The Chicago Code

Season 1 Episode 2

Hog Butcher

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2011 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The song sung by the tenor at the memorial wall is called "The Last Rose Of Summer" by Sir Thomas Moore in the early part of the 19th century.

  • Quotes

    • Wysocki: Alright...Holy Father, please bless and protect the soul of my brother Vincent Wysocki. And continue to comfort and bless his family. Protect his daughter, my niece, Officer Vonda Wysocki.
      Sister Paul: Amen.
      Wysocki: And grant me the wisdom and the perceverace and the ability to find my brother's killer, and Lord, when I find him, make my aim true that I may take his life...Amen.

    • (In the church, Sister Paul is seated next to Wysocki. She tells him she hasn't seen him at mass for some time, to which he responds he has strayed from the path.)
      Sister Paul: That's why we go to church, for guidance back.
      Wysocki: I'm divorced. Though, we're still sleeping together. Got a twenty-seven year old fiance that doesn't know. Sixteen year old boy that wouldn't understand. I finish my shift and I go straight to where the beer flows, that's my Monday through Saturday. I'm not gonna waltz in here on Sunday and pretend I'm all holy. I'm a lotta things. I ain't gonna be no hippocrite.
      Sister Paul: Moral rigidity, Jarek. Always got ya into trouble. "If I can't be perfect, why bother being good?"

    • Colvin: Each of us in this room has experienced loss. In the midst of our loss, we are reminded of that for which we are grateful. For me, personally, I have lost a dear friend and colleague. For the City of Chicago, we have lost one of our finest. We have lost a hero. And it is with a heavy heart but with a profound sense of gratitude for his service and sacrifice, that I hereby commend star number eight zero three zero eight, in loving memory of officer Antonio Romero Betz, to it's eternal place of honor.

    • (Colvin is talking to Worthen in an interrogation room)
      Colvin: Ten years ago, you had one of the highest homicide clearance records in the city. Last yeah, you cleared only one in ten cases. What happened?
      Worthen: Screw what happened.
      Colvin: There's nothing in your record, there's no traumatic event. What changed? (Worthen remains silent) Look, you tell me what happened to you and your job is safe. I will guarantee you full pension. (Worthen doesn't answer. Colvin walks up to him) I've only been on this job six months, and I know that I have not gotten everything exactly right. And you may not believe me, but I do want things to be better, for everybody. But I need your help, Don.
      Worthen: It's not one thing. Dead first it's a few drinks to get to sleep and before you know it, it's twelve shots just to get what happened on your shift out of your head. I never thought those stupid sons of bitches would do anything like this, you gotta believe me. I'm sorry. If they did this because of something I said...
      Colvin: If who did, Don?

    • (After Wysocki and Evers meet up with the anonymous "tweeter")
      Wysocki: Alright, kid, where we going? Where's the car?
      Kid: Where's the money?
      Wysocki: What money? Where's the car?
      Kid: Don't play dumb. The reward.
      Wysocki: (To Evers) What, you offered him a reward?
      Evers: Yeah.
      Wysocki: Well, go on, pay the man.
      Evers: (To the kid) First, how'd you find it?
      Kid: You got the money, or what?
      Evers: Yeah, show us the ride first.
      Kid: For five hundred dollars first.
      Wysocki: Oh...
      Evers: I gotta do paperwork for that kinda money, OK?
      Kid: No cash, no coup, prep-school.
      Evers: Alright, look, your messing with a pretty serious investigation here, wise ass.
      Wysocki: Hey, lose the language, Picasso. The little man's negotiating.

    • Evers: Hey, er, listen I've been meaning to say I know your brother died, I know he was killed in the line of duty, so, er...
      Wysocki: This for your Twitter feed? I'll keep it under a hundred and forty characters for ya.

    • Evers: We got a tweet on the shooter's car.
      Wysocki: What you mean, you use Twitter?
      Wysocki: Yeah, I put an all-point on the police neighborhood watch account. Someone in Austin called it in, wants to show us where.
      Wysocki: Alright, we'll get confirmation. Set up a meet with Mr. Tweet.

    • Evers: (Voiceover) Detective Jarek Wysocki. You hear so many stories, you don't know which ones to believe. My favorite is how he held off an angry mob with a hunk of pine – not just any pine, a Carlton Fisk, Chicago White Sox Big Stick Bat. Crowd heard he was a local rapist and were ready to lynch him, DNA later cleared the guy. Other coppers say he's the best and thats who I wanna learn from. He doesn't like partners. Hardly anyone lasts more than six months with him, but if you do, the man is a living, breathing, fast pass to the top.

