The Chopping Block

NBC (ended 2009)





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  • Top Chef meets Hell's Kitchen, result: Kick it off the island. Oh wait, that's another "reality" show.

    The premise: Couples compete to be the last ones standing. Prize: Their own restaurant
    Top Dog: Chef White
    Twist: Judge is an anonymous food critic.

    This show was just bad! It not have the energy of Top Chef, or the lungs of Chef Ramsay. The grim visage of Chef White reclining in a chair and doing narration was just boring. Is the guy a Michelin Chef, you bet, does he have a great speaking voice, eh, does just bring you to the edge of your seat wanting more. when I wake up I'll let you know.

    I don't get the concept of using couples, specially when they do not get to work together, but both are held accountable for each other.

    The tone of the show was dark, for a while I thought it was black and white.

    The is up against four popular comedies in it's Wednesday. R.I.P. quickly.