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  • It's over

    I seen the Chew when all 5 were on the show and sorry to say but, the show should have been on the food network not daytime television. Did not like the show with all 5 cast members and never tuned in again. Well I was flicking channels and to my surprise its still on but, with only 3 cast members and the show is still a terrible. The Italian chef, dont know his name but he should have his your own cooking show. The girl, i think her name is Carla is she a Kardashian relative .. did not know who she was on the first show and still don't know what her fame to game is .. just like a Kardashian ( we wont get into that). And then there is Clinton, someone who has no culinary food experience, except for taking a egg and decorating it with a lettuce skirt and a mushroom hat. He should be more on a home decorating show. Time to call it quits or the next station and show they will be on is TLC called Budget Meals for That Polygamy Household
  • Carla and clinton

    I don't know which host is worse when grabbing and eating with their mouths full Carla or Clinton. They act like they have never eaten before. A little class would be appreciated.
  • I miss Dapne. (edited)

    I can't help but notice all the power struggles on the show ,

    Poor Carla !!

    although like watching the food on here being made

    *it was show good for the past two days just didn't realize Carla's harshness a tad when Michael mellows out

    Food is still looking delicious as everrr though

  • Need a change

    I really like The Chew. The recent shake ups with Daphne and Mario have changed the dynamic. I'm thinking the remaining hosts do seem to be floundering a bit. The personalities are exacerbated in the harsh light of just having three hosts and a return to five is highly recommended. Please keep working on the show I watch it every day.
  • Obnoxious!

    The show almost seems like a daily competition between all three hosts on who can win the spotlight.

    In doing so, I can't decide which one of the hosts is the most obnoxious. I agree with the other reviewer about the power struggle. The immature humor has gotten out of hand and the show is, sadly, just a shell of what it was a few years ago. Time to move on.
  • Michael's eating problem

    What is going on with Michael ? He's not eating anything but not explaining why. Have I missed something ?
  • Let's Get Some More Co-Hosts

    This show was at its best with 5 hosts. Poor Michael, Carla, and Clinton can't be expected to carry it all every show. What about having Jackie from Chew Kitchen on stage each show? There was some chemistry there with the crew. She has that spark Daphne had. Maybe have guest celebrity chefs until they can find one to fill Mario's spot. I love this show, but am afraid it needs to get its groove back.
  • Mario, bye Felicia!

    Well, I have always thought Mario looked like a dirty old man! Now, it has been found out that he is. I guess when you look as greasy and disheveled as he does, the only way to get a woman is to force yourself on her. Good for ABC for getting rid of him so fast.
  • Annoying

    Seems like The Chew is becoming more of a talk show. Whenever they bring on a celebrity guest they do more talking and interviewing then cooking? I would like to see more recipes and tricks of the trade then an interview.

    Couple other comments: laugh is becoming REALLY ANNOYING

    Mario ...... loose the tail. UGH..................
  • Michael's dramas.

    Like them all for the most part, but why does Michael always feel he has to look into the camera, before he takes a taste of anything? Then if he doesn't like it, here comes the pounding the table, standing up and yelling OH HELL NO! I think he's trying to be the "funny" one of the three. Or he has fallen in love with the camera? Notice this next time he tastes anything.
  • Not the saganaki I know

    Just watched Clinton make a shrimp saganaki?? Since when did the traditional Greek flaming cheese dish turn into that? Not even close to a saganaki. I'm also surprised this ouzo segment wasn't given to my favorite Greek, Michael Symon. Michael, why didn't you set Clinton straight?
  • Carla

    I really wish y'all would get rid of Carla or at least have a talk with her. She's getting more and more abnoxious with every episode. She makes rude comments and a couple have been racist. She chews her food like a cow chewing cud. The remark she made about they've been seeing Michaels head for to many years was uncalled for. I believe being on the Chew has went to her head. She crashed five different weddings. Who does that? Does she think she can because she's Carla Hall? A lot of people Feel the same way I also can't stand the way her accent changes depending on the guest. The episode with Lee Daniels was so annoying. I won't stop watching the show but will fast forward through her segments. I really hope y'all take the viewers comments seriously. I'm also thrilled Daphne is Carla is next. Their are other women that would be much better. She's just getting worse every day.
  • Amazing drink

