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  • This show is GREAT!

    I love how diverse everyone is on this show, it reminds me that being different from your friends is great because each person has something to add to the table. Keep doing what you are doing guys! this has brought my family together, we all gather around the tv to see what we will learn today and who will make us laugh the most. Thanks for being yourselves on the show! You all are great :D

    While reading some of the comments I realized how different we all are, I too didn't want to see another cooking show however this crew is what makes it fun for me to watch. Coming from a large family one learns to accept the pro's and con's and if someone is cooking for me then they're my chef. I enjoy the show even if they're not professional actors.
  • Spicey Spagetti Marinara a la Swiss Style

    I saw your spaghetti Marina. I learned a similar one from Swiss Lady. Half a bottle of whisky , then fill it with hot chillies , then put a one finger Olive Oil. Then keep aside. Whenever you wish to do spaghetti

    ingredients- bacon, some Ham, cut onto small pieces like you did, add garlic and a spoon of the mixture from the bottle after shaking whiskey and oil mix) . The spaghetti will have a different hot taste. Enjoy ;
  • Clinton Kelly loud and inappropriate !

    I love The Chew most of the time, but someone needs to tone down Clinton Kelly! He is loud, rude, inappropriate and bossy! When he tries to tell trained Chefs how to cook it annoys me to no end! He is not a Chef, no matter how much he thinks he is. All he can do is mix drinks. The show would be a lot better if they found a new, less obnoxious host.

    Do the people that run The Chew Show, read these reviews? Who hired TASHA? That's got to be the most annoying, obnoxious, loud mouth on TV. I loved The Chew but enough is enough. There are enough reviews in favor of getting rid of TASHA. DO YOU WANT TO LOSE THE WHOLE SHOW OR JUST GET RID OF THE PROBLEM. I can't watch that person. LOUD, LOUD,LOUD and she adds nothing to the show. HERE GOES ANOTHER FORMER FAN OF THE CHEW.
  • No More Tasha

    I am a huge fan of the CHEW. I watch everyday on my lunch break and love the whole CHEW crew. Karla, Michael, Dahpne, Mario, and my favorite Clinton bring their own unique personality to the show and I think they are all fabulous! I have not had any problems with other guests or guest hosts, but Tasha Smith is so annoying, her voice is overpowering and I just can't stand to watch. I love this show so much and hate to see it ruined with Tasha Smith. Please No more Tasha!!
  • Tasha Smith

    Love love love this show, but have to shut it down she's ANNOYING

  • Michael Symon's laugh

    Michael Symon sounds like the ghost's from the 70's cartoon 'The Groovie Ghoulies'
  • Can't stand

    I keep trying to give the show a chance because I know people that like it and I'm from Cleveland so I would like to try and be a Michael Symon fan. However I absolutely cannot stand it. Michael Symon is beyond obnoxious and I would rather be deaf than have to listen to his laugh one more time. He talk over everyone constantly and makes corny jokes out of everything. I think just so we can hear himself laugh.
  • The best cooking etc show ever.

    I watch THE CHEW every day, I love everyone on this show. You make me laugh and cry, not at the same time. The cast goes together and don't change . all I can say it is the best show ever.
  • Mario

    I've watched a couple of times, and I have think it would be a decent show without Mario Batali. I've always considered him extremely arrogant, and it really shows in this setting. Michael Simon is a great cook, and a nice humble guy, pairing him with Mario doesn't work very well.
  • Show title/Cast

    just a few quick that the show puts more emphasis on "crafts" than actual cooking or food related issues. I have a lot of respect for Mario Batali and is the main reason i watch, but feel that some of this banter and craft stuff is somehow degrading. Same for Michael. there are enough craft and women's shows on daytime don't need another one. Carla needs to chill seems to have a bit of a chip on her shoulder for some reason and goes way overboard. I am still trying to figure out why Clinton is on this show.
  • how do I

    search for recipes?
  • Chrismas Cookie show

    Don't know who put you guys together but they picked all winners. Think maybe they could be loaned out to pick a congress that could get along and produce results that are as satisfying as your Mario- The consumate Italian food historian- You may not remember all the ingredients but you will remember the Simon - Earthy and substantial cooking with a huge touch of class "Americana Oz - Organic, keeps us reminded of balance, fresness and moderation in our culinary enjoyment. Karla - Just the right touch of Craziness with great cooking instincts, wild but relatable. Keep up the good work. Chauncey
  • Great cast and good ideas

    The Chew is my favorite daytime show, The cast are fabulous, they all seem to get along well with each other, they are hilarious and I love the tips and ideas they provide, Good Job!!!!!
  • Iron Chef Bragging Rights

    Hey guys. My name is David and I just want to let you know that my mother and I love the show. She watches almost every day. For me however, being an over-the-road truck driver, I only get to tune in when I'm in town.

    We also know that both Mario and Simon are Iron Chefs... So we were discussing how neat it would be to see the two of them have an "Iron Chef" competition on The Chew, and let the audience members that sample the food, determine the winner.

