The Chicago Code

Season 1 Episode 3

Gillis, Chase & Babyface

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2011 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Wysocki shoves the police officer for turning up twenty minutes late, the camera cuts to another angle. Before the cut, the officer is in line with the center of the patrol car, but after the cut, the officer is closer to Wysocki.

  • Quotes

    • (After Colvin asks Kelly to leave the room while she discusses something with Wysocki)
      Wysocki: Why don't you trust him?
      Colvin: He was forced on me. He's supposedly the Mayor's choice though I don't think the Mayor's ever even heard of him. Then I learned Kelly spent the first five years on the force working in Gibbons' ward.
      Wysocki: OK, so we gotta be careful what we say around headquarters.
      Colvin: Yeah, but on the bright side, he doesn't know we're onto him, so we can funnel any intel we want to Gibbons.
      Wysocki: It's not exactly taking Gibbons on head-to-head.
      Colvin: Well, I don't mind sucker punching Gibbons, as long as it knocks him out...Carry on, Detective.
      Wysocki: Yes, Boss.

    • (After introducing Lieutenant Kelly to Wysocki)
      Colvin: While I have you both here, there's something I wanted to say. It's about Ronin Gibbons.
      Wysocki: Yeah, I saw the press conference-
      Colvin: Jarek, just please. Let me say this. You know, for a long time I was convinced that Gibbons was guilty of any number of crimes, and I tried everything I could to prove it, without any success. (Wysocki looks confused by her apparent change of attitude) Now, I'm, I'm embarrassed that it's taken me this long to see it but, while I might not like the way he operates, he's not breaking any laws. So from here on out, the witch hunt is over. Right? We're just gonna focus on protecting this city from the real criminals. Now does anyone have a problem with that?

    • Evers: You know the bright side of this? Mandatory days off. Officer-involved shooting.
      Wysocki: Yeah, right after the paperwork and the prostate exam.

    • (Gibbons is giving a speech to the media about Hampton's attempted bribe)
      Gibbons: As an elected representative of this great city, I cannot and I will not, stay quiet in the face of such a blatant betrayal of my constituents. That this corruption took place in the office of the Police Superintendent of this city - at the highest level – makes this an outrage and a violation that needs to be addressed. And let me say, that on behalf of the people of Chicago, we will not stand for this!

    • (Gibbons arrives at Killian's house after Killian is arrested for possession of child pornography.)
      Killian: They planted it to frame me.
      Gibbons: Who?
      Killian: Superintendent Colvin or someone working for her. They can't get me by playing it straight so they set me up. Thinks she can squeeze into giving up your name.
      Gibbons: No, no, no, no...I don't think so.
      Killian: You 'don't think' what?
      Gibbons: Teresa Colvin's got way too much integrity to frame someone...nah nah...I'm not buying that.
      Killia: Can you get me out of this?
      Gibbons: Probably, but what good would that do if we don't figure out who did this to you?
      Killian: What, you think it was someone in my crew?
      Gibbons: No...No. You keep all those fellas in line, right?
      Killian: Yeah. Well who then?
      Gibbons: It's gotta be somebody else close to you.
      Killian: There is no-one!
      Gibbons: Think, Hugh, think! (He walks closer to Killian) Somebody else. Really close to you, I mean, really, really, really close to you.
      Killian: You did this to me?

    • (Gibbons meets with Killian at Dansworth Construction)
      Gibbons: Well, you know, I can think of, er...smarter places for us to meet. Come to think of it, that would be most other places in the city.
      Killian: I wanted you to see this for yourself. (Pointing to a building) Seven grand a day just to rent the machinery we got in there. It'd be nice to know when we can turn it back on.
      Gibbons: There must be a reason Teresa's targeting you. Either somebody on your end spilled the beans, or-
      Killian: You do your job. And I'll do mine. And your job is to protect us from that bitch.
      Gibbons: I spoke with Teresa. I specifically mentioned this site.
      Killian: Then she puts a lock across the gate. What does that say about your pull with the Superintendent? For all we know, you're the reason she's clamping down.
      Gibbons: You know something I don't?
      Killian: Plenty.
      Gibbons: Well, then why don't you tell-
      Killian: Let's stay on topic. You told me you helped her get the job because you could control her. This your idea of control? Put your house in order.

    • Wysocki: Better late than never, huh?
      Vonda: I came by to say I'm sorry.
      Wysocki: Yeah, for what?
      Vonda: A dozen officers failed to show up and your own niece was one of them.

