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The Chew

Weekdays 1:00 PM on ABC Premiered Sep 26, 2011 In Season


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  • Bring back my All my Children

    This show could of gone any where but at my time slot for all my children...bring it back don't care why it went off just bring it back. If the writer retired get a new one, just bring it back. The show Chew is okay but not a real fan I just turn it on there waiting for my othe soap to come on. Come on dont we have enough coking shows on already. What a disappointmnt this is.

  • Worst daytime show ever

    The cast has zero chemistry. The 'fun' is forced and stiff. Oddly, on other shows I like Micheal, Mario and Clinton, but they do not mesh well at all. Sorry, to be blunt but Carla is worse than nails on a chalkboard and Dr.Oz's daughter is so forgettable, I can't even remember her name.

    Seriously ABC, if you're going to cancel an institution like All My Children, please have the common sense to replace it with something even remotely watchable. The Chew is not.
  • Just awful

    This show is very hard to stomach The hosts ate ALL annoying, especially Mario Batelle. We do not need a show that promotes obesity. It is already a big problem in this country. I have had more than enough. I would not even give it a .5 rating, but that was the lowest available.
  • Why didn't the chew find another network to show their blame cooking!!!!

    HA" HA"!!! Arn't you People!, just to funny!!!!..Cause i truly hate! this Chew Show more then anything in this whole world, and will never ever watch the show... that is doing nothing but pushing people to eat- eat -eat -eat ,and get fatter and fatter and fatter everday .. and i will never figure out what ABC Was ever thinking when they took our SOAPS off the air just to put that silly food show on OURRRRR Daytime shows (Air- time slot )_ just causes people to wanna eat and whats really FUNNY is that how ( Michelle Obama) is always preaching to us every day how we all eat shuch fating foods and is taking everything fatting out of the schools from our kids and stuff to teach them to not eat so much and to eat healthy and that heartless show the Chew steels our soaps Daytime time-slot and teach people otherwise ,and to cook cook cook more and more fatting food food food and to eat- eat -eat -eat ..well i call that just plan stupid.. And whats more i can't see why you heartless , carless Chew people could just sit there and let ABC replace OUR longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time very much so loved and watched Soaps off the air just to sadisfy you guys! by letting you guys have the soaps Daytime- time -slot ..just so ya'll can be happy and take our shows spot, just for a fatting silly food show ...HOW RUDE ,Of you People to do that to us..couldn't you of found it in your hearts to know that you wasn't doing nothing but hurtting and breaking the hearts of people that truly loved and watched them soaps for as long as they been living and as well as the Parents and Grandperents of some of us ,,NO!!!! you must of didn't care! ,just as long as they took it off for you to find a time slot ..heck you didn't care at all!!!! .. but looks like you people would of thaught about that junk!!! and said No!!!! not gonna let you people of ABC do that to them longtime soap fans NO!! ..Not going as far as to take off them peoples show ..and you shoulda had the heart enough to of told them that ..and also of said and if it takes removing them long time well loved soaps, just to put on our show .then we will not let you do that!!!, and break sooooooo many hearts of the fans that love there soaps so much , just to replace their saops with the chew show, if you can't find room some-wheres-else on ABC then we can look for another network elswheres ..HA!!!!!!! Yeah!!!! that would of been the most "Palite" thing to of done!! since we all was so well dedicated to our soaps ..then maybe they wouldn't of did that crap to Us!!! , and you could of told them!! and did whatever it took to make them to Decide Not!!! to take OFF our SOAPS ,and intil you can find away to talk them into bringing our soaps back!!!! then all us soap fans will never be watching your cooking show no matter what network or time slot you GO On....everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...And as for NOW!!! Lights out on your show for me and all soap fans till the day your show dies or we get our SOAPS BACK and you find either another time-slot or network for your show!! just cause its your fault!! you let them do that to our soaps.. Cause you just sit there and let them kill OFFFFFF OUR SOAPS!!! just to replace them with yours.. That was veryyyyy wrong and very much so Rude!!!! , So I as Well AS LOTTTTTS OF MORE PEOPLE!! VERY MUSH SO HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Cause our soaps was well long time loved and watched!! till you came along with that silly cooking crap!!!!! Further more if i'd of wanted to take a cooking class! I'd went to cooking school to of done so!!!!! or of orderd a cook book!!!!
  • The show is a GOOD IDEA but the HOSTS are NOT SO ENTERTAINING!

