The Chicago Code

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2011 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Gibbons is in the hospital with Sims and they are playing Xbox 360, you can see they are playing The Shield, which is a video game version of Shawn Ryan's most popular television show.

      However, even though they are playing an Xbox 360, The Shield video game was only available for Playstation 2 and PC.

    • David Argyle's book is entitled "Too Many Children Left Behind - Fixing Public Education in America."

    • The last Cabrini-Green building is demolished in this episode. In reality, the last building was demolished on 30 March, 2011.

  • Quotes

    • (In the locker room, after arresting David Argyle)
      Evers: So?
      Wysocki: So?
      Evers: You can say it.
      Wysocki: Say what?
      Evers: I kept up pretty good.
      Wysocki: Yeah, you kept up pretty good, yeah.
      Evers: So I figure it earns me at least another week of riding with ya.
      Wysocki: Another day or two.

    • (After speaking with Sanora Sims at the hospital.)
      Wysocki: Yeah well, don't make this sound sexier than what it is, Gibbons is gonna keep getting away with everything until someone stands up and does the right thing.
      Colvin: Well, those people exist.
      Wysocki: Yeah? How do you know?
      Colvin: I'm looking at one.

    • (Wysocki is in a hotel room negotiating with Trey Stein. He gets his mother on the phone in an effort to calm him down.)
      Helena: Trey?
      Trey: Mom?
      Helena: Trey, baby. You OK?
      Trey: Yeah, mom. I'm OK. I miss you.
      Helena: Miss you too. I wish I could see you.
      Trey: Guess who's here? David Argyle! You should see this room. It's nothing like the places you and dad had to hide in when you were on the run.
      Helena: Probably nothing like where I'm at now, either.
      Trey: (Crying) No...
      Helena: Baby, you know I love you.
      Trey: I love you, too.
      Helena: I am so proud of you...Do it! Do it now, so I can hear it!
      Colvin: (Over the radio) Kill the call!
      Helena : (As she is bring dragged away from the phone) Take that son of a bitch with you!
      (Evers grabs Trey from behind as Wysocki grabs the detonator. He looks up at the camera Colvin is watching in another room.)
      Wysocki: Mother of the year, huh?

    • (Referring to Liam Hennessey)
      Wysocki: Did you, er...Did you have a word with our little undercover lepracaun?

    • (Wysocki and Evers are in the cafeteria. Evers has a file in his hands.)
      Wysocki: Alright, what does it say?
      Evers: Chuck and Helena Stein lived on the run until ninety-eight, captured in Winnipeg. And he died while waiting trial, she's still serving a stretch at Frontier Women's.
      Wysocki: Do I look like I wanna hear about jail-dead hippies? Find me something else, come on.
      Evers: Paul Rotherham. Er...moved to England, converted to Islam.
      Wysocki: Yeah, spends his days listening to Cat Stevens LPs. Doesn't help me much.

    • Gibbons: (Voiceover) Growing up in the projects can make a boy feel desperate, powerless. I know it, first hand. Cabrini-Green deteriorated around the people who lived there. Now, some of use deteriorated with it. What was meant to be civilized, low income housing, started looking and feeling more and more like a prison. I made it my mission to see that prison torn down. It was the single biggest accomplishment of my life. But it's the little ones that give me the most satisfaction.

    • (Upon arriving at David Argyle's book signing)
      Wysocki: Maybe we should drag this guy there in 'cuffs?
      Evers: He'd probably like it more.

    • (After Wysocki mentions David Argyle is in Chicago)
      Colvin: Look, as much as I cherish our moments together, you're telling me this in person, because...?
      Wysocki: Because I'm gonna scoop him up for questioning. But the group that's giving this jag holy award,the mayor's wife sits on the board of. Just letting ya know.
      Colvin: Yeah, well, thank you for the heads up. Tread lightly.
      Wysocki: Don't I always?
      Colvin: (Smiling) Do you ever?

    • (In Colvin's office)
      Wysocki: So, how's it going keeping your chief of staff, Kelly, out of the loop on the Gibbons investigation?
      Colvin: It was going so well until the shooting. (The phone rings. Colvin picks it up) Have him call me back please. Thanks.
      Wysocki: There's nothing funny about the shooting though, is there?
      Colvin: Oh, I don't know. I think it's quite amusing that the guy we're trying so hard to bring down, shoots a fifteen year old boy in front of witnesses and then gets hailed as a hero.
      Wysocki: Yeah, I mean to be fair though, he shot an armed robber and saved lives.
      Colvin: (Pauses) I'm sorry, I thought Lieutenant Kelly was Gibbons' inside man in my office. When did you get put on the payroll?
      Wysocki: You know you agree.
      Colvin: 'Course I agree with you. That's why I'm so annoyed. I just feel like I missed an opportunity here.

