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  • Bring back my All my Children

    This show could of gone any where but at my time slot for all my children...bring it back don't care why it went off just bring it back. If the writer retired get a new one, just bring it back. The show Chew is okay but not a real fan I just turn it on there waiting for my othe soap to come on. Come on dont we have enough coking shows on already. What a disappointmnt this is.

  • Worst daytime show ever

    The cast has zero chemistry. The 'fun' is forced and stiff. Oddly, on other shows I like Micheal, Mario and Clinton, but they do not mesh well at all. Sorry, to be blunt but Carla is worse than nails on a chalkboard and Dr.Oz's daughter is so forgettable, I can't even remember her name.

    Seriously ABC, if you're going to cancel an institution like All My Children, please have the common sense to replace it with something even remotely watchable. The Chew is not.
  • Just awful

    This show is very hard to stomach The hosts ate ALL annoying, especially Mario Batelle. We do not need a show that promotes obesity. It is already a big problem in this country. I have had more than enough. I would not even give it a .5 rating, but that was the lowest available.
  • Why didn't the chew find another network to show their blame cooking!!!!

    HA" HA"!!! Arn't you People!, just to funny!!!!..Cause i truly hate! this Chew Show more then anything in this whole world, and will never ever watch the show... that is doing nothing but pushing people to eat- eat -eat -eat ,and get fatter and fatter and fatter everday .. and i will never figure out what ABC Was ever thinking when they took our SOAPS off the air just to put that silly food show on OURRRRR Daytime shows (Air- time slot )_ just causes people to wanna eat and whats really FUNNY is that how ( Michelle Obama) is always preaching to us every day how we all eat shuch fating foods and is taking everything fatting out of the schools from our kids and stuff to teach them to not eat so much and to eat healthy and that heartless show the Chew steels our soaps Daytime time-slot and teach people otherwise ,and to cook cook cook more and more fatting food food food and to eat- eat -eat -eat ..well i call that just plan stupid.. And whats more i can't see why you heartless , carless Chew people could just sit there and let ABC replace OUR longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time very much so loved and watched Soaps off the air just to sadisfy you guys! by letting you guys have the soaps Daytime- time -slot ..just so ya'll can be happy and take our shows spot, just for a fatting silly food show ...HOW RUDE ,Of you People to do that to us..couldn't you of found it in your hearts to know that you wasn't doing nothing but hurtting and breaking the hearts of people that truly loved and watched them soaps for as long as they been living and as well as the Parents and Grandperents of some of us ,,NO!!!! you must of didn't care! ,just as long as they took it off for you to find a time slot ..heck you didn't care at all!!!! .. but looks like you people would of thaught about that junk!!! and said No!!!! not gonna let you people of ABC do that to them longtime soap fans NO!! ..Not going as far as to take off them peoples show ..and you shoulda had the heart enough to of told them that ..and also of said and if it takes removing them long time well loved soaps, just to put on our show .then we will not let you do that!!!, and break sooooooo many hearts of the fans that love there soaps so much , just to replace their saops with the chew show, if you can't find room some-wheres-else on ABC then we can look for another network elswheres ..HA!!!!!!! Yeah!!!! that would of been the most "Palite" thing to of done!! since we all was so well dedicated to our soaps ..then maybe they wouldn't of did that crap to Us!!! , and you could of told them!! and did whatever it took to make them to Decide Not!!! to take OFF our SOAPS ,and intil you can find away to talk them into bringing our soaps back!!!! then all us soap fans will never be watching your cooking show no matter what network or time slot you GO On....everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...And as for NOW!!! Lights out on your show for me and all soap fans till the day your show dies or we get our SOAPS BACK and you find either another time-slot or network for your show!! just cause its your fault!! you let them do that to our soaps.. Cause you just sit there and let them kill OFFFFFF OUR SOAPS!!! just to replace them with yours.. That was veryyyyy wrong and very much so Rude!!!! , So I as Well AS LOTTTTTS OF MORE PEOPLE!! VERY MUSH SO HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Cause our soaps was well long time loved and watched!! till you came along with that silly cooking crap!!!!! Further more if i'd of wanted to take a cooking class! I'd went to cooking school to of done so!!!!! or of orderd a cook book!!!!
  • The show is a GOOD IDEA but the HOSTS are NOT SO ENTERTAINING!

