The Chicago Code

Season 1 Episode 11

Black Sox

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 09, 2011 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Colvin: Now, I understand how the promotions game is played. Alright, but there's no need for Gibbons to fill two of the spots with his own people while I lose the only potential commander on that list who is actually good police.
      Mahoney: So Davis isn't good police?
      Colvin: On paper, he's ideal, but I know he belongs to Gibbons.
      Mahoney: And you want somebody in there that won't look the other way while Gibbons robs the city blind.
      Colvin: What if Davis wasn't available for the promotion?
      Mahoney: Are you saying if somebody offers him a better job somewhere else.
      Colvin: Well, say an opening in the mayor's office.
      Mahoney: The mayor needs a new head of security. That's a pay bump from commander, higher profile that leads to consulting gigs down the road. Who's your guy?
      Colvin: Reardon.
      Mahoney: Davis takes over for Greer Pastures, you put Reardon in charge of gangs, it was last minute and you're hands were tied.
      Colvin: And you're willing to help a woman in need?
      Mahoney: Gibbons taking two out of three promotions for his own people is a power grab, plain and simple. I see it that way and the mayor is going to agree with me.
      Colvin: Gibbons isn't going to be happy if you take one of his soldiers off the board.
      Mahoney: You know, you're not the only one that has concerns over the strange hold Ronin Gibbons has over this city.
      Colvin: One day, maybe, he'll make a mistake and he'll open himself to prosecution.
      Mahoney: The city's been waiting 25 years for that mistake and it hasn't happened yet. Now, I've got your back.
      Colvin: And?
      Mahoney: And some day, you'll have mine.

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