The Chicago Code

Season 1 Episode 8

Wild Onions

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2011 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When the three officers are lined up in Colvin's office, Bidwell is stood straight at attention, reflecting his prior service in the Marine Corps, whereas the other two are in a more casual stance.

    • Wysocki meets with his informant in a busy diner, wearing his police vest, badge and weapon, and makes no effort to keep his voice down. Yet when he first proposes using him to Evers, he makes it clear that he doesn't want his cover blown.

  • Quotes

    • Hennessey: Mr. Leonard Roscoe?
      Mr. Roscoe: I know who I am. I'm asking, who the hell are you?
      Hennessey: We're from Alderman Gibbons.
      Mr. Roscoe: Gibbons? What's that son of a bitch want?
      Hennessey: To see if you needed any cold water.
      Mr. Roscoe: Water? What's in it?
      Hennessey: Just water.
      (Mikey gives Mr. Roscoe the water)
      Mr. Roscoe: Doesn't mean I'm going to vote for him.

    • Colvin: (to armed robber) Hey, everyone calm down! Now, listen, there are two of us and only one of you. If you shoot him, then we both shoot you. All right, but it doesn't have to go down that way. You put…it…down.

    • Wysocki: Where do we find this Russian?
      Big Sexy: A little joint called The Eastern Bloc, up on Devon. That means my debt's paid, right?
      Wysocki: Far from it, Big. This thing pans out I might let you keep giving me tips.
      Big Sexy: That's all sorts of wrong, Wysocki.
      Wysocki: I am all sorts of wrong, Big.

    • Newscaster: I think we have a case where the city is hot, and tempers are hot. People get hot, people are on edge…Look, I'm on edge. My yellow '72 Ford Maverick overheated.

    • (Isaac is in the shower when Vonda walks in)
      Isaac: What you doing?
      Vonda: Pizza's here.
      Isaac: OK.
      (There's a long pause)
      Vonda: Thought you might need some soap? (Pauses) Can I come in?
      Isaac: This heat, it...turns everyone into crazies. Are you sure about this?
      (Vonda steps in the shower with Isaac and the two kiss)

    • Colvin: Good first day.
      Bidwell: That means I get a second?
      Colvin: That means you get a second.
      Bidwell: Well, I can't think you enough for the opportunity, Superintendent.
      Colvin: Oh, you don't have to thank me. You were the most qualified.
      Bidwell: No, no, I wasn't. I had a little bit of time on those other two candidates, but er...I wasn't picked because of seniority. (Colvin stops and turns to face him) I noticed those other two were wearing wedding rings. And Macey kept talking about his kids...well, don't get me wrong, I don't care how I got the gig. I guess, er...I'm just saying, I understand.
      Colvin: You understand what?
      Bidwell: I did two tours in Iraq. And...lost some close friends on the way. But...the guys who were married and had know, it made it a lot tougher than it already was. I know Officer Betz was really special to you.
      Colvin: Yes, he was.
      Bidwell: Hopefully, I can earn that some day. But you need to know something about me. I didn't come back from the desert just to die, doing this job. And I'm sure as hell not gonna let anything happen to you.
      Colvin: OK.
      Bidwell: Goodnight, ma'am.
      Colvin: Goodnight, Ray.

    • Wysocki: I gotta cousin. Born Catholic, met a Jewish girl, converted to marry her. Never been happier.
      Evers: What's your point?
      Wysocki: That it's not too late to convert, become a Sox fan. Find some happiness!
      Evers: Not a chance!
      Wysocki: can't say I didn't try!

