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  • One more example of Fox dismantling a show from within.

    Here again Fox feels it knows how to better line up a shows episodes. Once again they screw up a show with great potential by mixing and matching episodes and completely destroying the creators vision. This would have been a hit on any other network since most channels don't move key episodes around and they let shows build an audience. This network doesn't know how to grow anything, they expect everything to be a hit on day one or they think they can somehow fix it.
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    The creators of The Shield introduced an even better show to Fox in the Spring of 2011, The Chicago Code. You probably never heard of it though, because in their infinite wisdom, Fox only gave the show three months. The rating weren't spectacular, but they weren't bad either. In June, The Chicago Code became part of Fox's mass cancellation, which saw Dollhouse, Lie To Me, Human Target, and Alcatraz gone in the blink of eye. It begs the question, did the Fox executives ever bother to watch these shows? The Chicago Code was well written, fast-paced, and featured a tremendous cast of new and established talent. If it had been on cable, I have no doubt that this show would still be on the air and at the top of the ratings.

    The Chicago Code features Jennifer Beals as Superintendent, Teresa Colvin, hired by the Chicago Mayor to help clean up the police force. Colvin has greater ambitions though, as she plans on cleaning up local government and taking on the Irish mob as well. To do this, Colvin covertly puts together a team, that has the power to choose it's own cases and make a case against their prime target, Alderman Ronin Gibbons (Delroy Lindo). Gibbons has been on the city counsel for half a century and thanks to his mob connections, he is considered to be the most powerful politician in Chicago. Everyone knows he's dirty, but the hard part is proving that in a court of law.

    Colvin's team is led by Detective Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke), who has a scarred past, that has led him to his own unique and chaotic way of doing things. Wysocki is paired with a young, ambitious, clean cut college boy, Caleb Evers (Matt Lauria), who tries to keep Wysocki in check, while putting everyone else to shame with his incredible good looks. The third member of the team is an undercover officer, who has infiltrated the mob and is trying to work his way up to the politicians.

    Every episode contains different stories that follow the shady dealings, some case the pair is working on, the fallout for the Superintendent, and of course the undercover who has an in with the wrong crowd. The stories are edgy, intelligent, and really entertaining. A lot of shows get cancelled every year, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why this show wasn't given more of a chance. The chemistry the cast has, along with the terrific writing, and edge of your seat police drama made The Chicago Code one of the best shows to come out that year.

    Two years after it's cancellation, the show is still on my mind and in fact, I just recently watched it again, as it's streaming on Netflix. The story of The Chicago Code teaches us one very important thing about network television, it's all about the money! You can have an original idea, a great cast, and the most entertaining show to come along in years, but if it doesn't make more money than it costs, it's as good as gone.
  • Chicago code how can we get it back

    Excellent NEED TO GET IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was a book reader until recently and this show has me hooked........ so what do we have to do to get it back.
  • The chicago code so sorry to see you go.

    I readly like this show and Yes; I realize there are a lot of police drama's being made right now, but this one had a little something extra. I liked that they weren't only looking out on the streets for crimes and corruption. I liked that there was a woman in charge of it all rarely watch TV--could be because must shows are junk. I've been searching for the return of Chicago Code and now find one of the few decent shows has been cancelled. What is wrong with FOX??? Isn't anyone else tired of CSI, Law and Order, etc. that go on year after year? Wake up FOX and put CHICAGO CODE back on. Please


    I had not heard that The Chicago Code was cancelled.....I have been diligently on the look out for trailers that the show will be starting up completely disappointing to finally have a different type of "police show" that took place in a "new" city....not NY, LV, FL, or CA!!!!! There are so many viewers that are so sick of all the "reality" shows that we all know are not truly reality and where there's some reference to believable story line, given the history of Chicago....SO...SO...SO DISAPPOINTED with Fox....quite frankly the only network I do not watch due to poor programming...this was the only show that kept my interest...their loss more than mine!
  • Why this show was canceled?

    Sexy cop Jennifer Beals!
  • Cancelled!!


