitude. I do not see why they have him cooking when they have three real chefs on the show? If he wants craft run it once a week or so and put in Stone as a regular. I am never going to buy my wife the Chew book(s). Not happy with the choices of who is running the on air show and how they respond to is not a
  • Bye bye Tasha or Bye Bye The Chew

    I agree with another reviewer, Ne Ne and Tasha are not appropriate for The Chew. Tasha is so loud and over the top, I try to fast forward through. It may just be easier to skip it when they are on. Who is Tasha, anyway?
  • Love the show, but ...

    ... have had to switch channels since these screamy, raspy attention whores have popped onto the scene. I'll be back when I don't have to listen to that anymore.
  • PLEASE keep Tasha Smith off The Chew!! Okayyyy?

    Please don't invite the ever annoying Tasha Smith back to the show! You are seriously losing viewers, myself included, due to her. She has the most annoying voice I have ever heard. She sounds like a screechy, hard of hearing 90 yr old woman. She yells and talks over the other hosts ,constantly interrupts everyone, and is an attention hog. Not to mention, it is not cute the way she has to constantly say "okayyyyy?". When I see she is on, I change the channel immediately. I love your show. It used to be my favorite. Now, not so much. Please listen to your fans and don't invite that annoying woman back ever again.
  • Tasha and Ne Ne Are NO GOOD

    What the heck? Tasha Smith almost everyday on the Chew? If not her, Ne Ne? Are the producers of this show tying to lose viewers?

    Look at the reviews below - I'm not alone! Both are two loud, and not right for this show! What are they thinking!!!

    I watched thurs and fri with ne ne it was the two best episodes ever. I know why, Carla Hall was not there!!! that big mouth of hers NEVER shuts up. and she sticks her face in everywhere. I just fast forward thru her segments because she is so pathetic for attention, and the dancing please go work at dancing with the stars BACKSTAGE!!! I do not know anyone who can stomach her.. What about Sunny Anderson if its a black person you need.
  • ne ne a no no

    i used to be a regular now i am not ne ne i hope apologized to the grandmother off camera, i love her in the reality relm but this does not carry over to daytime, tasha smith needs to tone it down, and carla hall needs to be less in your they are together it is a toxic stew i hope the producers are reading these comments and the ones on facebook
  • Zachary Levi---Such a gentleman!

    I watched The Chew again today and was so pleased with the gentlemanly manner in which Zachary Levi acted on the show. His demeanor was such that any mother would be proud to claim him as her son: nicely dressed, polite, having him cooking with Michael!

    And then, NeNe came on, loud and opinionated, and I changed channels. I wanted to leave today's show (11/8/13) with a smile on my face and the Star Spangled Banner on my lips. (smile)
  • Your invited cohost- NeNe

    I never do this but I have no idea why you would invite her to be on your show, she is so negative and arrogant, I was so surprised to see you have her on again today, I am about ready to turn off the TV. I love your show, please don't invite her back!
  • NeNe a big NO NO!!!!!

    I watch The Chew religiously! I love how the hosts' personalities compliment each other, their senses of humor and their expertise. I ALSO love how the show focuses on the love of food and how it brings people together. I watch the show and just feel good. That's why I HAVE to say how disgusted I am at your choice of fill in Co-host; NeNe Leakes!!! She's arrogant, completely self absorbed and utterly rude. Her, "I'm better than everyone else" attitude may get people to watch her and her "Housewives", (as if they're like any real housewife in America) but it does NOT belong on an incredibly enjoyable, positive show like The Chew. If you're going to have an arrogant, intolerable fill-in co-host, AT LEAST have them be a food expert who deserves to be a little arrogant because they can pass on some knowledge to the viewers!! Having annoying, self made "celebrities who insult your other guests is NOT going to serve your show well. Tell the people who book your talent to select the personalities of your fill-ins more carefully. Just because someone is considered a celebrity on another network for snapping their fingers and telling off their "friends", doesn't mean they're going to bring Nielsen numbers to The Chew!!! Your viewership, no matter what their demographics, watches The Chew for the laughter, love of food and likeability of your hosts and guests. I shouldn't want to smack your fill-in across the face after watching your show! Keep booking people like NeNe, and I, along with thousands of other viewers who give you your ratings, WILL STOP WATCHING!!!
  • rude and sad

    What ashame how this show went down today,how rude was she when she told that poor lady that her rice pudding was no good , you all should be ashamed,if your gonna have her back , put a muzzle on SAD.
  • Not funny!

    I stumbled onto the Chew today and saw something that I thought to be very unkind. Parents were "teasing" children about taking away their Halloween candy just to see their reaction. The children burst into tears and the audience laughed. It's the parents that buy the costume and encourage the child to say "Trick or Treat" and "don't forget to say thank you". and escort them from house to house telling them how cute they are. It's not cute to tease a child like that, break their heart, and show it on TV. That's bullying!!!!
  • Thanksgiving battle of the sexes

    Today's show 11/5/13 with C vs C was the best show yet. Keep 'em coming. I really got hysterical when Clinton lifted up his shirt for more points! And it worked!
  • More celebrity Screaching

    We watch The Chew every day and record it when not able to watch live. Please tell us that Tasha Smith

    is not going to replace Daphne for maternity leave. She (Tasha) is the most irritating person every

    to appear on any TV Show. Do not do it.
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