The Chris Isaak Show

Season 2 Episode 3

Chris Isaak Day

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2002 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • 1.  As Chris and company drive through the lush farmland of the Central San Joaquin Valley, we see lots of farm equipment, livestock, and rolls of hay.  That's lovely, however, hay is baled here, not rolled…  (Not a big deal, no, but rolled hay is definitely not something one sees around these parts every
      day.)  :-)

      2. After Chris receives his police badge from Mayor Roberts,
      he proceeds to pin it to his leather jacket, on the left side right below the
      collar.  He's still wearing it as he
      leads Kenney, Roly, and Anson off on a tour of Stockton.  In Chris' next scene, (one scene later,) as he's
      leading Kenney and Roly (we'd seen that Anson left the "tour" the scene
      before,) toward the Grand Avenue Music store, Chris is no longer wearing his
      coveted police badge…

      3.  As Chris enters
      the music store and chats with the proprietor, Mr. Strupman, we see that Chris'
      jacket is open (unbuttoned.)  In the
      next scene, as he's running away from the store (glancing back over his left
      shoulder, presumably in fear of "old man Strupman,") his jacket is closed and buttoned.  Granted, he could have done that as he fled,
      but since Mr. Strupman didn't have any kind words for our hero, I would doubt
      that he'd take the time, as he ran, to button up his jacket…

      4.  In the final
      scene, as Chris is pulled over by a California Highway Patrol Officer, the car
      is correct, (a black-and-white cruiser with the correct insignia on the door,)
      as is the general look of the uniform. 
      However, as the officer is writing up Chris' ticket, we see that the
      patch on his right shoulder says "State Trooper," when it should say "California
      Highway Patrol."

  • Quotes

    • Chris and Yola, discussing Yola meeting Chris' friend, fireman Ted Thomas:

      Chris: "You're gonna be in Stockton for the street naming ceremony, we'll all be together. You'll meet him, you'll pump his hand a little bit…"

      Yola: "All right, I'll pump his hand."

      Chris: "Okay, that's all I'm askin'!"

      Yola: "Okay!"

      Chris: "Any touching past the hand, that's between you and him."

  • Notes

    • Songs featured in this episode:

      "Somebody's Crying"
      Live concert setting at Bimbo's.

      "One Day"
      Live rehearsal at Chris' house.

      "Gone Ridin'"
      Soundtrack music – driving through the countryside, heading for Stockton.

      "I See You Everywhere"
      Roly sings to Yola.

      "Go Walking Down There"
      Live concert setting on the "Stockton" set.

      "King of the Road" (Roger Miller)
      Chris and Kenney head for home and get pulled over by a Highway Patrol officer.

      "Blue Hotel"
      Chris, after getting pulled over, sings into the CHP Officer's radio.

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