    I rarely watch TV--could be because must shows are junk. I've been searching for the return of Chicago Code and now find one of the few decent shows has been cancelled. What is wrong with FOX??? Isn't anyone else tired of CSI, Law and Order, etc. that go on year after year? Wake up FOX and put CHICAGO CODE back on.

  • Interesting storyline

    In my opinion, The Chicago Code started a bit slow. It is understandable because it is still giving a lot of backgrounds of the characters. For example, the character of Liam as an undercover cop or the character of Alderman Gibbons as a very corrupt official. But after a few episode it picked up. The story line of corruption is very interesting and the method of how they want to bring this down is something to look forward to in every episode. At first, it was because of Jennifer Beals and Jason Clarke that I was watching this but as the story picked up, I watch because the series is nicely done. The story line, the acting, the editing and directing are all good. I hope FOX will reconsider renewing the series for another season. This is a good tv series.
  • Every season a network makes a bone head move & cancels a show that I loved. Well this season one of those moves belongs to FOX with The Chicago Code. This crime drama has heart & grit. FOX irritates me; I wish they had given it another season.

    Yes; I realize there are a lot of police drama's being made right now, but this one had a little something extra. I liked that they weren't only looking out on the streets for crimes and corruption. I liked that there was a woman in charge of it all, and I liked most of the story lines. How this show was not noticed by more people is beyond me.
    I had never seen Jason Clarke (Jarek Wysocki) in anything before, but there was something about him that helped make his character look wounded but honorable. I liked the fact that the audience believed that Clarke's character would push as far has he had to (even if it meant breaking a few rules) to get the job done. I also loved that his private life was a mess. I was secretly hoping that he would reunite with his exwife and kick the fiancé to the curb.
    Matt Lauria (Caleb Evers) was the yin to Jason Clarke's yang. I loved that the "rookie" detective had to keep close reigns on the wild stallion that was Jarek Wysocki. Lauria was so believable. He looked the part of the idealistic new detective that believes that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Lauria's light heartedness helped counter Clarkes demoned filled character. Jennifer Beals played her character (Teresa Colvin) beautifully. In the first few episodes when her body guard got killed, I could see her pain. Beals is a great actress, and I hope to see a lot more of her in the future. Beals made her character come to life, and that is what an actor needs to do to make me love a show.
    There was very little about this show that I didn't like, but I didn't like Devin Kelley as Vonda Wysocki. I felt like her character just was missing something. The only episode I felt real emotion coming from her was after Colvin's driver died. When she was sitting in the car with her partner, and she said she wasn't afraid of dying but she was afraid of him dying. I felt her pain in that one scene. I really wish she could have summoned that kind of passion on a daily basis.
    I'm not going to give my opinion of every character, but I do want to mention Todd Williams (Isaac Joiner), Billy Lush (Liam Hennessey), and Delroy Lindo (Alderman Ronin Gibbons). I love Todd Williams. I was probably biased coming into the show because I loved him on In Plain Sight. He is a great actor, and he makes every scene he was in believable. He even helped Kelley look better. I actually have firsthand knowledge of people who go undercover to catch the bad guys, because my brother did that for about 10 years. Lush made me believe his character, and since I have had that experience one on one that is had to do. Good job Lush! Last but definitely not least we come to Delroy Lindo. What can I say? He played the part of the bad guy we love to hate perfectly. His character managed to be into everything, The Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the neighborhood. Lindo's character did a lot for his community, good and bad. He give to the community through the front door, and then run the contributions with interest right out the back door. Lindo played the perfect bad guy.
    FOX is in for a rough year next year. They keep making me fall in love with new shows, and then they cancel them. I might have to stick with ABC, NBC, & CBS. At least until the shows have been approved for additional seasons. I really did like this show. I looked forward to seeing it every week. I will definitely miss The Chicago Code.
  • A good show.

    The series follows CPD officers as they fight crime and try to expose political corruption within the city. Detectives Wysocki and Evers lead the fight against corruption. Wysocki was assigned to head the special unit by his boss the newly appointed first-female Chicago Police Superintendent and his one time partner, Teresa Colvin. Undercover officer Liam works the streets as he gets information on Hugh Killian, the Irish mob and believed Alderman Ronin Gibbons, a powerful politician in Chicago. I was glad to see that even though the show was going to end after a season the writers decided to wrap up all existing story lines and give the show a good send off instead of not letting Alderman Gibbons still be in Chicago. I really enjoyed this series even though it only lasted 13 episodes. If you enjoy cop shows you should defently watch this show.
  • Well acted, well produced, great character development from the start.