    • (In Colvin's office)
      Bidwell: I'm gonna grab a pop, you want anything?
      Colvin: No, thank you. You should go home. I'll be here for a few more hours.
      Bidwell: Well, I believe the job description is, I'm done working about a minute after you're done. Plus, there's no-one available to take your overnight security detail anyway, so,'s just the beginning of my evening.
      Colvin: Overnight security detail? I...don't need-
      Bidwell: I know, ma'am, you've been refusing it. I took the liberty of reinstating it.
      Colvin: Without asking me?
      Bidwell: Due respect, Superintendent, but, I figured since you've been refusing it, if I asked you, you only would've said no.
      Colvin: That would be right.
      Bidwell: The thing is, your safety is my job. And, I'm not looking to get fired.
      Colvin: Then cancel the detail.
      Bidwell: Erm...Detective Wysocki told me that if you tried to cancel it, I'm supposed to ask if you remember the, erm...Halloween costume you wore at the Area Five party in oh-three? (Colvin is speechless) I...I guess he has pictures or, er...or something.
      (There is a long silence before Colvin finally responds)
      Colvin: Fine.
      Bidwell: You sure you don't want anything?
      Colvin: Ice tea.
      Bidwell: Coming up.

    • Isaac: (Voiceover) Fire hydrants and summer go hand in hand where I'm from. West side of Chicago, when you're a kid and it's hot out...woah, that fire hydrant is heaven! Best thing about my block was Mr Owens. He was a bid ol' fireman so he could open that thing up just about anytime he wanted. Ah...and his daughter, April... she was more than beautiful. First time I fell in love was underneath one of those hydrants.

    • Colvin: You know, giving you a carte blanche was supposed to make my job easier. If you take over a case, you do it with discretion and respect. The last thing I need on a day like today are phone calls from coppers you're pissing off, because frankly, they seem like an ever increasing number.
      Wysocki: I get it, I do, but the guy's an oxygen thief. He should be riding a desk, not working homicide.
      Colvin: It is not your job to assess his performance.
      Wysocki: No, it's yours. But maybe you should do it with this guy.
      Colvin: You telling me how to do my job now?
      Wysocki: No, just making a suggesting based on observation.
      Colvin: Well, let me make a suggestion based on my observation. You may enjoy being my hammer out on the street, but don't let it go to your head, because as much as I might hate to do it, I can always put you back in the toolbox. Lassiter's name stays on the case.
      Wysocki: (Surprised) What?
      Colvin: The two of you are going to solve this case, and he's gonna get full credit. You understand?
      Wysocki: I can solve it, sure.
      Colvin: I have every confidence you will, because I told Captain Lassiter that you would, or I would task you to him personally for a month. Keep me posted.

    • (Colvin is signing in a prisoner when Wysocki approaches)
      Wysocki: Well, if it isn't our fearless leader! What you doing here?
      Colvin: Just dropping off a prisoner.
      Wysocki: Personally?
      Colvin: Don't look so surprised. I used to do it for a living.

    • (Vonda and Isaac are walking the streets when they see two boys selling cold drinks at the side of the road)
      Isaac: How much for a pop?
      Kid: For you? Two bucks.
      Isaac: Two, huh? It's like that, huh?
      Kid: Yeah, it's like that.
      Isaac: (Referring to Vonda) How about for her?
      Kid: For her, a buck fifty. She's prettier.
      Vonda: Come on, now! Only fifty cents prettier?

    • (While Officer Bidwell arrests the man who took a store clerk hostage)
      Colvin: You OK, sir?
      Clerk: Yeah, oh god, thank you. They lose their minds in this heat! (Notices Colvin's vest) You some kind of sergeant or something?
      Colvin: Something like that.

    • (At the scene of a robbery)
      Bidwell: Ma'am, you wanna wait in the car? Backup's on the way.
      Colvin: Do I look like I wanna wait in the car?

    • (Bidwell is driving Colvin around the city)
      Bidwell: By the way, for what it's's a good thing you did back there. Going in, talking to those coppers face to face. Means a lot to them. When I was a Marine, I had this CO, and he was always hanging out with the enlisted guys. He knew all of us by name. And we had a lot of respect for him.

    • Wysocki: You promised we're gonna get the guy who did this? What you doing?
      Evers: I know, I know. I've never made that mistake before, but when I was talking to him, it just came out of my mouth.
      Wysocki: Well, this is gonna make you feel better. The kid's an orphan. He's got no family.
      Evers: What?
      Wysocki: Yeah. His father was his last living relative. PCFS is gonna come by and pick him up. Unless, of course, you promised him he could stay at your place?
      Evers: I'm sorry.
      Wysocki: You should be.
      Evers: Yeah, I should'a told him that, but-
      Wysocki: No. You shouldn't write checks you can't cash.
      Evers: I know! So help me cash this one.

