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  • The show was so bad I couldn't even watch the entire show.


    Constantly talking over each other, nothing very useful or unique discussedand Simon's laugh had me wanting to change the channel! If I wanted to watch another cooking-like show, I'd watch the Food Network or Cooking Channel, NOT ABC. What a mistake to replace All My Children with something this!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Like the different personalities of hosts. Great cooking tips and really enjoyed the different recipes. Hope they will get their own web site soon so I could copy favorite recipes from each show. Love Carla and her food.


    I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Like the different personalities of hosts. Great cooking tips and really enjoyed the different recipes. Hope they will get their own web site soon so I could copy favorite recipes from each show. Love Carla and her down home cooking recipes.

  • I really tried......


    After watching three episodes, I simply can't do it anymore. The hosts have no like ability factor, the applause is noticeably forced, and the audience tasting is a waste of my time watching.

    It is boring, boring, boring.

  • I hate the chew, this show is sooo boring. Please ABC take this show off of the air. I do not even watch soaps, so it has nothing to do with that. Enough with the reality TV shows already.I had rather watch a soap than watch this show.I think ABC is crazy


    Ihate the chew, this show is sooo boring. Please ABC take this show off of the air. I do not even watch soaps, so it has nothing to do with that. Enough with the reality TV shows already.I had rather watch a soap than watch this show.I think ABC is crazy

  • ABC You'll hate us


    one word for this show "borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring" it's a stupid show the will kill TV

    Brain Fons, Anne Sweeney, Bob Iger need to be thrown out of Disney Head Frist *que the lossing horns from The Price is Right while I turn to "Days of Our Lives" on NBC*

  • This show is replacing the unfairly cancelled One Live to Live that has been on the air for over 40 years! Boycott this show and ABC until they cancel this drivel and correct their mistake!

    This show is replacing the unfairly cancelled All My Children that has been on the air for over 40 years! Boycott this show and ABC until they cancel this drivel and correct their mistake! From the previews it is obvious that this show is not worth watching. The cast members look like a bunch of freaks. The show also looks boring. Steer clear of this one. It jumped the shark before it began.
  • I wasn't sure about another cooking show, but this one is growing on me. I look forward to it everyday and appreciate the great cooking and baking tips from the "pros."


    The format is okay, although I'm not sure what the tasting panel adds to the program. Really like the various personalities of the chefs and their special dishes. Especially appreciate Daphne since I lean toward vegetarianism. Would love to get Carla's recipe for the Chocolate Pecan pie she prepared today. Is it on your site anywhere?

  • Best sweet potato recipe ever!


    I was looking for a sweet potato recipe that was more savory than sweet to add to my traditional Thanksgiving table this year. I saw Michael Symon's Sweet Potato Gratin episode (btw, LOVE Michael Symon), and decided to give it a try. It was a huge hit - probably the favorite thing at the table this year. Thanks Chew.

    PS - Truth be told, I love the whole cast! And Carla, you were definitely my pick to win Top Chef!

  • Im very upset about todays show....


    11/18/2011 show!! The Chew just had a episode about cross-contamination and today on the show Mario was makin a Turkey and stuffin it and he did not wash his hands after him touchin the turkey he touched everything oil,salt,the countertop ect...!!! Sooo im sorry to inform u about this but it just gets me every upset about this issue but u see it all the time on the news and on the food network judges are always talkin about cross-contamination!! Sooo i hope this issue is taken care of!!! I do enjoy watchin ur show!! TY

  • You'll Need a Barf Bag!!!


    It's been awhile since a show has made me ill. First off, the title is stupid, second, the cast needs to stick to their forte', which this is NOT, and third, the writing is worse than a TV awards show. Do us all a favor and pull the plug on this. Pardon me while I go puke.

  • Love the show!


    Great shows!Love all the little tidbits given daily.However,I think you should replace Michael.He doesnt fit in with the rest of the "Chew" family.Too over the top.Need someone more like Clinton,versatile with a sense of humor.Suggestion-need more celebrity chef guest appearances also.

  • Great new show in the afternoon


    I think this is one of thebest shows because it help people on a very fix income on how to buy, make nutrious, healthy foods on what they can afford. It also helps with people on a diet to find foods that is good for them.

    daphe and Mario is one of my favorites chef on the show.

  • Fun and great food!


    It's unfair to dislike this show just because ABC decided to cancel the soaps. I really like The Chew. It's fun and they make great food. Carla is a hoot (hootie hoo)! Would like to see more of her dishes.Wish I was an audience member.

