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Thursday 9:00 PM on FOX Premiered Jun 07, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • models, models, models

    I watched this program and was totaly disgusted, not with the contestants, but with the meaning we are putting across to the youth of today. Did anyone see a contestant that was just even a little full figured, because i did not. With all the self esteem issues and the consequences surrounding the want to be thin mentality, this program not only promotes this mentality it enforces the issues that society is trying to overcome. This show is truly demeaning. Not my choice of entertainment
  • Love the show

    Love the show and especially the episodes with the men. I thought Carmen et al would NEVER make a choice. The women were picky and unreasonable. I thought that the show would end with no choices made. I'd much rather see the men than the women.
  • Rob Gronkowski's Choice

    I can NOT believe who Rob Gronkowski chose after Myrna's answer to his final question. That was the perfect answer from an extremely sweet and gorgeous girl (Myrna). It so rare to find a girl who is that sweet and that beautiful at the same time. What were you thinking Rob!? Still looking, Myrna?

  • Not the first choice, but neither the last one.

    Although the show is not close to be original or new, it gives some good laughs with the reaction of the "celebrities" or the embarrassing moments that constantly happen. Overall, it's like seeing two extremely attractive people exchanging a first conversation in front of everybody, and the questions that roll between them in speed date are both embarrassing and extremely funny. This it not a show that i will watch obsessively, but if it's on, I wont mind watching. And, of course, Cat Deeley is just great!