    • Gibbons: (Voiceover) Back in nineteen sixty four, we didn't have the projects. We had the Cabrini-Green homes. No matter how poor you were, you could have four walls and a ceiling. And to my family, that was hope. Cabrini-Green gave me something else. It gave me a view. I could see the gold coast. And I could see everything happening. And all at once, I saw my future.

    • (After the second bomb attempt)
      Wysocki: It's not a random act. Why here? Come on kid, gimme a theory.
      Evers: (Laughing) Someone butchered his favorite Neil Sedaka song.
      Wysocki: (Not amused) Somebody's planting bombs in the city and I'm gonna be running around all day and you are gonna keep up or you are not. So I do not have time for your 'ah, shucks' routine. Your brains and your feet are gonna keep up with me or they are not. So, come on. What are we missing?
      Wysocki: Er...maybe it wasn't always a karaoke bar?
      Evers: That's better. Let's go find out what else it was.

    • (Gibbons is in the barbers when a Blakely Sims rushes in with a gun)
      Sims: (To owner) You! Register! (To Hicks, who was reaching in his pocket) You! Hands up! Do it!
      Gibbons: I don't think you wanna do this, son.
      Sims:Shut your damn mouth, old man!
      (Sims ' hand is shaking)
      Gibbons: Now, you didn't even think this through long enough to put your mama's pantyhose over your head now, did ya?

    • Gibbons: (Voiceover) They say you can never go home again. A truism for some. But me...I never left. Not really. In 1985, Carter Lewis Bell had served my ward as Alderman for almost twenty years. But when he ignored the numerous letters and phone calls from my father, who had received an incorrect and inflated tax bill, I decided to run against him. I listened to the people. I won by only ten points. In all my time in office, though, I never forgot who put me there.

    • (The news report on Carbini-Green)
      Reporter: Finally, today marks the end of a nearly two decade long struggle to change the landscape of Chicago. The Cabrini-Green projects of the Near North Side, long considered a symbol of urban decay, are no more. The final building was demolished today. For one Alderman, wiping out the blight of Cabrini-Green wasn't just a political or social issue, it was personal.
      Gibbons: I grew up in Cabrini-Green so it's given me a great deal of satisfaction to finally see if come down. And I'm not ashamed to say that. It's the most difficult thing I've ever accomplished politically and took years off my life! But you know what made it worth while? It showed me there was hope. Hope...that a kid from the streets can rise up and be an instrument of change. That's what I work so very hard for. Today is a great day. Today is the first day of a better Chicago.

    • Argyle: Officer, I was helping you.
      Wysocki: I know, and I appreciate it. I really do.
      Argyle: So why are you arresting me?
      Wysocki: Because I'm a cop, you broke the law, and that's how things work.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Bydlení pro chudé (Housing for the Poor)

    • The opening scene employs 23 real Chicago P.D. officers performing background roles, in order to make it seem more authentic.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 28, 2011 on Global
      United Kingdom: June 2, 2011 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Czech Republic: March 2, 2012 on Prima COOL

  • Allusions

    • Evers: Paul Rotherham. Er...moved to England, converted to Islam.
      Wysocki: Yeah, spends his days listening to Cat Stevens LPs. Doesn't help me much.

      Yusuf Islam (born Steven Demetre Georgiou), better known by his stage name of Cat Stevens, is an English singer/songwriter who converted to Islam in 1977, adopting his Muslim name the following year. After converting to Islam, he sold all of his musical possessions and concentrated on Muslim pilanphropic causes, but came back to music in 2006, 28 years since he made his last album. He currently goes by the stage name, "Yusuf."

    • Colvin: It was a radical lefist group, right? They grew out of the Days of Rage riots. They bombed the Haymarket police memorial in City Hall.

      The Days of Rage riots were a series of radical demonstrations taking place in Chicago over three days from 8-11 October, 1969. It was organized by the extremist faction "Weatherman" and was based around John Jacobs' slogan "Bring the war home." The Haymarket police memorial was destroyed on 5 October, prior to the demonstrations. Nobody has ever been arrested for it.

    • Title: "Cabrini-Green"

      Cabrini-Green was a Chicago Housing Authority development located on Chicago's Near North Side. Originally constructed between 1942-1962, the project was home to over 15,000 people at its peak and was a center for gang violence in Chicago. Plans for its demolition began in 1996, but it was not until March, 2011 that the last building was finally demolished.

    • Evers: Someone butchered his favorite Neil Sedaka song.

      Neil Sedaka is an American pop singer and songwriter, perhaps best known for his songs, "Oh! Carol" (1959), "Stairway to Heaven" (1960) and "Calendar Girl" (1961), among others.

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