  • Nov. 1...opened making fun of Kim K, who does not deserve air time, then got on soap box about marriage and political are on the wrong set??? Thought this show was about food??


    On the November 1 show I sat down excited to get a break to watch the Chew. I see it once in awhile and I am always excited to learn about new culinary skills. I have found you all make food items that are fairly simple to apply to a busy lifestyle. You probably aren't going to make a Paula Deen out of your regular audience, but you are helping a generation that did not take enough time in the kitchen with mom to plan wonderful dinners that aren't from a box. BUT I was DISAPPOINTED today when you chose to open with making fun of Kim Kardashian, who does not need any more air time. Then a 90 second SOAP BOX appearance about personal political views on the marriage agenda.?? Are you confused? Did you think you were sitting on the set of The View? Just keep to what you do best...FOOD!!

  • I love this show. It's active and informative and good comedytoo. Michael Symon is one of my favorite chefs.


    I watched soaps 50 years ago and could turn it on today and it would still be in the same story line it was in 50 years ago. Old and Stale. Soaps are nothing but sex, fighting, arguing, insest and cheating. It's about time they put something decent on daytime TV.

    Keep the Chew, it's great.

  • Whoever wants to replace this show with old "soaps" must be brain dead.


    Whoever wants to replace this show with old "soaps" must be brain dead. This show looks like everyone is having a blast and I want to know how to get tickets to attend. It is not your typical cooking show where you have one chef cooking a meal. There is a downt to earth feel about this show.

  • Maybe better named Cooking for Dummies?


    Honestly, the show might be informative for someone that has never stepped into a kitchen or cracked a recipe book but is that the demographic they are aiming for? I don't think there are that many cooking challenged people watching daytime network TV.

    The hosts need to STOP eating on the show. Taste, yes, sit down and eat the whole plate, NO! It's not good TV watching people eat. You are not making me feel a part of your family table.

    Someone tell Daphne that hair is not a seasoning. Pretty hair, yes, hanging over the food, gag me. And the other day she fed an adult audience member (???) and then ate off the same fork, ICK!

    I tried it, gonna have to change the channel. If it stays on the air I might check back later and see if they have steamed out the wrinkles, might take more of a braising to get it tender enough for consumption.

  • the chew

    I love this show! What a great concept that gets away from hearing about the love lives of people who are marginally famous and also has no interest in politics (American or Canadian). I love the recipes and the tips. Carla has been a favourite of mine since the first time on Top Chef, and Michael Symon....let's just say he could cook in my kitchen any day.
  • The show is a GOOD IDEA but the HOSTS are NOT SO ENTERTAINING!

    Clinton should be DRESSING someone on a fashion show, Daphney is CUTE but thats about it, Carla .well....Carla....who the HELL is she? She eats like a pig....close your mouth. Mario may be a good cook but you'd never know it on this show.....he looks like a slob....put some pants on, cut AND WASH the hair and get rid of those shoes....You're a grown man.

    SAD..........SAD........BORRRRRRRRRRRING SHOW!!!!!!!!!
  • Why didn't the chew find another network to show their blame cooking!!!!