    Clinton should be DRESSING someone on a fashion show, Daphney is CUTE but thats about it, Carla .well....Carla....who the HELL is she? She eats like a pig....close your mouth. Mario may be a good cook but you'd never know it on this show.....he looks like a slob....put some pants on, cut AND WASH the hair and get rid of those shoes....You're a grown man.

    SAD..........SAD........BORRRRRRRRRRRING SHOW!!!!!!!!!
  • Daphne Oz

    I guess the show has finally seen the light! Daphne Oz will not be on the show anymore. Now, if something could be done about Mario. I know a makeover is out of the question and maybe he thinks the diner fry cook look is cute but he is wrong. Wash your hair, Mario. Iron your shirts and shorts. And quit chewing with your mouth open! You don't have to ditch the Crocs. I know they are comfy when you are on your feet all day but maybe get some new ones.
  • The show it's self

    I think the should get rid of Clinton he is no more then an alcoholic. All he ever wants to do is make a cocktail he need to sign up for rehab and then go to AA. I also think that Clintons craft corner is stupid a huge waste of time. Then you have Daphne who ads not one thing to the show. The she dresses terrible and her hair is always a mess. Then we can move on to Carla she is not a chef and i get so tired of her saying this is my jam. She is not a dancer although she thinks she is but i have news for her she isn't. Now lets move onto to Mario he is a pig in the kitchen and he just babbles on and on. And i read that at one time he had stolen money from his employees not sure it's true but i did read that. The only chefs on this show are Michael and Mario. The show is called the Chew so get chefs on there not home cooks. You would think that Gordon Elliott would read all these reviews and make some major changes but i guess he doesn't care what the viewers think. I think it was very funny no one would talk to Carla on the red carpet. Jason Bateman kept his back to her. Denzel never talked to her. She is a nobody still cant figure out why shethinks she belonged on the red carpet. I have never laughed so hard. And for a recovering alcoholic she sure does drink a lot on the show. I think they should all go but Michael. Carla is a liar says sheveats her alcohol i have seen her drink many times on the show. I think she is an alcoholic just like drunk Clinton. I also dont think she knows how to cook or adds anything to the show. And Mario is just a pig. Not sure why these comments aren't read and something done with the show.
  • The Chew needs to GO!

    The most obnoxious people I have ever seen. I tried to watch it and the cackling self important hosts" voices pierve uourvears like an amber alert.
  • Mario is a dick.

    They really need to get rid of Mario and his MASSIVE ego. All he does is make condescending remarks about the others and act like they know nothing compared to him. In today's episode ( 04-12-2017 ) he makes a comment almost under his breath to Carla " way to backpedal " when she is explaining why she sometimes doesn't want to cook at home. Most of the recipes he makes are uninteresting compared to any of the others ( except for maybe Daphne ) . He ALWAYS ruins what is an otherwise great show.
  • Daphne needs to GO!

    I have watched the CHEW on and off for a long time and Daphne used to be nice, friendly etc. Now she acts like she is too good to be on the show, she is in constant "eye roll" phase and looks like she hates her co-workers or anything they cook. Get her off! Do yourselves a favor
  • Chew On This...

