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  • Daphne Oz

    I think Daphne has great legs. :-)
  • Clinton needs to go

    Clinton is so annoying, he is the reason I don't watch the show, and btw he is not cute, god get rid of him

    I watched thurs and fri with ne ne it was the two best episodes ever. I know why, Carla Hall was not there!!! that big mouth of hers NEVER shuts up. and she sticks her face in everywhere. I just fast forward thru her segments because she is so pathetic for attention, and the dancing please go work at dancing with the stars BACKSTAGE!!! I do not know anyone who can stomach her.. What about Sunny Anderson if its a black person you need.
  • cutie

    Daphne is a sexy girl. easy to fall in love with
  • what a shame

    What a disgrace Hispanic Heritage month and not a single Latino Chef, news flash not all latinos eat tacos
  • disgusted

    we were watching the show today on 7/4/13 and we see that Michael was not wearing gloves to cover the bandaid on his left hand and was also touching the food with his bare hands after it being cooked and ready for consumption
  • The Cilantro Debate

    My 13 yr old daughter has been cooking since she was 10 and loves it! She records your show, Rachael Ray, and others while she is in school. Today was your last show she will record. She is taught to not use the word "hate". In school, from the President(s), at home, she has always learned love and world peace is what we strive for. Mario mounted his debate using realistic health benefits of cilantro. Daphne.. I have never seen an adult throw such a huge tizzy fit in my life, and use the word "HATE" so many times in such a short period as you did..SERIOUSLY??? Were you an only child? Everything handed to you on a silver platter??... never taught many values I am guessing??? For the sake of the show, please politely excuse yourself.
  • Money talks

    Please Please remove Mario from the Chew! He's totally Dirty Dirty looking especially when dealing with food! He brings nothing to the Tv show unless it's about him. He sits there and has nothing to say or complement anyone unless it's about him! Gross Gross person
  • The Fab 4 and then, Mario.

    I think the show has a great cast. EXCEPT FOR MARIO!! Good guy, but annoying on tv. He makes me want to turn the channel !!
  • Love the Chew!

    I love this show! the only person I CAN"T STAND!! is Mario he is SOOOOOO! Nasty and Dirty! even his cooking style is a disgrace!! I would not go to one of his restaurants! He is a pig and they need to get rid of him!
  • Love the Chew!

    I just found this site. I can't believe how critical and mean people are for such petty reasons. Michael Symon is my favorite - love his laugh and his food. Mario Batali is amazingly informative and a stellar chef. I've watched Carla since Top Chef and I love her food and her quirky, positive energy. You go Carla! Daphne Oz is lovley and her knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating is a great contribution to the show. I watched Clinton since What Not to Wear and I think his personality and style round out the show nicely. I enjoy the Chew and think you guys and the show concept is great! Keep in rockin'!


    People who watch daytime TV must be very lonely and empty if they have time to trash a cooking show while the entire world circles the drain. GET A LIFE AND TAKE A WALK.
  • I Lovethe chew cast

    I love watching all the regular cast, Carla is my favorite up the good work.

    I am very disappointed in you for having an admitted racist on the show. You have one of the top dramas in ABC starring a black women (Scandal) ... and you exploit Carla of the Chew to greet . at the bus. So she want people that look like slaves at the wedding did she wan the slave masters daughter to meet her at the bus. Carla you do not need money that bad to allow them to do that to you..

    So ABC you are condoning racism, know. Ratings aren't worth it.. no longer watching...

  • this show sucks!

    When they are talking about feeding the hungry all you can see is carly stuffing her face made me sick! Then her as mary poppins what are they thinking? She is more the scare crow for oz. Hate this show!
  • Very rude

    The stars of the show are constantly stuffing their mouths as the audience looks on. I feel sorry for the audience members - they aren't offered a thing. It's disgustingly rude. I'm not watching this show.

    omg i dont beleive that your producer okayed that show the only thing boston was carlas bos crm pie but not with rosemary the north end seg was great but which fish market/res was it? with your money i would think you could easily research a clam bake /boil at home and it would never be done without white potato and lobster 0r new eng cohogs. i have never missed an episode and watched this online. a very disappointed viewer boston is a great eating town and whats with shoestring potatoes on top of lobster?????
  • Great Show BUT......

    There's somthing about Mario that make's me feel he is a racist, maybe it's the way he interupts Carla all the time or maybe he just lacks compassion, I'm not sure. Mario seems mean.
  • Mario Swallowed His Manners

    Whenever I watch this show Mario is saying something obnoxious or being disrespectful (not in an entertaining way) to Carla which doesn't fit the program, in fact it makes it hard to watch. Seems like he has a personal problem and the other cast members will only feed off of it.

    Tip: Keep your personal problems off air!
  • great show

    Love the show, however it appears that Mario always makes ugly faces especially when Carla says something. I think he is rude to her. I could do without seeing his face on the show, perhaps even another female chef would be better than him.
  • Superfluous Segment

    I really enjoy almost everything about this show, I enjoy most of the hosts and most of the segments. I even enjoy Carla and Simon even though their laughs are sometimes annoying. The only problem that I have is with Clinton and his craft segment. First, I believe that the craft segment does not belong on The Chew as it takes precious time away from food segments which I assume is the prime purpose of this show. Second, I believe that Clinton is much too obviously vein about his looks and appears annoyed when something is jokingly said about it. This review would be a 10 without Clinton and the Craft segment.
  • Love the show but

    I love all you guys except daphne I hope she don't come back after the baby. She is rude her and Trisha talked over each other. I missed Carla but daphne needs to GO
  • Carla

    Seriously Carla has to go !! What A FREAK !!!!!!
  • Love the show!


    Great shows!Love all the little tidbits given daily.However,I think you should replace Michael.He doesnt fit in with the rest of the "Chew" family.Too over the top.Need someone more like Clinton,versatile with a sense of humor.Suggestion-need more celebrity chef guest appearances also.

  • Mean People chttrbx128....

    You asked "Why are people so Mean?" They are mean because they are anonymous and can be. They are cowards. They would Never say anything like that to any of these peoples faces. They are haters and enjoy every minute of hating. They are also mean because they actually enjoy when people comment back to them. They should be Ignored Always. If people would Stop replying to them they would go away. Just ignore them and Hope that nobody you know nobody like them. Why do you suppose they continue to watch a show and the people on it yet write Hateful things? That makes Zero sense, right?? Have a great day and Enjoy the Chew and all the wonderful cast ;)

    Mario drives me CRAZYYYYYY he is Never happy with anything and he is so demeaning to the other hosts and guests. It is just that nothing seems to make him happy and he is such a food SNOBBBBB. OMG american cheese how dare you ughhhh SHUTTT UPPPP !!!

    Please replace him pleaseeeee
  • Light-Hearted Show

    We don't need another risqu soap opera, or criticizing a cast that adds more laughter into one's day! I'm a passionate cook, and watching the cast add their fun personalities for all ages is a good thing! I think it is a good combination of personalities and thanks for bringing this program to us who like something that is adorable!

    (everyone knows this saying "IF you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all!")

  • Fun and great food!


    It's unfair to dislike this show just because ABC decided to cancel the soaps. I really like The Chew. It's fun and they make great food. Carla is a hoot (hootie hoo)! Would like to see more of her dishes.Wish I was an audience member.

  • mon. show

    I loved the show today, the way the chew and the view interacted was great. all of you seem to have a blast together, so good to see.God bless each of you
  • Love The Chew

    Love The Chew. The cast is very casual and funny. Love the recipes and fun! Keep up the good work!
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