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  • Very Disappointed!

    Why would Paula Deen be invited back to your show, after it was proven in her Legal Deposition that she used the term " *** " on a regular basis - and wished for the "Good Ole Days", when Black Servants served Whites?

    You would Certainly Never Invite " Mel Gibson " to your show, because he made Anti Semitic comments!

    Yet it's OK, to invite a "Knowingly Racist Women" to be Embraced by audience / hosts on your show!

    I tape, The Chew daily - however I refused to view or tape the episode with Paula Deen!

    I also resent the pairing of Carla Hall, with Paula Deen to "Seemingly Mitigate" the fact of Deen appearing on your show! Perhaps it's due to the Southern Upbringing of Mrs Hall, that allows her acceptance of such Racist Attitudes.

    Shame On You! - For Lacking The Moral Fortitude To Recognize The History Of Racism In America, with Blatant Projection of DisRespect toward the African American Community.

    Bringing Paula Deen onto your show - spoke volumes of the producers "Disregard Of The Truth".

    I Guarantee - The Chew, would Never invite a guest who had made similar comments regarding the Gay Community!

    Lack of Conscience / Moral Principles, Seems To Be The Standard Of Our Time.

    I will no longer watch your show!

    How Pathetic!

  • You CAN learn how to cook.

    I love this show and have made a lot of the recipes. They are not crazy eccentric meals that require weird ingredients that you have to google to find. I like all the chefs but Michael Symon is my favorite and I hope to be able to go to one of his restaurants in Cleveland this summer.

    I would like to know why MB and MS wear vests so often. Do they protect their shirts from stains? Is the studio freezing or something?
  • fresh food

    Oh you show a lot of good looking food on the chew but you asked a question today on your show and I just wanted to let you know my answer. You asked if you had a chance to kiss a star who would it be? My answer is Alerandra Daddario. I'd put a kiss on her lips that would cause an earth quake in China. Lol
  • Dare to be different

    I know americans mostly do not eat for health . But , I'd like to see at least one of them, be the one to always cook something healthy or do a recipe makeover . I have high cholesterol(like many people do) and can't cook much of what they do. I like the show. Clinton doesn't seem to get much respect from the others though.
  • Enjoy the hosts and variety of topics covered not enough nutrition.

    Keep checking in on this show in the hopes that the recipes they make will get healthier. They haven't, or at least not when I've tuned in. I was hoping Daphne would be doing some tasty, nutritious vegetarian dishes but haven't found that either. I enjoy all the hosts and their personalities. Each has something to offer. Probably won't continue to watch as I want to maintain my health and won't do it with these recipes.

  • Hey, Mario! Hey, Clinton!

    Mario - You should stick to cooking and leave your political views out of the show.

    Clinton - Please give Mario a style makeover.

  • Please stop with the sketches!!

    Please stop with the idiotic sketches. Just do what you do best. Love the cooking segments, games and crafts. We record everyday and watch every night. It is getting to the point that we will stop watching. Used to be quality but has definitely dropped off recently. New producer?
  • Focus on cooking techniques and tips

    I used to love this show. I taped it and couldn't wait to get home and watch it. I still love Clinton and Daphne, but the silly skits are driving me crazy! Listening to Michael talk in other accents is horrible. Today, the Sherlock Holmes thing aggravated me so much in listening to him that I actually had to shut it off. I truly can't stand it. I love watching good cooking techniques and tips and all the guests that come on, but it is getting pretty ridiculous now. Please reconsider dropping these skits.
  • About Carla

    You know I love the show but Carla is just a pain I know she is there to stay I guess, but she puts her nose in everyone else segment she always has to put her nose in about everything. Her dancing around is so not funny she is so full of herself it sure get on my nerves and I have a lot of friend who feel the same, you know Clinton is great with crafts but she has now decided she wants to get her big nose in on that the only think she is good about is dessert she should stay with them and let everyone else do there thing she's not as great as she thinks she is such a big ego.
  • Replace or get rid of Daphne

    How old is Daphne Oz? She acts like a 13 year old. Someone needs to tell her she is not as "adorable" as she thinks she is. She adds little to the show other than eating.

    Why does she chew with her front teeth while pursing her lips? This is not cute! Get someone on the show that can actually make a valuable contribution and not be so concerned with how she looks on camera.
  • Disrespect

    Could someone please explain to me why people would have a show that celebrates St. Patrick's Day and then not bother to dress in green. It would seem that out of respect for the tradition, since that is the title of the show, that the very least you could do is dress in green. There are certain members of this cast that get up on their high horse all the time to promote their tradition and culture but aren't intelligent enough to respect other peoples traditions. This close to turning off for good.

  • I stopped watching.

    I used to love watching but it has gotten rather sop***ric. I feel like I'm watching team building skits at a Jr. High. When they started including recipes with vile prepackaged salad dressing I did not want to waste the time watching another commercia. Seems they have increased the sponsors so there is hardly time for any content. Buh bye Chew.
  • cancel The Chew

    The Chew is a cooking show not a clown show or comedian show.

    It is very annoying to watch chefs acting like clowns or "jerks:.

    esp. Simon, he acts and dress like a homeless person is so annoying.

