The Chicago Code

Season 1 Episode 12

Greylord & Gambat

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 16, 2011 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Liam Hennessey's real name is Chris Collier.

    • There is an Alderman Sanchez on the Chicago City Council. In reality, at the time this episode first aired, there was no such alderman on the Chicago City Council.

  • Quotes

    • Colvin: (Voiceover) When I became Chicago's Superintendent of Police, I vowed to fight, not just crime on the streets, but crime in City Hall. Some great police work lead to city trash truck driver, Ronald Underwood, transporting illegal drugs, which we connected to Irish mobster, Hugh Killian. And then, to Alderman Ronon Gibbons. What seems like a slam dunk case to the cops, though, still needs to be heard by sixteen grand jurers before it can go to trial. And in Chicago, when it comes to prosecuting corruption, you don't take anything for granted.

    • (Superintendent Colvin is personally interrogating Hugh Killian. Officer Ray Bidwell is stood to one side.)
      Colvin: Where you from?
      Killian: What's it to ya?
      Colvin: I'm just curious, where'd you grow up?
      Killian: Beverly.
      Colvin: (Sarcastically) You're kidding me? How did an Irish no-name thug from Beverly hook up with a black alderman from the North Side?
      Killian: Probably the same way your parents did. You're a mixed breed, aren't ya?
      Colvin: Oh, the two of you met in high school and fell in love? Well it explains a lot.
      Killian: You got me. What d'ya say we turn this into a conjugal visit? See if you can't straighten me out?
      Bidwell: Watch it.
      Killian: Body like that, I bet you could.
      Bidwell: I said, watch your mouth!
      Colvin: Ray, leave me alone with Mr. Killian, please.
      Bidwell: Let me 'cuff him.
      Colvin: Go.

    • Wysocki: You know what I think, Alderman. I think your back is to the wall. I think right now you will say or do anything to get out of the mess you're in, including bringing up my dead brother. But know this: when that indictment comes down, I'm going to be the one slapping those cuffs on you. And I'm going to the one squeezing them realtight.
      Gibbons: I…will be in touch…, Detective.

    • Colvin: Come on, Hugh, you know the drill. You've been in and out of rooms like these since you were 16-years-old.
      Killian: You're wasting your time. I'm not a rat.
      Colvin: Maybe you're just not smart enough to realize that I am giving you a gift here. I have got you on murder. So you have two choices: either you can have a life behind bars or you give me something on Gibbons and I get you a reduced sentence.
      Killian: You are some kind of hot b***h. What's that perfume?
      Colvin: You must be quite the ladies' man. I'm shocked your wife left you. What I don't understand is why you're so loyal? You and Gibbons can't be real friends. What has he got on you? Skeletons he's keeping in his closet and you know I'm going to find them.
      Killian: Okay, you wanna know the truth. If that black b*****d got hit by a bus tomorrow, I wouldn't bat an eye. But see, if I gotta a bet on whose going to survive all this, him or you? My money's on him.

    • Wysocki: Are you ready for this? It's been awhile since you actually sweated a confession on someone.
      Colvin: It's just like riding a bike.
      Wysocki: Well, this bike's not going to be so easy to ride.

    • Colvin: Mr. Underwood.
      Underwood: I already told him. I'm not testifying, period.
      Colvin: Are you completely aware of what's at stake here?
      Underwood: Are you?
      Colvin: If you renege on the deal you made, then we're going to have to put you away for a very long time.
      Underwood: I'd rather do my time and live.
      Wysocki: You think Killian can't get to you in the joint? You don't think if he actually decides to let you live, one of his boys isn't going to put you in a dress and turn you into a prom queen? Or do you want to be somebody's prom queen, is that it Ronnie?
      Colvin: Why the change of heart? What happened?
      Underwood: Them trying to kill me and my girl's what happened.
      Wysocki: We know that.
      Colvin: Look, Gibbons and Killian are both going down right now and I don't need you to make that happen, you understand me? This train is leaving the station with or without you, and all you've got to do to keep you and your girl safe is to hop onboard.
      Wysocki: Just do it, Ron.
      Underwood: I'll take my chances.

    • Killian: Son of a b***h. That's Liam Hennessey.
      Gibbons: Well, I haven't done anything for Liam that he can hang on me. What does he know about you?
      (Killian has sunken expression)
      Gibbons: Well, how bad is it, Hugh?
      Killian: As bad as it gets.

    • Gibbons: Hugh, the closer we get to the election, we have to connect on exactly how you'll pump up the Irish and the Polish votes. That's all I'm saying.
      Killian: Election?
      Gibbons: Yes, election, Hugh.
      Killian: That's five months away. We could be in jail tomorrow.
      Gibbons: There ain't nobody going to jail. We are going to war.

    • Gibbons: You have any idea of the plans I have for Chicago? The great things that I can do for the people of this city? Now, they killed the last, the only black mayor, of this town. What do you think they're willing to do to stop me?
      Kelly: Mayor Harold Washington died of a heart attack.
      Gibbons: Please don't insult my intelligence (laughs). Now, can you get the identity of this undercover agent or not?
      Kelly: Not without risks.
      Gibbons: Risks, that I'm assuming, you're more than willing to take to protect yourself and your family from the repercussions of all this.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Gibbons: You have any idea of the plans I have for Chicago? The great things that I can do for the people of this city? Now, they killed the last, the only black mayor, of this town. What do you think they're willing to do to stop me?
      Kelly: Mayor Harold Washington died of a heart attack.

      Mayor Harold Washington was the first African American Mayor of Chicago. He served from 1983-1987 and died during his term of a heart attack in 1987. Many people speculated that he had cocaine in his system when he died, which led to conspiracies of him being poisoned. However, following tests have stated that the drug tests came back negative. To further add to the suspicions, Mayor Washington's opponent in the 1983 general election, Bernie Epton, passed away under suspicious circumstances 18 days after Washington died.

    • Title: "Greylord and Gambat"

      The title of this episode refers to both Operations Greylord and Gambat, two joint FBI/IRS investigations into the corruption of the Cook County court system during the 1980s. As a result of over three years of undercover work, a total of 92 people were arrested, including 17 judges, 48 lawyers, ten deputy sheriffs, eight policemen and eight court officials.