    The show is off track and has become about Michael, Mario, and their constant lusting after Clinton. Mario needs to stop being gross with his nasty eating habits of licking his fingers, double dipping and crap left on his face. Michael and his " Uncle Clinty or Little Buddy" is sickening. Bobby Flay was right about Michael being the one to laugh at his own jokes. That guy needs to have his vocal cords checked for polyps he is too raspy probably from smoking. Mario can't seem to cook without pasta and cheese. Michael is a better Chef than Mario in my opinion. Carla Hall is funny and entertaining. I wish she had her own show. Daphne doesn't add a whole lot to the show but once in awhile has good ideas. Clinton is boring with needing to have a drink on every show. He needs AA. Stop the lusting Michael and Mario for Clinton on the show and just get a room already. We stopped watching about a week ago and it feels right.
  • stop constantly looking at the camera!

    daphne, the camera is not always looking at you! stop constantly looking to see if the camera is on you! it's so annoying!
  • Daphne Oz

    I watched the show today, November 28, 2016. Daphne Oz had on a dress so short that you could see her whole bottom side if she were to bend over. She either looks like a hooker or a pretend teenager on more than one occasion. Whomever handles her wardrobe should rethink it. She adds nothing to the show but useless chatter and pretense of being a food expert.
  • Runny nose cook

    I watched the show today January 11, 2017 great show. I am pretty sure Nancy is a great cook but she sniffled and wiped her nose that was not good that was nasty.. not only did she do it once but repeatly...

    not good
  • On-Air Use of Alergy Substitutes

    Not everyone can have something as simple as milk and its derivatives. The show should show more on-air use of substitutes to encourage others to know about how to cook for these types of people. Butter is not a go-all for those of us that cannot have ANY type of milk product yet the show can increase the knowledge of substitutes and how to use them especially for those people economically challenged when it comes to food choices.

    What is this comment about no beans in their Chili. My people have been around North America since the 1500s and specially within the present United States territory since the 1600s and beans are way too common an ingredient. The problem with regional recipes is that some recipes over others get accepted as THE ONE and are expected to superceed all others regardless when in fact what is acceptable is the family that has made the recipe and enjoys it. Otherwise we all would be cooking with dinosaur oil!
  • No longer a fan...

    Prior to the start of the Chew, I loved Clinton, Michael and Carla from their respective shows. I knew of Mario. Didn't know Daphne. I watched The Chew for a few months, then stopped. I couldn't stomach how Mario, Michael and Clinton treated Carla. After a long hiatus, I tuned in today (using the online site) I'm painting my daughter's bedroom and wanted to listen while painting. After 15 minutes in, I stopped listening, stopped painting and started writing this review. The multiple passive aggressive/condescending comments I heard from Mario and Michael toward Carla where too much to take. If they are that nit-picky on camera, I can only image what is said off camera. This is the first time I've ever felt the need to write a review, which (I hope) shows you the level of anger and irritation felt on my part. Go bye to The Chew
  • Experiencing The Chew

    Experiencing "The Chew"

    1. We requested "free" tickets for three, two months in advance.

    2. We were required to supply unusually detailed information required for "free" tickets.

    3. We were warned by (the ticket police we presume) that we would be ostracized and placed on the dirty guy list if we were unable to attend and did not notify twenty four hours in advance.

    4. We had to respond to a repeated request for guest names which we promptly repeated.

    5. Emails warned repeatedly not to arrive late

    6. We incurred parking, travel and costs for Long Island Railroad and Subways in order to attend on time as ordered.

    7. We arrived at 10:45AM for the 11:00AM entry for the 12:00 O'clock show and waited on line, approximately 16th in line. were then informed by an usher that we were not going to be admitted with our "Group A" confirmed tickets. No management person was sent out to inform the shivering fans of their rejection. We might understand if we were walk-ons or standbys, but not ticket holders.

    9. Just because these were "free" tickets does not give ABC and The Chew, the right to treat us like dirt. How dare you!

    10. We discovered that 8AM show attendees, who already viewed a show, were permitted to stay for the second show, and replace second show ticket holders waiting outside. Shame on you and your poor management decisions.

    11. We planned our day and travel to the city around this show. have attended numerous other shows and on other networks and have never been treated so shabbily. You have also embarrassed us in front of our guest.

    13. As a result, you can keep your "VIP" offer of a future show. Once burned, shame on you, twice burned, shame on me. We do not feel you can be trusted.

    14. You have left such a bad taste for your show that we will no longer watch it and will inform all of our acquaintances and organization members of our experience.