    Clinton should be DRESSING someone on a fashion show, Daphney is CUTE but thats about it, Carla .well....Carla....who the HELL is she? She eats like a pig....close your mouth. Mario may be a good cook but you'd never know it on this show.....he looks like a slob....put some pants on, cut AND WASH the hair and get rid of those shoes....You're a grown man.

    SAD..........SAD........BORRRRRRRRRRRING SHOW!!!!!!!!!
  • what a shame

    What a disgrace Hispanic Heritage month and not a single Latino Chef, news flash not all latinos eat tacos

    That recipe was NOT the winner's own recipe!!!!. That resipe is Ina Garten's, just so you know...

    NOT FAIR!!
  • Clinton and Jennifer on todays show: 5/5/14.

    Why did u have Jennifer on? She was trying to explain her "journey" with Celiac disease, and you constantly were interrupting her more or less trying to tell her to hurry up and get to the point and move on! How rude!! You did the same when she was trying to give the receipe for "French I believe it was for that. Looked delicious. If u can't be considerate with a guest--don't have them on!! Allow them ENOUGH TIME to do their thing which you had them on the show for!! I got the impression u could have cared less what she was all about as long as got done on time. Disgusting. All-in-all, I love the show and watch it most days. I just hate when you, esp. u. and the others do that.
  • Too much Carla

    Im tired of Carla, always cutting in when people are talking. She has a loud voice and thats all you can hear, its like she needs to be noticed all the time, Carla, its NOT always about YOU!!!
  • Lea Michelle - NO TALENT!!!!

    May 21, 2014 show - guest is Lea Michelle. She has absolutely no talent and dated Cory Monheith who died of a drug OVERDOSE. She has milked the Cory Monheith (sp) thing to the point of making me vomit. No one cares if she dated a drug addict - what is our country coming to???? She has zero talent, is not good looking and her publicity people need to have their heads examined.
  • Let's all applaud - it's food!

    I used to watch cooking shows, but I gave them up as a NY's resolution. I stopped watching The Chew because I am heterosexual and always felt I was intruding.
  • Carla

    Go Away Please! You are so annoying.
  • Getting to be ENOUGH ALREADY

    I have no confidence that anything will be done but I can't watch the show any more!!!! Mario is arrogant beyond Mr. KnowItAll. Carla has resorted to "talking ghetto". I can't stand the ghetto accent that she seems to have adopted. She seems to need to be the center of attention because along with the accent is obnoxious loudness. And though I love Michael laugh sends chills through my body. I hate to do it but I just can't any more. When I get annoyed more than being entertained it's time to move on.
  • Chew and spit out the ads

    let's see, 4 minutes of show then 5 minutes of NOT MORONS!!!!

    Ms. Oz has no real food knowledge.... thanks to daddy she got this is so Clinton a crafts show on the Create .......

    the other 3 too bad be right the "orange tubby" acts like he's better they have to push down our throats every ABC actor in a lousy be back after a commercial break.............
  • Wow, talk about rude

    I was watching today at the shop, Carla or Karla what ever your name need to be professional. You were so beyond rude to that other woman, if your jealous seek help and keep it off TV. Every time the other woman cracked a joke or goofed off, you ignored and refused to acknowledge her in any way. The show is not about you, we enjoy the celebs on here when I do see the show. As for the rest , I'm glad to see them having a blast and not showing their insecurities.

    Do the people that run The Chew Show, read these reviews? Who hired TASHA? That's got to be the most annoying, obnoxious, loud mouth on TV. I loved The Chew but enough is enough. There are enough reviews in favor of getting rid of TASHA. DO YOU WANT TO LOSE THE WHOLE SHOW OR JUST GET RID OF THE PROBLEM. I can't watch that person. LOUD, LOUD,LOUD and she adds nothing to the show. HERE GOES ANOTHER FORMER FAN OF THE CHEW.
  • Tasha Smith