    Sure, from the front it looks like a regular police drama, and realistically, it is. But what you take from the show isn't so much about that, but rather the characters and the sub-stories they get weaved into.

    Great acting, complex characters, and a unique feel, give this show something that hasn't been felt before.

    Try out a few episodes and see if you get into the groove. I think it's worth a shot. Plus, the Chicago accent isn't overdone which I think is a huge plus. Anything revolving around the Boston cop scene is always so overly acted it enrages me, so this is great.
  • Wasn't sure what I'd get after viewing months and months of trailers for this program. It's actually hard to review a program after one viewing, but I'm going to give this one the benefit of the doubt, and say it wasn't bad.

    When a show features A (or even B) list movie actors, I assume it has to perform right away, because these actors don't come cheap. I'm thinking one reason Lone Star was cancelled so quickly is because of what they were paying Jon Voigt. This show has two such actors, Jennifer Beals and Delroy Lindo. I've already read that the pilot didn't perform "as well as expected." So Fox will either give this show a chance to develop and attract an audience, or they won't. I'm hoping they give it a chance because based on what I saw yesterday, the story line features several interesting features. We have a female Superintendent, a powerful but corrupt protagonist, cops working a "special task force", an undercover cop,in constant danger, and chances for a little romance even, thrown into the mix. I don't expect it to rise to the level of "The Wire", but there are parts of the show that reminded me of the HBO masterpiece. I will definitely watch several episodes, reserving my full judgement for later.
  • I was a little worried when I saw the previews for yet another cop show, but I was impressed.

    When I first saw the previews I was worried that another cop show was coming on. There are dozens, but just finished watching the episode and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It has a different feel to it and I am really happy that it doesn't take place in New York like so many others. It's a little early to give my final verdict but from what I have seen so far I am impressed. I also like the narration, I like the idea of giving everyone a little backstory. I will surely be tuning in next week. I like the idea behind the show, most procedurals only bring out corruption in a few episodes, I like the idea of addressing it head on.
  • One word, "Bleck!!!" So, predictable, so not believable, just like every other cop show ever shown.

    If you have ever watched a cop show, then you have already seen this one before, just different faces, different set, and a different title. Corrupt politician...blah..blah, hero is a schmo who can't keep it in his pants, (yes, already in the pilot show,even)...blah..blah...Gang stuff...blah..blah...can someone please grow a brain and come up with something new??? Why do they always have to make them all just the same? The accents in the movie aren't even believable, and some 95lb girl is going to rough up a street thug after he knocks the crap out of her? NOT!!! I mean come on, at least do something a "little" different and a "little" believable....a little?? I'm not asking for complete reality TV, but come on.
  • FINALLY! Nothing this good on TV since N.Y.P.D. Blue!

    Wowee! My new Monday night fix! Just finished watching the premier episode and I'm in hook, line and sinker! Superbly written, machine gun action and an instantly addictive storyline, 'The Chicago Code' is what I've been waiting for all these years since 'N.Y.P.D. Blue' aired it's very last episode. The only place this show can go is down, folks and all you crime drama addicts out there such as myself join with me in a prayer that the writers and the production staff simply will not allow that to happen. I'll take it as a personal affront if they do! What a great show!
  • Bye Windy city.

    This show and his demise made me think about audience: you always read in comments that people want something new, but every single time an even slightly different show is proposed nobody watches it (thus shedding light on the impossible task for networks to meet the viewers' demands of new things while they don't really want them). This show which wasn't really that envelope-pushing probably would have had better luck on cable; I've stopped watching after a few episoded 'cos of the ratings (I didn't want to grow attached to it to see it then cancelled as it happened). I guess nobody can blame the networks for procedurals and reality shows. I liked the characters (special mention to Gibbons, a really good "bad guy"), the stories, the pace. too bad.