    The mellow monkey is by far my new favorite drink. Thanks to The chew:-) you guys rock and so did the drink!! Xoxo
  • Three Hosts

    I watch this show everyday . When it's only Michael, Clinton and Carla , it is so much better, lighter and more fun ! and, i like the way Mario identifies with italians. I know people that identify more with other nationalities then their own . Im guessing he's Irish .
  • Nothing Is Perfect

    Although I've never once tried to re-create any of the recipes shown, I enjoy watching The Chew.

    I have wondered why Daphne Oz is still listed as a member of the crew as she is very rarely on the show. I actually enjoy it more when she is there. She provides a little more balance against the guys (and Clinton) than just Carla alone. Sure, she's more of a fluff host than a substantive one, but the world needs eye candy too, I suppose.

    Michael's donkey bray laugh can get to be a little much, at times. Clinton makes a few too many gay references, for me. We get it. He's homosexual. No need to make it the focal point. Heteros don't constantly refer to that aspect of their personality, right? I find Carla fun and funky. Finally, Mario. The greasy ponytail screams mid-life crisis, and his never-changing wardrobe, including orange Crocs, of all things, is beyond lame.

    But, all else aside, The Chew is fun, informative, and above all, entertaining ... just not perfect.
  • Ohh She's Still On?

    Watched some shows without Daphne, it was perfect! When she is on, it feels like the show is somewhat degraded, she interrupts everyone when they are talking and it's irritating and not funny. Once in a while she does something worthy of air time...
  • Chew is fabulous without Daphne

    Daphne is an embarrassment. Some of the info she presents as fact simply is not true. Her contamination of the food, offering incorrect nutritional information, talking with food in her mouth, lack of table manners, sloppy appearance, are all contributing to the negative reviews and ratings on this web site. Carla, Mario, Michael and Clinton offer so much positive and enriching information and variety, providing an impressive team presence that makes The Chew great. Please consider dismissing her from an otherwise excellent show to make this show greater than great.
  • Too Many Cooks

    I enjoy the show however I wish the dishes they demo weren't so difficult to make. It always takes at least 2 or 3 of them to make any dish. I never have that many cooks in my kitchen. All the recipes look like they take 3 people 2 or 3 days to make. That's to much for me.
  • I Think You Should CHEW UP Daphne & Spit Her Out!

    This girl is worthless,. The show is SO MUCH BETTER WHEN SHE IS NOT THERE! I Think The only reason she got the job is because of WHO her father IS. I LOVE EVERYONE ELSE. CLINTON Is a Sweetheart, & He Is VERRRY FUNNY As is Micheal, & SO TALENTED & VERY GOOD COOK! MARIO IS VERY SMART & A VERY GOOD COOK. Carla is a BLAST. Makes Great Deserts. They all work So well together. When Daphne is there you can ALWAYS FEEL THE TENSION. Just let her go & raise her family, she does NOT BRING ANYTHING TO THE SHOW, HER MIND HA, Is Some Where ELSE. (( LET THE FAB 4 SHINE ON !!!!!!! )) My Rating Would Be Much Higher If Daphne Was NOT ON THE S H O W !!!
  • The show it's self