    • (At the scene of Eddie Cruz's murder, Wysocki attempts to take over the case from Detective Lassiter)
      Wysocki: You want me to spell it out for you? You and your little buddy are out. We're in.
      Lassiter: Oh, so it is true. The Superintendent's little lap dog gets to cherry pick all his cases.
      Wysocki: That's right. So canvas the area, let me know what you dig up.
      Lassiter: I got a better idea. Why don't you go get yourself a mani pedi while I stay out here and close this case?
      Wysocki: (Laughs) You close a case, huh? That'll be a first. Hey, just 'cos your daddy's a captain, Lassiter, doesn't mean ya got any skills. That gene must'a skipped a generation.

    • (At the scene of a suicide)
      Wysocki: That's one way to beat the heat, huh? (To a nearby officer) Look, self-inflicted's not my thing. Let the bodysnatchers come down and take him down to the ME.
      Evers: You know what I read? On the way down, a lotta these guys are thinking like, 'why am I doing this? I'm making a huge mistake.'
      Wysocki: 'Oh, now I'll never see the Cubbies win a World Series and we were so close!'
      Evers: Oh, here we go!
      Wysocki: Yeah well, if my team hadn't won a series in the last century, I'd be pretty depressed too!
      Evers: You know what? You talk a lot. Cubs are playing the Sox tonight.
      Wysocki: Oh, I am well aware of the schedule, my friend.
      Evers: Little wager, maybe?
      Wysocki: How much?
      Evers: You know what? I gotta better idea. Loser has to write all the paper on every case for the rest of the month.
      Wysocki: Oh, you write all the paper anyway and that's not gonna change. No, the loser...the loser has to wear the opposing team's uniform to work tomorrow.
      Evers: Fine.
      Wysocki: And pose for photographs.
      Evers: Good. Yeah.

    • (In Colvin's office, Officer Bidwell has just got the job as her driver)
      Bidwell: When do we start?
      Colvin: Right now. The mayor wants the city's heat emergency plan in full effect. They're saying blackouts are likely so that means all hands, every available copper is out on the street.
      Bidwell: That including you, ma'am?
      Wysocki: You know what? If I'm revoking sick days and calling off vacations, I'm certainly not gonna do it from an air conditioned office.

    • Wysocki: You know, this is not about replacing Antonio. It's about making you efficient and keeping you safe. I hand picked these three coppers myself. You can't make a bad decision. Besides, I can't keep showing up here at the crack of dawn. People are gonna start talking.
      Colvin: (Smiling) Well that's the best reason I've heard yet.
      Wysocki: Then that, is the reason we will go with.

    • Colvin: (Voiceover) Most people will think of Chicago and harsh winters, but the summers can be just as rough. For five days in July 1995, Chicago battled triple digit temperatures. Roads buckled and draw bridges needed to be hosed down in order to close properly. And murder rates, went through the roof. Altogether the heat claimed over seven hundred lives that week.'s supposed to be hotter.

    • Gibbons: There's nothing more fulfilling than public service. Don't you ever forget that.

  • Notes

    • Director Adam Arkin played FBI Division Chief Cuyler in the previous episode, entitled "Black Hand and the Shotgun Man."

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: April 11, 2011 on Global
      United Kingdom: June 30, 2011 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Czech Republic: March 30, 2012 on Prima COOL

  • Allusions

    • Colvin: Most people will think of Chicago and harsh winters, but the summers can be just as rough. For five days in July 1995, Chicago battled triple digit temperatures.

      The 1995 Chicago heat wave claimed approximately 750 lives, most of whom were the elderly poor living in the city center, and who had no air conditioning. It lasted for five days with the temperature reaching a high of 106°F (41°C) on July 13, the second highest Chicago has experienced since records began in 1928.

    • Title: "Wild Onions"

      The title of this episode comes from a French spin on the Native American word "shikaakwa", meaning "wild onion" or "wild garlic" in the Miami-Illinois language. It is also from where the name "Chicago" originates.

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