    • (Wysocki walks into the cafeteria. Two officers are sat at a table.)
      Wysocki: Alright, where's Moosekian?
      Thomas: (Sarcastically) Somewhere else.
      Wysocki: Fine, Thomas, I'm gonna start with you. Where were you when the 'officer needs assistance' call went out?
      Thomas: Which call was that?
      Wysocki: Well, you were either out of your car with both your radios turned off or you and I have a very serious problem. Oh, 'cos you both heard it, didn't you? (To everyone in the room) Oh, you all heard the call. But none of you answered and you left my partner and I to get our asses shot off! You should give me one reason why I shouldn't wipe the floor with you!
      (Wysocki knocks the table to one side.)
      Sanchez: Hey! Look, we weren't trying to get you hurt.
      Thomas: It's about the guys being run off the force, lately. Moosekian said you're feeding names to the Superintendent. Said we should freeze ya out for a day or two to show a little solidarity.
      Wysocki: Solidaity?
      Thomas: Yeah. And I'm really sorry.
      (Wysocki heads for the exit.)
      Wysocki: Tell Moosekian I'm looking for him.

    • (After Wysocki interupts Colvin's meeting)
      Wysocki: The next time you decide to retire a senior detective in my division, it might be nice if you gave me a heads up. Everybody – everybody thinks I'm behind it.
      Colvin: Are there any other decisions I should be running by you?
      Wysocki: Seriously, Moosekian just bowled me out in front of everybody.
      Colvin: (Sarcastically) Did he make you cry? Did he hurt your feelings?
      Wysocki: No...

    • (There is a busy atmosphere in Colvin's office as she tries to deal with the bank robbery incident)
      Hampton: Superintendent. You need to get going.
      Colvin: To what?
      Hampton: (Turns to secretary) You have to remind her.
      Colvin: The dedication? I'm afraid I'm not going.
      Hampton: The Mayor's speaking.
      Colvin: Yes, he does that.

    • Moosekian: Couple of things I gotta say. For one, thanks for keeping that clown from putting a few extra holes in me. You know, when I told the guys to freeze you out for a couple days, I never meant to put you in danger. It was stupid. I was way out of line. And I'm sorry. I really am. So?
      Wysocki: So?
      Moosekian: So, are we cool?
      (Wysocki punches Moosekian)
      Moosekian: What are you doing?! I just apologized! You didn't hear me?!
      Wysocki: We could have arrested the guy! We could have arrested him! Instead I killed a man because you were playing games!

    • Colvin: Look, I was positive that Gibbons was the one who tried to kill me. Who killed Antonio, all right? But I was wrong, and quite frankly, so were you.
      Wysocki: What are you saying?
      Colvin: I'm saying how do we know anything about him? Really, how do we know?
      Wysocki: We feel it.
      Colvin: You feel it?
      Wysocki: Yeah.
      Colvin: This is all innuendo. You know, Saddam Hussein never even had WMDs, but he let the world think that he did. Why? Because it made him seem more powerful. What if Gibbons is doing the same thing? What if he's just encouraging these rumors, letting everyone think that he has wiseguy connections so that no one crosses him?
      Wysocki: What if it's exactly as it looks like?
      Colvin: All right, let's test your theory then.

    • Hennessey: Best thing about being Chicago PD is having 10,000 friends. Unless, like me, you work undercover. Then you spend your whole day acting like your enemies are your friends and vice-versa. It's enough to get you mixed on which one's which.

    • Evers: (before the police break in) Aren't we going to yell police?
      Wysocki: You just did.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Tenisky, hon a dětská tvář (Sneakers, Chase and Babyface)

    • This episode was the tenth to be filmed but aired as the third.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 21, 2011 on Global
      United Kingdom: May 26, 2011 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Czech Republic: February 24, 2012 on Prima COOL

  • Allusions

    • Title: "Gillis, Chase and Babyface"

      The title of this episode refers to the Chicago-born bank robber and murderer, Lester Joseph Gillis (December 6, 1908 – November 27, 1934), better known as "Baby Face Nelson"; and his California-born associate, John Paul Chase (December 26, 1901 – October 5, 1973). Both men were part of the infamous "John Dillenger" gang which committed numerous robberies across the United States. They were eventually ambushed by the FBI in the town of Barrington, just outside of Chicago, in which Gillis shot and killed two FBI agents, before being shot himself. Chase managed to escape, making it back to California, but he was eventually arrested by the FBI and sentenced to life imprisonment at Alcatraz Federal Prison. He became one of the longest serving inmates there, resident for almost 20 years, from 1934-1954.