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  • comments on Paula Deen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying everything I've been thinking about Paula. I have watched her for years on different shows and always thought highly of her. Please let her friends know how important it is for everyone who loves her to speak up!

  • Carla

    She talks too much with or without food in her mouth. I'm tired of her comments while she's eating. Rude.
  • The truth about the Chew

    This is just my opinion. For some reason, some of my typed words don't appear when I click "submit" but I'm posting any way. Hopefully, it makes some sense:) I first loved this show but as I watch the second season, I've noticed a few really annoying themes. Mario, a wonderful chef no doubt, but his wardrobe needs a serious makeover!!! Very tired of looking at the same pink shirt, weird vest with shorts. AND the same ORANGE shoes!!. Every day. FOR SURE he has enough money to buy TV appropriate clothes. I think he really believes he's a Shakespearean actor with his weird over annunciation of words and over dramatic sense of self. It's a distraction from the cooking, and this is a cooking show, right? Which brings me to Clinton's and his crafts. Huh?? They do NOT belong on a cooking show and though some of them are cute, who's really gonna buy materials to make that stuff. I think Daphne is a gorgeous girl and I worry for her that she's put on so much weight. She wrote a book about healthy eating ( which few of the dishes on this show qualify) . It's a contradiction and her dad is Dr. Oz. but, the annoying thing is that I've noticed she eats so fast. Then I thought, maybe she's pregnant which would be awesome for her but apparently, she's not. Watching someone cram food in their mouth like they haven't eaten in days makes me loose my appetite. SLOW down girl. Carla is sweet but very annoying. I've lost count of how many times she makes a huge deal that she " doesn't drink alcohol". So what. Why mention this 3x a week? Weird to me. Michael is great EXCEPT that LAUGH. I love his happy energy and he's an amazing chef but, my GOD! I have to mute the TV. Sorry for the negativity but some of these things can be changed. Such as, Clinton's obnoxious vanity issues (leave them in your dressing room), creating healthier dishes on occasion, Mario's wardrobe. i will buy the man new shoes, a pair of jeans and a nice shirt that looks more professional. I don't want to see his huge belly when I'm tying to eat lunch. I think there has become a "disconnect" between all of the hosts, a change in the dynamics that makes the show less appealing, therefore, I don't watch it as much. I'm sure producers want to hear what the public thinks. Here's one opinion, right or wrong.
  • Going over the hill ...

    Have really liked The Chew until ... recently it seems to want to be the Clinton Kelly Show, and he is becoming fairly obnoxious and full of himself ... getting sick of him ... agree with Superfluous Segment comments ...
  • Superfluous Segment

    I really enjoy almost everything about this show, I enjoy most of the hosts and most of the segments. I even enjoy Carla and Simon even though their laughs are sometimes annoying. The only problem that I have is with Clinton and his craft segment. First, I believe that the craft segment does not belong on The Chew as it takes precious time away from food segments which I assume is the prime purpose of this show. Second, I believe that Clinton is much too obviously vein about his looks and appears annoyed when something is jokingly said about it. This review would be a 10 without Clinton and the Craft segment.
  • love this show

    I really don't like talk shows but I love this show. I laugh out loud watching it and have told my friends it's a can't miss show.
  • Get rid of Carla so I can watch the show again.

    when I first started watching the show I loved it and always got great ideas for recipes. Lately all I see is Italian or bbq which I like neither. Also I am to a point I turn on the show and when Carla pipes in with her loud obnoxious self I have to turn it off. I think if you replace her things could get better because she thinks she is so funny and she is so not.
  • More recipes and cooking.

    More recipes and cooking, less games, please!!!!
  • Peruvian fan!!

    I really enjoy every episode ,it seems that you are having lots of fun while working and the chemistry between you guys is refreshing.

    The recipes and tips very useful and usually easy .

    If you guys never had Peruvian you should try it is delicious and very diverse .

    Loveeeeee you show ,keep up he good work.

  • Razzing

    I watch your show and enjoy it very much. But I want to know if Clinton and Simon are truly razzing each other in jest or do they really not like each other/

  • The Kelly Show and Why I would not watch it.

    I feel The Chew should be called The Kelly Show because he seems to run everything. Also I really do not care about Glamor Magazine or Kelly Questions. I feel he hurts the show.

  • not what i was expecting..

    So, I went to a taping of your show The Chew yesterday May 7, 2013 and I have to say I was not impressed. After a long train ride into the city I stood on a line out side the abc studio for about 45 to 50 minutes. Finally after entering the studio we were handed tickets with numbers on them and then once again directed to a room up the stairs where we waited for approximately another 45 minutes with barely enough chairs to seat even a fourth of the audience members. When they started letting people into the recording studio they would call out number in order from 1-20 and so on.. once we were seated we were treated like brainless monkeys. They told us when to clap and oooh and awe. Even during commercial breaks we were made to clap along to some ridiculous songs and if you did not cooperate you were pointed out by the "comedian" who poked fun at you or embarrassed you in some slight way. After frying under the spot lights and clapping like a ***ed seal for what felt like hours it was finally over. After all the waiting and agitation I felt like all this wasting of my valuable time and money had hardly been worth it. Needless to say I will never watch your show again. You all seemed very phony and ruined my experience.
  • Kidney Failure and on Dialysis.