    Just a thought for a future episode. Nevertheless, we will still be tuning in on a regular basis. So thank you and keep up the great work!

    David K. Wood

  • Inappropriate and unprofessional

    'The Chew' has potential for a fine cooking show. Unfortunately, Clinton Kelly is allowed inappropriate behavior by which he flaunts his gay life style openly, in your face, being inconsiderate of the rest of the cast and audience. This is not only unacceptable behavior, but obnoxious and self-imposing. You don't see the others flaunting their heterosexual lifestyles, because they have better sense. He's not cute, as he obviously thinks of himself to be. I personally don't want to see or hear about anyone's sexuality; it's just not what this program should be about. Elliot is an idiot by permitting this conduct to continue. The whole staff act as though they're 14 yr. old delinquents.
  • I Lovethe chew cast

    I love watching all the regular cast, Carla is my favorite up the good work.
  • Tasha Smith is not a suitable replacement....

    When a host is out PLEASE PLEASE do NOT USE Tasha Smith as a sub. She overpowers everyone and is not a good fit with the others. When she is on I change the channel. Tasha thinks it's the Tasha Smith show and you all let her be. She is ruining the show and causing you to loose viewers. What a shame.
  • I Love everyone of the cast members<3

    I think that this is a great show!!!!!! I am a single mom of two boys and I need to learn to cook for them!!!!!. yummy food that is not just the usual!!!!This show has shown me how to make such great meals!!!

    If they have issues then they can keep it cool so we can continue to do business because that is what is at the end of the day your bank account :) think they are all so sweet individual and who doesn't have issues at the work place makes us proud and keep it professional.

    Just saying

    No disrespect

  • Love the show but

    I love all you guys except daphne I hope she don't come back after the baby. She is rude her and Trisha talked over each other. I missed Carla but daphne needs to GO
  • Bully

    After school my 4 & 5 yr. old grand sons & I love watching The Chew while fixing lunch. Both boys enjoy being in the kitchen. Every time Clinton brags continually about winning a contest against Carla, raises his voice at Michael not doing a good job on a craft project, or makes a big deal that anyone rings the bell before he finishes his card reading, MY boys call him a BULLY. The show may not be geared for children but Clinton needs to control his arrogance. Today Michael was complimented on the way he was dressed, cutely Michael made a cute comment to Clinton. Clinton responded something like when you get a show on what not to wear we'll talk. If he reads this I can see him now blowing up and stating kids don't need to watch The Chew. Even I think he goes way over board with his attitude.... He is not the reason I watch and so enjoy the show. I Love-love-love the other four and all of the wonderful guests. Thanks for listening
  • Tasha Smith has to go!!!

    Honestly I love the show, but when Tasha Smith is on I've got to turn it off! She has an annoying voice and laugh. She looks like she is more interested in eating then contributing any cooking expertise to the show. She also does not appear to have a great deal of chemistry with some of the cast.
  • I Miss Carla Hall!

    I Love Carla Hall she is a perfect mix with the other Chefs and she is such a great cook. I often take something that she makes exactly or with a few of my modifications and its always wonderful. I really miss her. I like guests but I hope she's just on vacation, or filming someplace. She's wonderful and we miss her, please bring her back! As for the other commenter, they don't know 1 how hard this job is and 2 how difficult it is to get a good representative cross section of people who are amazing cooks. I love Clinton and his crafts and Mario's Einstein wardrobe. I love Dafs heathy options and Michaels - whats not to like.. I love all of you guys!! ABC, please leave the show as it is, the hosts are wonderful including Carla, we are in a nation of uneducated people with internet access, don't let that get in the way of this high quality funny, brilliant well directed, written and hosted show!
  • You're getting ready to lose a viewer.

    I find Tasha Smith so obnoxious. Please get her off the show and keep her off. I love The Chew but she has to go, or I do.
  • Tasha Smith

    please get Tasha Smith off of the chew. her voice is terrible I can't stand listening to her
  • host are loud mouths

    Hate these loud mouth females you are hvng on your show for three weeks now
  • What is going on at The Chew?

    Last week we had to deal with NeNe Leakes and this week it's Tasha Smith? Is it ghetto girl month at the chew? This isn't a racial comment, the show just had Nia Long on who was great, professional and courteous. But NeNe and Tasha Smith? What benefit do they bring to the show? They have no background in cooking and have no manners. Constantly speaking over people in their brash, high-volume voices.

    Enough! Who's the next guest host? Honey Boo Boo's mother and a Kardashian sister? Honestly, we watch this show to escape much of the trash on television.

  • TA TA Tasha!

    I have watched almost every episode of the Chew except when on vacation on a cruise! I love the show! The dynamics of the regulars and even 99% of you guests is outstanding. But Tasha Smith is just so annoying. Please don't bring her on permanently and she could be relieved of her current duties.

  • love it

    love the show you all ht along so well togather and cover aa full range of topics. one qusstipn for you can you use a cast iron pan on a glasstop electric range thanks
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