The Chris Isaak Show

Season 2 Episode 12

Farm Boys

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 04, 2002 on Showtime



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    • Quote #1:

      Chris, Roly, Kenney, Hersh, Anson, and Yola are all having a wonderful conversation about inspirational women, (Barbara Ann, Layla, Peggy Sue, Mary Lou, etc.) Chris says, with a thoughtful look on his face: "You know, if it wasn't for a woman, I never woulda picked up a guitar."

      To which Kenney replies: "If it wasn't for drums, I'da never picked up a woman."

      Quote #2:

      As Chris and company enter Evie's house after discovering that they hiked 10 miles out of their way to get there, Kenney comments to Chris: "Way to go, Sacagawea."

      Quote #3:

      As Chris tries to resist Evie's offer to put the band up for the night, Hershel admits to being tired and Anson claims he's hungry. Kenney comments, "Chris, the kids are tired and hungry."

      Quote #4:

      The band, after hearing the news that they'll be staying yet another night on the farm and attending the birthday party planned for "Old Grandad," discuss other options they may have to leave the creepy place:

      Hershel: "Wait a second, there's guests coming to the party, right?"

      Kenney: "Everybody in the coven."

      Quote #5:

      As Kenney and Roly return to the house after the party, they discover Anson, sitting in the living room after having been struck by lightening:

      Roly: "Somebody's makin' popcorn…"

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