    Arlene and Frank Wolzein
  • Hungarian goulash

    The recipe for Hungarian goulash was way off. As,a true Hungarian it was bad , yiu have probably not had true Hungarian goulash which is a soup with vegetables...
  • Attitudes

    I use to like watching, I feel Mario acts like he is better than the rest of the crew. He always talks down to the others. Then there's Carla who has really changed and acts like she is queen. I love Michael he is a great chef!!!! Daphne is just ok. Clinton is a bit silly. I don't watch anymore but if I see Mario is gone I might flip back and forth from People's Court.
  • obnoxious Jamie Lee

    I watch the show religiously and I never felt so much animosity towards a guest as I did her. Because of her reckless nature with the granola I may stop eating it, only kidding. Although I did want to take that tiara and stick it up her was awful and extremely disrespectful. If 17 years sober makes her that way, she needs a drink.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis

    I thought Jamie Lee Curtis was rude to the whole cast. I couldn't wait for her to leave. I felt bad for Clinton. She acted like she just wanted to promote her show, and had no interest in what Clinton was doing. She has no class. I'm rating a one because there is no zero.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis

    If you ever have her on your show again, I will immediately shut it off. She was obnoxious and rude and showed very little class, wanting to talk about herself THE ENTIRE TIME. Whoever scheduled her, def didn't do their homework. Horrible!!
  • Are you smarter then a fifth grader?

    Carla and Daphne act like misbehaved little children , can't take it no more! The show would be at least watchable without them. The point is, I no longer watch the show.
  • Boring last few episodes.

    I watch this daily, but the shows from the end of July & beginning on August have been terrible.

    The choice of food being prepared has been garbage. Mario preparing mexican something with an egg on it, ugh, then Clinton dying pillow cases??? What the heck does this have to do with a food show. Below is a comment asking the Chew to remove Michael & Carla, are they kidding!1 I'm saying the person who should get removed is Clinton. He is a terrible host, has no pizazz, and spends most of his time on the show making crafts????? If you want to keep him PLEASE ask him to shave he looks very ridiculous with that beard
  • Michael and Carla are so annoying, they both need to go!

    Every episode Michael will ALWAYS bring up one or more of the following:

    Lizzy, The Browns, Cleveland, Greek. Get over yourself Michael and stop trying to be the center of attention. You and your sick laughter are disgusting, get off the show!

    Carla, you act like a clown bouncing and dancing around and no matter what anybody is cooking, you always have to make little know it all remarks on the side. You and Michael always try to compete for the spot light. You need to get off the show too!!!!
  • Cartoon or Cooking Show

    Why is this show becoming more and more like a bad joke? Very little time spent on "cooking" while more and more time spent on cartoon characters. Jokes and laughing are one thing but leave that to the Comedy Channel.. These so called Chefs are looking like amateur comedians.. No wonder show not on a cooking or food channel.. I hate that these prob great chefs are being looked at as a joke..
  • I am so full of my self

    Why does the Michael always has to add his 2cents in when Batali, Carla, or Clinton is cooking. He thinks he has to be the center of attention.
  • Mario's nasty black jacket

    i like watching the show sometimes . but one thing got me on that show . you would think that people on TV or show host would love to look great and appear very clean and in nice looking cloths ..

    but mr Mario batali seems he never got rid of that nasty looking black jacket which he wears everyday.

    is there any one who can remind him that he need to change that ? is it that cold everyday inside that place to make sure to stay warm ?

    i don't get it ,

    he need to go

  • cancel The Chew

    The Chew is a cooking show not a clown show or comedian show.

    It is very annoying to watch chefs acting like clowns or "jerks:.

    esp. Simon, he acts and dress like a homeless person is so annoying.

    I am very disappointed in you for having an admitted racist on the show. You have one of the top dramas in ABC starring a black women (Scandal) ... and you exploit Carla of the Chew to greet . at the bus. So she want people that look like slaves at the wedding did she wan the slave masters daughter to meet her at the bus. Carla you do not need money that bad to allow them to do that to you..

    So ABC you are condoning racism, know. Ratings aren't worth it.. no longer watching...

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