    HA" HA"!!! Arn't you People!, just to funny!!!!..Cause i truly hate! this Chew Show more then anything in this whole world, and will never ever watch the show... that is doing nothing but pushing people to eat- eat -eat -eat ,and get fatter and fatter and fatter everday .. and i will never figure out what ABC Was ever thinking when they took our SOAPS off the air just to put that silly food show on OURRRRR Daytime shows (Air- time slot )_ just causes people to wanna eat and whats really FUNNY is that how ( Michelle Obama) is always preaching to us every day how we all eat shuch fating foods and is taking everything fatting out of the schools from our kids and stuff to teach them to not eat so much and to eat healthy and that heartless show the Chew steels our soaps Daytime time-slot and teach people otherwise ,and to cook cook cook more and more fatting food food food and to eat- eat -eat -eat ..well i call that just plan stupid.. And whats more i can't see why you heartless , carless Chew people could just sit there and let ABC replace OUR longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time very much so loved and watched Soaps off the air just to sadisfy you guys! by letting you guys have the soaps Daytime- time -slot ..just so ya'll can be happy and take our shows spot, just for a fatting silly food show ...HOW RUDE ,Of you People to do that to us..couldn't you of found it in your hearts to know that you wasn't doing nothing but hurtting and breaking the hearts of people that truly loved and watched them soaps for as long as they been living and as well as the Parents and Grandperents of some of us ,,NO!!!! you must of didn't care! ,just as long as they took it off for you to find a time slot ..heck you didn't care at all!!!! .. but looks like you people would of thaught about that junk!!! and said No!!!! not gonna let you people of ABC do that to them longtime soap fans NO!! ..Not going as far as to take off them peoples show ..and you shoulda had the heart enough to of told them that ..and also of said and if it takes removing them long time well loved soaps, just to put on our show .then we will not let you do that!!!, and break sooooooo many hearts of the fans that love there soaps so much , just to replace their saops with the chew show, if you can't find room some-wheres-else on ABC then we can look for another network elswheres ..HA!!!!!!! Yeah!!!! that would of been the most "Palite" thing to of done!! since we all was so well dedicated to our soaps ..then maybe they wouldn't of did that crap to Us!!! , and you could of told them!! and did whatever it took to make them to Decide Not!!! to take OFF our SOAPS ,and intil you can find away to talk them into bringing our soaps back!!!! then all us soap fans will never be watching your cooking show no matter what network or time slot you GO On....everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...And as for NOW!!! Lights out on your show for me and all soap fans till the day your show dies or we get our SOAPS BACK and you find either another time-slot or network for your show!! just cause its your fault!! you let them do that to our soaps.. Cause you just sit there and let them kill OFFFFFF OUR SOAPS!!! just to replace them with yours.. That was veryyyyy wrong and very much so Rude!!!! , So I as Well AS LOTTTTTS OF MORE PEOPLE!! VERY MUSH SO HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Cause our soaps was well long time loved and watched!! till you came along with that silly cooking crap!!!!! Further more if i'd of wanted to take a cooking class! I'd went to cooking school to of done so!!!!! or of orderd a cook book!!!!
  • Fantastic!

    I just stumbled on your show and think it's wonderful. It's different from other cooking shows which are sometimes very boring. Thank you ABC for getting rid of the soaps and replacing with more interesting shows like this one.
  • Light-Hearted Show

    We don't need another risqu soap opera, or criticizing a cast that adds more laughter into one's day! I'm a passionate cook, and watching the cast add their fun personalities for all ages is a good thing! I think it is a good combination of personalities and thanks for bringing this program to us who like something that is adorable!

    (everyone knows this saying "IF you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all!")

  • eeeeek

    I find Carla Hall scary! On Halloween I thought she was wearing a mask. No kidding.
  • Just awful

    This show is very hard to stomach The hosts ate ALL annoying, especially Mario Batelle. We do not need a show that promotes obesity. It is already a big problem in this country. I have had more than enough. I would not even give it a .5 rating, but that was the lowest available.
  • Love The Chew

    Love The Chew. The cast is very casual and funny. Love the recipes and fun! Keep up the good work!
  • I love it!

    I love The Chew! It's entertaining and I have a crush on Michael Symone :)
  • More cooking shows

    I am so very disappointed. Why would anyone remove All My Children for another cooking show? Taking All My Children off the air was a big misake and now The Chew? I am sorry but I have tried watching and I am so bored. There are cable cooking shows that are adequate and there are no new ideas that Martha Stewart hadn't thought of. It was a sad day when All My Children was taken off the air after decades of being on the air. We used to DVR AMC now I am boycitting that hour on ABC. Please do not remove anymore soaps just to replace with more programs like The Chew. There are still women and men that are home during the day and even though soaps can be cheesy its an American past time! So once OLTL is off the air are we going to have to watch another cooking, psych, or Dr Oz show. These shows are unrealistic and no one can really watch these shows all the time. We all need to escape from reality and not how chemically imbalanced we are through foods, mentally, and or bowel functions!
  • Worst daytime show ever

    The cast has zero chemistry. The 'fun' is forced and stiff. Oddly, on other shows I like Micheal, Mario and Clinton, but they do not mesh well at all. Sorry, to be blunt but Carla is worse than nails on a chalkboard and Dr.Oz's daughter is so forgettable, I can't even remember her name.

    Seriously ABC, if you're going to cancel an institution like All My Children, please have the common sense to replace it with something even remotely watchable. The Chew is not.
  • Mario

    When is Mario coming back? Was he let go? Did his agent forgo his contract?? WHAT?
  • Great show

    I love the show, however the website could use some tweeking. How do I get recipes?
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