    • (Wysocki has several gang members lined up against a wall)
      Wysocki: A police officer is dead. Your lives just got put in a vice. The city is in lockdown, one strike and you're out. So you spit on the sidewalk, you roll a joint, you got a hair out of place, I don't care, you are spending the night in lockup. The sooner you help us solve this, the sooner hell goes away. Until then, welcome to zero tolerance.

    • (Gloria Betz is crying as Gibbons pretends to comfort her on the loss of Antonio Betz.)
      Gibbons: Mrs Betz, you need anything at all, day, night, twenty-four seven, I will be here and I will make sure you get it.
      Gloria: Thank you, Alderman Gibbons. You're a blessing.
      Gibbons: No, your son, Antonio, was a blessing. He died in service of the city. He gave up his vest. He saved Superintendent Colvin's life.
      Gloria: What? He gave up his vest?
      Gibbons: Your Antonio is a hero. Don't you ever forget that.

    • (After talking with Gibbons outside Gloria Betz's house)
      Wysocki: (Sarcastically) You got any leads? Have I got any leads? Yeah, I got a lead, you!
      Colvin: Come on...(Wysocki starts to head inside to confront him, Colvin pulls him back)...come on.
      Wysocki: You know what? He doesn't like us digging around in his dirty dealings with the Irish mob so he tries to kill you last night and now he's got the stones to hand flowers to Antonio's mother. Give me one reason why I shouldn't go back and drag him by his two thousand dollar suit straight into an interrogation room?
      Colvin: Take it easy. We cannot take on Gibbons directly. It doesn't work. Find the shooter, then we work our way up the ladder.
      Wysocki: (Smiling) And when we do, I get to throw him in the well.

    • (Colvin goes to visit the family of Antonio Betz after his death. She hugs his mother, Gloria. Both are crying.)
      Colvin: I'm so sorry.
      Gloria: He loved working for you so much.
      Colvin: He was an incredible man.
      Gloria: Who the hell did this to my baby?
      Colvin: I don't know. But I promise you, I will not let a single officer rest until I find out.

    • Colvin: (Voiceover) As a detective, I pulled twelve year old Antonio Betz off the street, made sure he got an education. As a captain, with his mother's blessing, I handed nineteen year old Antonio Betz an application to be a Chicago Police officer. When I became Superintendent of Police, I asked twenty-four year old Antonio Betz to be my driver and bodyguard. Tonight, twenty-five year old Antonio Betz put himself in front of two bullets to save my life. I didn't just lose an officer and a driver tonight. I lost a confident...and a friend.

    • Isaac: (Voiceover) Since I was small, policing was all I ever wanted to do. There's three kinds of people who become cops. There's legacies, ex-military, and guys like me. Kids who, who had to swallow crap on a daily basis and never really got a taste for it. Where I'm from, when the police rolled up, people would spit on the ground, mumble curses under their breath, but to me...they were power...and order. Everything I wanted. See, when people ask me how I escaped gang life, I always tell them the same thing, I didn't. I joined the toughest gang in town.

    • Wysocki: Bad guys don't like to leave evidence; they like to get rid of it.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Řezník (Butcher)

    • Manny Montana (Antonio Betz) is credited but only appears in clips of the pilot episode.

    • This episode uses clips from the pilot, particularly where Colvin is helping a teenage Betz with his grades, and the subsequent shooting.

    • Opening theme lyrics:
      Who's gonna hear you cry,
      When there's more of them than there are of you?
      Who's gonna hear you cry,
      When the high winds come and it takes your breath?
      Who's gonna hear your voice,
      When fallen men wanna cut you down
      And the sun is gone in the dead of night in this town?
      Who's gonna hear you cry?

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 14, 2011 on Global
      United Kingdom: May 19, 2011 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Czech Republic: February 17, 2012 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: April 15, 2013 on JOJ Plus

  • Allusions

    • Evers: My favorite is how he held off an angry mob with a hunk of pine – not just any pine, a Carlton Fisk, Chicago White Sox Big Stick Bat.

      Carlton Fisk is a former Major League Baseball catcher, who played for the Boston Red Sox in 1969, and again between 1971 and 1980, and the Chicago White Sox between 1981 and 1993.

    • Title: "Hog Butcher"

      The title of this episode refers to Carl Sandburg's 1916 poem "Chicago", the first few lines of which reads:

      Hog Butcher for the World.
      Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat,
      Player with Railroads and the Nation's Freight Handler;
      Stormy, husky, brawling,
      City of the Big Shoulders.

      In the context of this episode, "Hog" is also a pejorative term for a police officer, with "Hog Butcher" referring to the killing of Officer Antonio Betz in the pilot episode.

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