The Chicago Code

Season 1 Episode 11

Black Sox

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 09, 2011 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Blevins: I'm being told this is a hate crime.
      Colvin: Well, we don't know if that is true yet, Alderman Blevins.
      Assistant Superintendent: Superintendant, I wish this was under better circumstances.
      Blevins: These types of circumstances should never exist. And you want me to stay quiet about the assassination of one of our community's leading citizens. Just put my concerns in the closet?
      Blevins: No, of course not.
      Assistant Superintendent: I'll take the lead on any community relation duties you feel are necessary.
      Blevins: It's necessary you find who did this and find them quick.
      Wysocki: It's a messy crime scene, Alderman, which means a lot of evidence. These are the kind we usually solve very quickly.
      Colvin: Detective Wysocki is taking the lead on the case.
      Blevins: It's very important to me and my constituency that we have a member of our community spearheading this investigation.
      Wysocki: You have no need to worry. I'll have my partner working with me on this investigation.
      Blevins: Look, I'm not the biggest fish on the city council, but one thing about my community, Superintendent Colvin, we are affluent, educated, and well-organized. We make change happen.
      Colvin: As a bi-racial woman living in this city, I understand what it is to not have your interests looked after, believe me. But I take hate crimes very seriously.
      Blevins: I hope so. Because trust me, if this case is not handled with the utmost respect and dignity, we'll use that change on you.

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