    I think the should get rid of Clinton he is no more then an alcoholic. All he ever wants to do is make a cocktail he need to sign up for rehab and then go to AA. I also think that Clintons craft corner is stupid a huge waste of time. Then you have Daphne who ads not one thing to the show. The she dresses terrible and her hair is always a mess. Then we can move on to Carla she is not a chef and i get so tired of her saying this is my jam. She is not a dancer although she thinks she is but i have news for her she isn't. Now lets move onto to Mario he is a pig in the kitchen and he just babbles on and on. And i read that at one time he had stolen money from his employees not sure it's true but i did read that. The only chefs on this show are Michael and Mario. The show is called the Chew so get chefs on there not home cooks. You would think that Gordon Elliott would read all these reviews and make some major changes but i guess he doesn't care what the viewers think. I think it was very funny no one would talk to Carla on the red carpet. Jason Bateman kept his back to her. Denzel never talked to her. She is a nobody still cant figure out why shethinks she belonged on the red carpet. I have never laughed so hard. And for a recovering alcoholic she sure does drink a lot on the show. I think they should all go but Michael. Carla is a liar says sheveats her alcohol i have seen her drink many times on the show. I think she is an alcoholic just like drunk Clinton. I also dont think she knows how to cook or adds anything to the show. And Mario is just a pig. Not sure why these comments aren't read and something done with the show.
  • Wanda Sykes Sucks

    Why would you have that racist piece of shit Wonda Sykes on the show. She is horrible. While your showing her the door see if you can fit that fat bag of shit Mario out as well.
  • Kelly's Influence Killing the Show

    Clinton Kelly's denouncement of eating "mammals" has killed the show. For example, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. I expected some Mexican cuisine, but no! No pork, no beef, no cabrito. All of last week's show I think there was ONE time they cooked with any meat other than chicken. Used to be I would watch every show. Now I occasionally watch and laugh at Michael Symon (who owns a BBQ restaurant) cook chicken chorizo. Thanks for ruining the show, Clinton!
  • Get rid of Daphne!!

    I love The Chew. When I turn it on and Daphne is on, I turn it off. She sticks her finger in food which is disgusting! She always looks to see if the camera is on her. I just do not like her! I know I miss a lot when I turn it off, but won't watch it when she is on. They need to get rid of her.

    Oh and by the way, I am not jealous of her!
  • The Chew needs to GO!

    The most obnoxious people I have ever seen. I tried to watch it and the cackling self important hosts" voices pierve uourvears like an amber alert.
  • Daphne finger in mouth preps food

    On today's show April 21 during Mario's segment, Daphne used her finger to scoop an ingredient from a spoon into the bowl. She then sucked off what remained on her finger. Not bad enough, she then grabbed the head of lettuce to chop touching it. I would never eat anything she would prepare. I like her but this is unacceptable.
  • Please Keep Mario

    Sorry to those who disagree. I watched a number of shows without Mario and could not believe how dull it became. It's just not as fun or funny w/o him. Also, Michael does not seem as happy. I love the chemistry between the two. I understand that Daph does not bring too much to the show, but not the case with Mario. Without Mario, Michael, or Clinton, I would not watch it. Besides, the shows for the past week have been a re-run, 04/10/17 - 04/17/17. Mario has definitely become more humble these days. He has more knowledge at his finger tips than other chefs on the show. I like Carla, but sometimes she really needs to just chill a little. She tries too hard and stumble upon words (um um um). Not very pleasant for TV show...
  • Daphne needs to GO!

    I have watched the CHEW on and off for a long time and Daphne used to be nice, friendly etc. Now she acts like she is too good to be on the show, she is in constant "eye roll" phase and looks like she hates her co-workers or anything they cook. Get her off! Do yourselves a favor
  • Jealousy

    Sounds like a lot of jealousy over Daphne. Maybe she doesn't eat some of the food because it doesn't agree with her cause she is breast feeding. I hope she stays there. She is young and refreshing.
  • An Ex-fan

    I went to a taping of the Chew today, and they did not show us any love. We didn't get to taste any food, we didn't get a appreciation gift for partiapated in the audience. I will no long watch the Chew.
  • Love the show, except---------

    Love the show except for Daphne Oz. She is hardly ever there and when she is I don't see where she contributes much. Why is she even part of the show? Love to watch Carla, Clinton and Michael. Mario is okay.

    They all have such great personalities and are fun to watch.

    Get rid of Daphne and the show would be much more enjoyable.