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  • Worst comedy show ever! Period.

    All right. I am gonna lay it down on the line: This show did not last long at all! And here's the reason why: Nobody wants to watch a show about stupid-sounding talking monkeys with stupid background music or whatever kind of dumb music they played on this show! The only reason this show ever got aired was because comedy was an on up and coming basis. However, this show went way to far and I did not even watch one of its episodes for 5 minutes! I first saw an advertisement for this show on the side of a bus. And when I saw the picture of it, I knew at once that it would be a dumb show even before I watched it.

    Terrible! Simply terrible! The End.
  • I loved this when it was on.

    This was so hilarious. It made fun of so many shows. I loved the ones where they made fun of Charlie's Angels and the one of Xenia.
    I'm glad I taped then when I had the chance. It's just sad that they couldn't keep it on. Another funny show down the drain.