The Chicago Code

Season 1 Episode 11

Black Sox

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 09, 2011 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Elena: What's wrong?
      Wysocki: Just stay there.
      Elena: What, you're scaring me.
      Wysocki: I'm not going to lie anymore. There's not going to be a wedding.
      Elena: Why not?
      Wysocki: Because you deserve better than me.
      Elena: And this is code for?
      Wysocki: It's not a code. I'm still in love with Dina.
      Elena: It's natural to still have feelings for your ex-wife. You have a son together.
      Wysocki: No, I've been sleeping with her for the past couple of months.
      Elena: So you want to be with her?
      Wysocki: Yes I do.
      Elena: And she wants to be with you?
      Wysocki: No. I'm sorry.
      Elena: Sorry doesn't leave me alone with her last night getting a ride home with her. Are you nuts? Oh, she must think I'm some kind of a joke.
      Wysocki: No, she doesn't think you're a joke.
      Elena: Well, you do then, or you would have told me, Jarek. You wouldn't have let me sit here and plan our wedding while you were still sleeping with her. Am I not enough?
      Wysocki: That's not it.
      Elena: That's because you can't be alone. You can't get close, but you can't be alone.
      Wysocki: Yeah, that's right.
      Elena: Did you ever love me?
      Wysocki: I thought I did, yeah.
      Elena: You know, the sad part is that I am so much better for you than she is.
      Wysocki: (muttering after Elena leaves) I know.