    I am very disappointed in you for having an admitted racist on the show. You have one of the top dramas in ABC starring a black women (Scandal) ... and you exploit Carla of the Chew to greet . at the bus. So she want people that look like slaves at the wedding did she wan the slave masters daughter to meet her at the bus. Carla you do not need money that bad to allow them to do that to you..

    So ABC you are condoning racism, know. Ratings aren't worth it.. no longer watching...

  • Love this show

    This is my favorite afternoon show, I look forward to laughing and learning everyday! Michael and Clinton are my favorites but I enjoy them all.
  • Off color innuendos

    I love the show except for the off color innuendos that the cast think is so funny. I would like the children to watch because of their interest in cooking. However, I steer them from the show because of the mature nature of the show.
  • Uh-oh Carla

    Love you! You re a kicking spark plug but just sayin maybe reconsider the new do??
  • Love all of you

    I watch everyday. Love it, refreshing, encouraging. Very real. Couple wks ago you guys had a couple wine gadgets. Where can I find them? Thank you a head of time. Keep doing what your doing.
  • is Carla going gray

    don't think Carla's hair flatters her aged her about 30 years .. also maybe Mario can afford expensive ingredients but most of us can;t get $1,000 truffles and he just shaves them all over counter and floor very disrespectful towards the ingredient.... the incredible amount of salt used would damage the health of even a healthy person ..... heard Mario bailing like he did on Foodnetwork ..... they should think of having a different guest host each week maybe breathe some life back into what has become a pretty predictable show only watch once in awhile now compared to of time too loud does Michael have hearing problems that he shouts all the time
  • Great Show BUT......

    There's somthing about Mario that make's me feel he is a racist, maybe it's the way he interupts Carla all the time or maybe he just lacks compassion, I'm not sure. Mario seems mean.
  • low carb recipes

    I watch your show every day but wish you would do a week of easy no carb recipes for us who are trying to loss our winter weight.
  • can't get nuts over nuts

    i watch your show all the time, i am also allergic to nuts, can u guys try to do more subs for nuts... it is awful when you cannot eat alot of foods that contain peanuts, like marzipan, a lot of middle eastern foods, i could u help me plzzz
  • Only yesterday

    Love your show....... my son does too. We love your opinions and cooking. But I am feeing like you guys are leaning toward sexual expressions instead of cooking and fun. Yesterdays show disappointed me. Young men dressed in bunny suits expressing homosexual innuendoes? What's next topless go go girls sitting on peoples laps? (not ***phobic, just saying that's what I saw)
  • salt i am salt free diet

    how about a show w/o salt?
  • everything must go show

    After watching a lot of food show where all the best chefs in the world to avoid cross contamination or transmission of germs, will use a utensil once and throw away in the sink. I cannot understand why you Mario use a spoon, put it in your mouth to taste, use it again in the same dish and that dish was for everyone to taste. A real chef would not use the same spoon twice that was put in their mouth to taste a common plate. Are you really a chef? or claim to be a chef?

  • Childrens Birthday At School

    I love the Chew and watch it every day! Celebrating the children's birthday can be healthy and does not have to be full of sugar. How about a simple recipe the kids will love that is healthy! For example kids love peanut butter so here is a simple healthy recipe they will go crazy for and it is healthy. Even adults love it.

    Low Cal Peanut Butter Balls

    8 Tbl peanut butter

    1 - 2 cups of Total 100 calorie cereal (General Mills)

    1/4 cup of honey


    Mix together all the ingredients and form into balls. Place in an airtight container and refregerate until ready to eat. Store in the refrigerator.

    So simple and so good!

  • The Chef

    I love all the chefs on the show and love Clinton and Michael's personalities the most they are a joy to watch,.. Carla makes delicious deserts and Mario is a great chef but comes across like a mister know it all and his recipes do not fit with a normal persons day to day lifestyle. Daphne is just there... nothing to offer and is getting more annoying as each show goes on, please let her go and get someone that actually will bring something to the table . Everyone there has some sort of experience and she does not ( Dad having a show on ABC does not count) .. just my opinion !
  • Best cooking and entertainment show!

    These five people have made one of the best day time shows around! I have watched them since the first episode and the chemistry between these guys is what makes the show so much fun. They have the best guests and silly games! I learn something new about cooking all the time from this show. Keep up the good work!

  • The Chew: wish it were better

    I like having a cooking program to watch while I'm taking a lunch break from work midday, and The Chew is often entertaining. I understand that it is designed to attract the daytime soap viewers as well as a slightly larger audience, but it is sometimes good and often just dumb. Plus points are Mario Batali and Michael Symon as they are real chefs with amazing ideas and good personalities. Clinton is OK as the host but despite his good personality doesn't really add much. The women are an embarrassment to women on daytime television. Daphne Oz is just a pretty face but not any sort of chef (potato chip with cheddar and a pickle as a snack - oh please, you are making me ill!), only known because of her father, and does not belong on the program. Carla Hall is one of the MOST ANNOYING people I have ever seen on TV (OK, Jerry Springer and Kelly Ripa and a few others are worse); she is definitely a reason to stop watching!!! I'd be thrilled to have a show with Batali, Symon, and an equally excellent female chef on instead of this. Just my two cents worth...
  • Just a comment

    I just love this show - I watch it every day. I do however have a couple requests: I notice that Mario and Daphne talk so very fast that its hard to understand what they're saying - could they slow down when they speak? Thank you - thanks for making this show so very entertaining!!