    I do dialysis 3 days a week and 4 hours each time,on your show would you share and cook recipes for dialysis patience,I watch the Chew when I'am doing the dialysis at the You Gayle Davis from Albany on disabilities and on low income and u
  • Summertime

    Can you tell me the name of the mfg - 2nd Bathing suit shown - Larger Breast

    and Carla - You go Girl!
  • So full of himself!!!

    Like the show, but can't stand Mario's condescending attitude. He is Sooo full of himself and it is so annoying to watch. I like Clinton the best and usually Simon, except when he starts laughing uncontrollably or repeating silly words. I've found other things to watch at that time, however, because Mario is such a turn off!
  • Love the show <3

    My name is Kelly Burch & I watch your show every day at 12 pm Central time & I just love love love your show I can't pick which one of you I like the best because I like all of you & I would appreciate it if you would send me an autographed picture of the five of you.

    Your Faithful Viewer,

    Kelly Burch
  • LOVE the CHEW!

    I LOVE the CHEW! I love the chemistry between ALL of the hosts! I try never to miss it and dvr it. Love the information, crafts and recipes. Everyone brings something to the program. Thanks for making me laugh. I received the CHEW book for Christmas. Hope you come out with another. Could you tell where you got the cherry button for the cupcake ornaments that Clinton made? Keep up the good work I Love you! Best Regards Ms. Terry

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs and a big glass of milk!

    I totally agree! When I was a kid, every school night, we had to have milk with our dinner. Anything with a lot of tomato base, we needed that glass of milk! I too, to this day, have to have my big glass of milk! My two young sons are no different. i love the show and look forward to new recipes to make for my kids! They love it!
  • Not impressed with the choices on recipes... :(

    Its obviously showing the results of your choices on The Chew. I want to watch a show with healthier choices. Its also kind of gross to watch Mario, I think, the big fat guy. Plus hes always wearing the same pink pants and vest. If anything it reveals too much of him. Simon, too. He used to be hot to anymore!!! Very disappointed with your show. Id rather watch the Zimmern guy on The Travel show.
  • Daphney Oz

    A comment to Daphney - PLEASE talk slower!! Sometimes you talk so fast I can't follow what you're Dad talks the same way too. I love this show, but that would be one negative comment - and I DO like her!!!
  • Cooking with the Chew at Home

    I think you should give the ingredients you will be using on the next show to viewers so they can cook along with you at home!
  • 2 reasons I cannot bear to watch this show

    1) The show goes against everything Clinton Kelly espoused in what not to wear. Don't be literal. Don't wear a christmas sweater, but rather something festive. Yet on this show everything the cast wears is a literal interpretation of the theme. Stupid.

    2) Carla Hall is obnoxious
  • Yumminess

    Hi, love the ideas for everyone! I'm curious if any or all of you take cholesterol lowering medicine? Please be honest Jeanne
  • The Burger Bash, Pride Driven Expletives

    It seems so common place these days that throwing in a swear word here and there is part of the norm. Yet, on the Chew it is very uncommon to hear swear words. Today Simon chose to banter the word "ass", and then Carla did as well. Is there really a need for it in the presentation of anything? I say no. There are many other ways to describe a subject matter without common cursing. It is very unbecoming anyone's use, especially media celegrities.
  • show time


    I watch or record your show each day and I really enjoy it. However I still don't understand why Dallas, TX runs a day late, it is very frustration. The holiday specials you have before the holiday we get the day after and it is really annoying. I don't understand why we have to receive it a day late, it makes no sense. I have written to both The Chew and ABC about this but it appears that no one really cares since there have been no changes...
  • Favorite pies!

    I do watch your show every chance I get by the way! Although I like most of the pies you mentioned, I love "Sweet Potato Pie". I can not be the only person that does!
  • Amazed

    I watch your show very often and love the receipes and ideas I get. One thing I'm amazed at however is that with all the different receipes of all kinds, healthy, easy, cheap, is that you don't have any for low sodium. What's up with that. You have lots of healthy but none specific to low sodium. I am one of two in my home where it's a huge issue. Can you add some please?



    Orlando, Fl
  • Daily Watcher

    I enjoy your show almost on a daily basis; one of my favorites! It is frustrating though that it airs a day behind. Today is Feb 15th and it is airing the 14th on Direct TV. Feel "like a day late and a dollar short" especially on special occasions!!
  • Clinton's cheesecake

    Made Clinton's cheesecake for valentines day and it was wonderful !!!!
  • spicy

    Does all your food have to add spice to it. I can not have spicy food and some of your food that I would like to try you have to add spicy produts or mushroom, yuck. What else can you
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