The Chicago Code

Season 1 Episode 11

Black Sox

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 09, 2011 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Wysocki: (about his brother and Vonda's father, Vincent) Vonda, sometimes when somebody is dead you have to remember the best version of them.
      Vonda: I don't remember any version of him. I don't even remember what he looked like so I don't want to remember the best version. I want to remember the truth. So tell me the truth, Uncle Jarek.
      Wysocki: (to Isaac) Hey, buddy, can you give us a minute? This is a family matter.
      Vonda: He's family.
      Wysocki: How do you figure that?
      Vonda: Isaac's my boyfriend so he's part of our family.
      Wysocki: He's what?
      Isaac: (to Vonda sarcastically) Thanks for the heads up.
      Wysocki: Oh, so you're sleeping with your partner now?
      Vonda: Yes, he's my boyfriend. So you can say anything to me in front of him.
      Wysocki: That's really smart. I can't see any problem with that, not any safety issue, not like you're worried about your boyfriend while he's kicking through a front door!
      Vonda: Uncle Jarek, just tell me who this woman was to dad.
      Wysocki: Your father was seeing Karen for two years after her assault. He was going to marry her.
      Vonda: What about my mom?
      Wysocki: Things were pretty much over between your mother and your father before he was killed.
      Vonda: Did mom know about her?
      Wysocki: The wife always knows.
      Vonda: So she knew, and she's just been living off of his death benefits?
      Wysocki: She's been living off what she's entitled to as the wife of a slain police officer. Vonda, at the end of the day what's done is done. Your father was a good man, a great dad, and damn good police. Now, you should take his watch and remember him by that.