The Chris Isaak Show

Season 3 Episode 6

A Little Help From My Friends

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2004 on Showtime
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A Little Help From My Friends

Chris is in for quite a jolt when Gloria Estefan arrives in San Francisco to perform with him and the band. During rehearsals she showers the guys with compliments, impressing them with her kindness and lack of pretense. Though initially flattering and supportive, the real reason for her visit is soon revealed, though not before the seeds of rebellion have been sown between Chris and the band. To make matters worse, Chris, who always shuns caffeine, is tricked into drinking Gloria's special blend of Cuban coffee, and now can't seem to function without it.

Yola, meanwhile, has her hands full dealing with a pizza company that has illegally used one of Chris' songs in their advertising spots. As she works to prepare Chris for his deposition, she notices his erratic, caffeine-induced behavior, and suspects it may be linked to Gloria. By the time she arrives to take him for his all-important deposition several days later, her worst fears are realized... Chris' Cuban coffee addiction has him completely out of control.

Anson is invited by his girlfriend to attend her parents' anniversary party, but doesn't own a suit. Seeking favor with Yola, Cody offers to take Anson shopping. Cody discovers there's more to Anson than meets the eye, when he becomes deathly ill and Anson takes charge of his recovery.


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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • 1.  Though the whole Cuban
        coffee angle is hilarious in this episode, Yola's and Roly's statements that
        Chris doesn't drink coffee isn't entirely accurate.  In the first season episode "The Professionals," there is a scene
        with Chris and Yola in Chris' kitchen, having a conversation while both
        patiently watch the coffee maker on the counter brew away.  We see two coffee mugs sitting next to the
        machine, and both lunge at it when the brew cycle has completed.  Granted, there's nothing to indicate that
        the coffee inside the decanter isn't decaffeinated, there's also nothing to
        indicate that it is.  Additionally, Yola
        is seen making a fresh pot of coffee in Chris' kitchen in her first scene with
        Chris in season three's episode 1, "Family of Man."

        In defense of the "Chris doesn't drink coffee" notion,
        however, in season two's episode 12 "Farm Boys," Evie sets a pot of coffee and
        three cups on the table, one cup each in front of Chris, Kenney, and Roly.  When Yola enters the room a few seconds
        later, she sits at the table next to Chris, and he passes his cup of coffee to
        her.  It doesn't necessarily indicate
        that he doesn't drink coffee; it may just have been a gentlemanly thing to do
        for Yola.

        2.  For the first
        time this season, we see Cody's car – and it's not at all the "Codified" set of
        wheels we've come to expect from our image-conscious Mr. Kurtzman.  In the past, Cody's driven BMW's, and had
        been very demonstrative about it.  Here,
        however, he's driving a flashy red Ford Mustang convertible.  Nice, to be sure, but hardly the status
        symbol that his Beemer was last season. 
        While this isn't necessarily a goof, its appearance is not explained,
        and goes a bit against the grain of Cody's well-defined character.

        3.  This is also the
        first time in the entire series that we've seen where Cody lives.  Once again, the flashy, modern, affluent
        décor of his home seems to be at odds with the set of wheels in the
        driveway.  However, the obvious lack of
        any truly personal effects (photos, awards, mementos from home, etc.,) in the
        house is exactly in keeping with Cody's character.  He had (past-tense) lots of nice things, (before Anson trashed
        them…) but none of them appear to have been family heirlooms or sentimental
        objects; the perfect home for a mover and shaker with very humble beginnings
        that he'd like to forget.

        4.  Yola's comment
        about Chris to Hershel, "He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't even
        take aspirin."  Um, not entirely...  In season two's episode 8, "Rat in the
        House," there's a scene where Yola's in the green room at Bimbo's, practicing
        her guitar, when Chris walks in after Ray's sprayed his house to try to
        eliminate his rodent problem.  As he
        enters the room, he asks her if she's got any aspirin, claiming that the smell
        from the spray has given him a headache.

        5.  There are several
        "Doctor" issues with this episode… 
        First off, season one's episode 7, "Mr. Isaak's Opus," introduced the
        character of 'Doc,' though there was no indication in that episode that that
        character was also Chris' doctor. 
        Season two's episode 5, "Duty Calls," established that Chris' doctor was
        'Dr. Joel Nemirsky, MD,' per his excuse letter to get out of jury duty.  Additionally, in season two's episode 8,
        "Rat in the House," Anson visits 'Dr. Miller' after he hurts his wrist taking
        Kung Fu.  Finally, Anson states in
        season one's episode 13, "Wages of Fear," that 'Doc' had fixed him up when he
        developed a rash from a laundry detergent sample he got in the mail.  Though again, there's nothing to indicate that
        that character is the same 'Doc' introduced in the earlier season one episode,
        Chris' 'Dr. Nemirsky' from season two, Anson's 'Dr. Miller' from season two, or
        'Dr. Levko' from this episode, or even someone else entirely – there's nothing
        to indicate that he IS 'Dr. Levko,' either. 
        So, this occurrence of 'Dr. Levko,' though humorous, doesn't fit what's
        already been established.  (I will
        concede, however, that as insurance coverage changes, it's likely that doctors
        change, as well.  welcome to health care
        in the US in the new millennium...)

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Quote #1:

        Chris and the band are overwhelmed by Gloria's friendly, supportive manner at their first rehearsal together:

        Chris: "You know, you don't meet many people who live up to their press."

        Hershel: "Uh huh, see Chris? You can be successful in this business and still be a decent person."

        Quote #2:

        Mona: "I understand why you want to sing with Gloria. Why does she want to sing with you?"

        Chris: "Thanks. A lot of big stars have sung with me. why wouldn't she?"

        Mona: "Chris, when you're giving your deposition..."

        Chris: "What, now we're talking about my deposition?"

        Mona: "Your lawyer will tell you, 'listen to the question'."

        Chris: "Okay, see, I'm gonna get a non sequitur headache now, okay."

        Quote #3:

        Yola arrives at Chris' house to take him to give his deposition only to find him dressed in a towel and necktie, strung out on Cuban coffee. As he tries to allay her fears about his ability to be effective in the process, he tells her, "You may have forgotten this, but in high school I was the captain of my debate team for six years..."

        (Here in the United States, students attend high school for four years. ;-) And yes, Chris was captain of his debate team, though the only thing I can say for sure is that he didn't hold that honor for six years.)

    • NOTES (1)

      • Songs featured in this episode:

        "Devil In Disguise"
        Live sound check/dress rehearsal scene at Bimbo's with Gloria Estefan.

        "If We Were Lovers"
        Live rehearsal setting in Gloria's hotel room with Chris and Gloria.

        "Shadows in the Mirror:
        Hershel, Roly, and Gloria, playing in the green room at Bimbo's.

        "Somebody to Love"
        Live rehearsal setting at Bimbo's with Gloria Estefan.

        "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing"
        Live concert setting at Bimbo's.

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