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  • Season 3
    • Suspicion
      Episode 13
      Chris and Yola plan a secret, romantic getaway together and unwittingly end up cast in a murder mystery game at an inn in Napa. To their surprise, the guys in the band and Cody happen to be staying at the inn that weekend too.
    • Braveheart
      Episode 12
      Chris, wanting to impress Yola with his intellect, agrees to appear on the TV game show "Pop Whiz."
    • Taking Off
      Taking Off
      Episode 11
      While stranded on a plane with Blake Shelton, Cody and the band, Chris and Yola try to deal with the emotional consequences of their first kiss.
    • Run, Yola, Run
      Run, Yola, Run
      Episode 10
      Chris must do some damage control when his girlfriend, Olivia, arranges for Richie Sambora to perform with him, without checking with Yola first.
    • Home Fires
      Home Fires
      Episode 9
      Chris is pressured into having a yard sale and inadvertently sells his vintage Chess record collection to singer Cyndi Lauper, who intends to use it to decorate the walls of her guest bathroom.
    • Criminal Favors
      Criminal Favors
      Episode 8
      Chris and Olivia's relationship is going great, until he meets her good friend - and ex-husband - Neal.
    • Rivals
      Episode 7

      When Michael Bublé stops by to perform at Bimbo's with Chris and the band, his beautiful manager, Olivia, immediately catches Chris' eye. Though clearly attracted to one another, both initially have concerns about mixing business with pleasure. Chris shares his interest in Olivia with Yola, whose lukewarm response to the match is taken as approval by a love-struck Chris.

      Yola, meanwhile, is distraught over the disappearance of her dog, Jimi, after he runs out of her apartment when the front door is accidentally left open. As Jimi begins a dog's-eye tour of the city, Yola calls Chris and enlists his help to look for the runaway. It soon becomes apparent though, after the pair spends several days ringing doorbells, talking to strangers, jumping over fences and falling in mud puddles that little Jimi may not really want to be found.

      Anson also has issues of his own to deal with, at the moment. It seems his dad volunteered him to help an opera singer prepare for a recital; something he's reluctant to do until he meets the beautiful young woman. Unfortunately, her protective mother blocks every attempt he makes to be alone with her, a problem that, as it turns out, has an unexpected result for the frustrated accompanist.

    • A Little Help From My Friends

      Chris is in for quite a jolt when Gloria Estefan arrives in San Francisco to perform with him and the band. During rehearsals she showers the guys with compliments, impressing them with her kindness and lack of pretense. Though initially flattering and supportive, the real reason for her visit is soon revealed, though not before the seeds of rebellion have been sown between Chris and the band. To make matters worse, Chris, who always shuns caffeine, is tricked into drinking Gloria's special blend of Cuban coffee, and now can't seem to function without it.

      Yola, meanwhile, has her hands full dealing with a pizza company that has illegally used one of Chris' songs in their advertising spots. As she works to prepare Chris for his deposition, she notices his erratic, caffeine-induced behavior, and suspects it may be linked to Gloria. By the time she arrives to take him for his all-important deposition several days later, her worst fears are realized... Chris' Cuban coffee addiction has him completely out of control.

      Anson is invited by his girlfriend to attend her parents' anniversary party, but doesn't own a suit. Seeking favor with Yola, Cody offers to take Anson shopping. Cody discovers there's more to Anson than meets the eye, when he becomes deathly ill and Anson takes charge of his recovery.

    • The Little Mermaid

      Chris receives an extra $20 when he visits his local bank's automatic teller machine, and feels as though he won the lottery. But when he shares the happy news with Mona, she annoys him by insisting the money be returned. Believing he came by his windfall honestly, he refuses. Later, Chris is shocked to discover that Mona has vanished from her lair. When he runs into a girl named Stacy, who looks just like his missing muse, he wonders if Stacy is really Mona, determined to give him a morality lesson.

