The Cho Show

VH1 (ended 2008)


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  • Basically, the Cho show follows around Margaret Cho as she is interacting with friends (some famous), family, and living her life. There are different themes explored by what is going on in her life.

    The Cho Show followed around Margaret Cho, a famous comedian and actor, in a reality style format. Fans of the show are more than likely already fans of Margaret, and may want to get to know her more. Others may be fans of reality shows in general, or just happened to tune in.
    I would recommend the show to those who are fans- that way you have an idea of what to expect a bit, or at least to those who find Margaret funny. I am upset that the show never got a second season. I never watch reality shows, but I watched this one as a fan of Margaret Cho. My favorite episode was a non- traditional Mother Daughter beauty pageant (which Margaret entered with her assistant instead of her mother). This episode explored society's view of beauty, and how maybe we should develop our own ideas. Margaret and her assistant, Selene both opened up about how others had treated them because of their looks.