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The Chicago Code

FOX (ended 2011)


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The Chicago Code
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Originally titled Ride-Along, The Chicago Code follows the story of Chicago's first female Superintendent of Police, Teresa Colvin, and her war against government corruption. With the aid of her "by-the-books" ex-partner, Jarek Wysocki, the two of them set their sights on Ronin Gibbons, a corrupt Alderman with ties to Chicago's criminal underworld, in an attempt to bring him to justice.
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  • Jennifer Beals

    Jennifer Beals

    Superintendent of Police Teresa Colvin

    Jason Clarke

    Jason Clarke

    Detective Jarek Wysocki

    Todd Williams

    Todd Williams

    Isaac Joiner

    Billy Lush

    Billy Lush

    Liam Hennessey

    Delroy Lindo

    Delroy Lindo

    Alderman Ronin Gibbons

    Devin Kelley

    Devin Kelley

    Vonda Wysocki

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    • One more example of Fox dismantling a show from within.

      Here again Fox feels it knows how to better line up a shows episodes. Once again they screw up a show with great potential by mixing and matching episodes and completely destroying the creators vision. This would have been a hit on any other network since most channels don't move key episodes around and they let shows build an audience. This network doesn't know how to grow anything, they expect everything to be a hit on day one or they think they can somehow fix it.moreless
    • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

      The creators of The Shield introduced an even better show to Fox in the Spring of 2011, The Chicago Code. You probably never heard of it though, because in their infinite wisdom, Fox only gave the show three months. The rating weren't spectacular, but they weren't bad either. In June, The Chicago Code became part of Fox's mass cancellation, which saw Dollhouse, Lie To Me, Human Target, and Alcatraz gone in the blink of eye. It begs the question, did the Fox executives ever bother to watch these shows? The Chicago Code was well written, fast-paced, and featured a tremendous cast of new and established talent. If it had been on cable, I have no doubt that this show would still be on the air and at the top of the ratings.

      The Chicago Code features Jennifer Beals as Superintendent, Teresa Colvin, hired by the Chicago Mayor to help clean up the police force. Colvin has greater ambitions though, as she plans on cleaning up local government and taking on the Irish mob as well. To do this, Colvin covertly puts together a team, that has the power to choose it's own cases and make a case against their prime target, Alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy Lindo). Gibbons has been on the city counsel for half a century and thanks to his mob connections, he is considered to be the most powerful politician in Chicago. Everyone knows he's dirty, but the hard part is proving that in a court of law.

      Colvin's team is led by Detective Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke), who has a scarred past, that has led him to his own unique and chaotic way of doing things. Wysocki is paired with a young, ambitious, clean cut college boy, Caleb Evers (Matt Lauria), who tries to keep Wysocki in check, while putting everyone else to shame with his incredible good looks. The third member of the team is an undercover officer, who has infiltrated the mob and is trying to work his way up to the politicians.

      Every episode contains different stories that follow the shady dealings, some case the pair is working on, the fallout for the Superintendent, and of course the undercover who has an in with the wrong crowd. The stories are edgy, intelligent, and really entertaining. A lot of shows get cancelled every year, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why this show wasn't given more of a chance. The chemistry the cast has, along with the terrific writing, and edge of your seat police drama made The Chicago Code one of the best shows to come out that year.

      Two years after it's cancellation, the show is still on my mind and in fact, I just recently watched it again, as it's streaming on Netflix. The story of The Chicago Code teaches us one very important thing about network television, it's all about the money! You can have an original idea, a great cast, and the most entertaining show to come along in years, but if it doesn't make more money than it costs, it's as good as gone.moreless
    • Chicago code how can we get it back

      Excellent NEED TO GET IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

      I was a book reader until recently and this show has me hooked........ so what do we have to do to get it back.
    • The chicago code so sorry to see you go.

      I readly like this show and Yes; I realize there are a lot of police drama's being made right now, but this one had a little something extra. I liked that they weren't only looking out on the streets for crimes and corruption. I liked that there was a woman in charge of it all rarely watch TV--could be because must shows are junk. I've been searching for the return of Chicago Code and now find one of the few decent shows has been cancelled. What is wrong with FOX??? Isn't anyone else tired of CSI, Law and Order, etc. that go on year after year? Wake up FOX and put CHICAGO CODE back on. Please


      I had not heard that The Chicago Code was cancelled.....I have been diligently on the look out for trailers that the show will be starting up again....how completely disappointing to finally have a different type of "police show" that took place in a "new" city....not NY, LV, FL, or CA!!!!! There are so many viewers that are so sick of all the "reality" shows that we all know are not truly reality and where there's some reference to believable story line, given the history of Chicago....SO...SO...SO DISAPPOINTED with Fox....quite frankly the only network I do not watch due to poor programming...this was the only show that kept my interest...their loss more than mine!moreless

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