    Love love love this show, but have to shut it down she's ANNOYING

  • Inappropriate and unprofessional

    'The Chew' has potential for a fine cooking show. Unfortunately, Clinton Kelly is allowed inappropriate behavior by which he flaunts his gay life style openly, in your face, being inconsiderate of the rest of the cast and audience. This is not only unacceptable behavior, but obnoxious and self-imposing. You don't see the others flaunting their heterosexual lifestyles, because they have better sense. He's not cute, as he obviously thinks of himself to be. I personally don't want to see or hear about anyone's sexuality; it's just not what this program should be about. Elliot is an idiot by permitting this conduct to continue. The whole staff act as though they're 14 yr. old delinquents.
  • Tasha Smith

    please get Tasha Smith off of the chew. her voice is terrible I can't stand listening to her
  • PLEASE keep Tasha Smith off The Chew!! Okayyyy?

    Please don't invite the ever annoying Tasha Smith back to the show! You are seriously losing viewers, myself included, due to her. She has the most annoying voice I have ever heard. She sounds like a screechy, hard of hearing 90 yr old woman. She yells and talks over the other hosts ,constantly interrupts everyone, and is an attention hog. Not to mention, it is not cute the way she has to constantly say "okayyyyy?". When I see she is on, I change the channel immediately. I love your show. It used to be my favorite. Now, not so much. Please listen to your fans and don't invite that annoying woman back ever again.
  • Your invited cohost- NeNe

    I never do this but I have no idea why you would invite her to be on your show, she is so negative and arrogant, I was so surprised to see you have her on again today, I am about ready to turn off the TV. I love your show, please don't invite her back!
  • rude and sad

    What ashame how this show went down today,how rude was she when she told that poor lady that her rice pudding was no good , you all should be ashamed,if your gonna have her back , put a muzzle on SAD.
  • Not funny!

    I stumbled onto the Chew today and saw something that I thought to be very unkind. Parents were "teasing" children about taking away their Halloween candy just to see their reaction. The children burst into tears and the audience laughed. It's the parents that buy the costume and encourage the child to say "Trick or Treat" and "don't forget to say thank you". and escort them from house to house telling them how cute they are. It's not cute to tease a child like that, break their heart, and show it on TV. That's bullying!!!!
  • Pumpkin festival

    I am disappointed in the show that it chose to go to Highwood, IL. Highwood is not the original pumpkinfest nor is it the record holder for most pumpkins. My hometown of Keene, NH started pumpkinfest 22 years ago receiving the first world record and held that record for a great many years. We also broke the record again this year making us first and best.
  • chicken misleading

    Chicken cleanliness misleading on show that appeared on October 18, 2013. Instead of saying don't wash the chicken you should be telling people about proper methods of sanitation. Chicken bought in most stores are packaged in ways that the bloody mess drains

    and covers the product or even bone material from where it has been run thru band saws to package. So proper cleaning should be done with bleach water to the area before and aftwr you clean the chicken. That also is to include the hole counter area and cutting boards. Your supposed to also use a different cutting board for meats and veggies to avoid cross contamination.
  • show name

    Change the name from the chew to the choke it is awful there are enough good food shows on tv and this is not one of them!
  • Can someone PLEASE

    Tell Carla to calm down!! Her loud ridiculous outburst are so freaking annoying! It really makes it hard to enjoy the show with her constant screaming, the faces she is always making and her know-it-all attitude. It's like listening to fingernails running down a chalkboard. The show would be so much more pleasant to watch without her as part of the crew chew.
  • disgusted

    we were watching the show today on 7/4/13 and we see that Michael was not wearing gloves to cover the bandaid on his left hand and was also touching the food with his bare hands after it being cooked and ready for consumption
  • Get rid of Carla so I can watch the show again.

    when I first started watching the show I loved it and always got great ideas for recipes. Lately all I see is Italian or bbq which I like neither. Also I am to a point I turn on the show and when Carla pipes in with her loud obnoxious self I have to turn it off. I think if you replace her things could get better because she thinks she is so funny and she is so not.
  • So full of himself!!!

    Like the show, but can't stand Mario's condescending attitude. He is Sooo full of himself and it is so annoying to watch. I like Clinton the best and usually Simon, except when he starts laughing uncontrollably or repeating silly words. I've found other things to watch at that time, however, because Mario is such a turn off!
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