      After moving into a new house, Cody hires Yola's housekeeper, Mihaela, after Yola recommends her for the job; unaware that she only did so out of spite. Much to her dismay, however, Yola finds out that Mihaela and Cody might be a better fit than she'd originally anticipated...

      Meanwhile, Anson and Tanya wake up in their Las Vegas hotel room after a night of hard partying to find that part of the evening's activities included a wedding...

    • Home Improvement
      Home Improvement
      Episode 4

      After hearing about Brian McKnight's luxurious home, Chris feels pressured by the band to improve his homely house and decides to install a state-of-the-art steam room. He soon comes to regret the decision when the project begins to take on a life of its own. Meanwhile, Yola and Cody have very different reactions when the office receives a gift of designer brownies from Mike, the long-haired drummer from local band, Cannabis Nation. Anson, frustrated that his credit card has been canceled, decides to launch his own website,, as a means of making some extra cash. After outfitting his entire apartment with mini cameras, he learns (to his dismay) that he's attracted a very devoted, yet captive, audience.moreless

    • Let the Games Begin

      As a long-time baseball fan Chris, who often tries to meld his American boy-next-door lifestyle with his rock-star profession, revels in his newfound friendship with star Oakland A's pitcher Barry Zito. That is, until he discovers that Barry can do just about everything better than he can. He's startled by Barry's musical aptitude when he joins in on a band rehearsal, and after surfing, jogging, mountain biking, and even boxing with him, Chris wonders if there is anything Barry isn't good at. Chris tries hard to be a good sport, but is secretly frantic to find something he can beat Barry at.

      Yola, meanwhile, has her own plans for the Cy Young Award winner... not the least of which involves trying to get to second base. She's mesmerized by Barry's movie star looks, unpretentious attitude, and unwavering discipline. When he plays his guitar, she's inspired by his gift for singing and songwriting and, much to Chris' chagrin, considers signing him. But, little by little, Yola's admiration turns to intimidation, and she's not quite sure how to rise above it.

      Convinced that a rock star of his caliber needs a personal assistant, Anson hires Roger, an unemployed executive he met at the bar, to coordinate his busy schedule. Unfortunately, when Roger decides it's time to talk about his salary, Anson soon discovers what it means to be "The Boss..."

    • Candidate
      Episode 2

      Chris's sense of civic duty is aroused when his favorite free parking spot at the public beach he frequents is suddenly designated a red zone. Chris vows to fight for the public's civil liberties and, with the support of Michelle Branch and his band, decides to run for parking commissioner – much to Yola's chagrin...

      Meanwhile, Yola's maternal instincts are awakened when she volunteers to look after Megan, her six-year-old stepsister, for a week. Though anxious to put her parenting skills to the test, she soon finds that the job is hardly the walk in the park she thought it would be.

      Anson comes into a bit of money and suddenly finds himself in a constant state of worry over what to do with it. When the guys in the band bombard him with unsolicited advice on how to protect his cash, he's consumed with worry and indecision, until he comes up with his own stellar solution.

    • The Family of Man

      A happy Chris begins building his cabin in the mountains near Bear Valley, only to discover a Native American artifact during the construction. The contractor stops all work until it can be verified if they're excavating sacred Indian land. Nervous that he may lose his land because of the find, Chris agrees to perform at the nearby Kahoosh Indian casino in hopes of enlisting support from his indigenous neighbors. He also wants to impress singer/songwriter Bret Michaels, who, because of an earlier misunderstanding, thinks he's selfish.

      Meanwhile, Anson's on the warpath when he discovers that his recently identified Native American ancestors met a gruesome fate, and goes hunting for retribution.

      On the rebound after breaking up with her boyfriend because he allows his family to control his life, Yola meets Ben – a handsome guy completely without familial ties. Unfortunately, after meeting some of Ben's friends, Yola soon discovers that some patterns might be just too hard to break...

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