The Chris Isaak Show

Season 1 Episode 1

Freud's Dilemma

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2001 on Showtime
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Freud's Dilemma
From Showtime: Chris finds himself dumped by his girlfriend and questions what women really want. On a location shoot for a music video, he is reminded of his ex-girlfriend by Nedra, an attractive, but rigid production accountant on his music video shoot. Nedra seems to have absolutely no interest in Chris when he tries to talk to her, but then every night she does a strip-tease in the hotel room across the alley from his, apparently oblivious to him. Unnerved, Chris consults his psychologist mother (who plays herself in a cameo,) but Dr. Isaak will only tell him to come to terms with his own libido. Further complicating matters is actress Bai Ling, who co-stars in the video with Chris. She arrives on set with a head full of insecurities and a jealous kick boxer boyfriend. Not that anyone else in the band is doing any better with affairs of the heart. Anson's romance with Jodie, a young horsewoman, fizzles when he finds himself intimidated by the thought that she'll compare him to her well-endowed stallion. And Yola's scheme to land Chris a prime slot on a television special, takes an unexpected turn after she sends her competitive associate Cody to win over the network's president, Clay Choper, who happens to be partial to young men.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • 1. In the scene where Chris and video director Brian are watching the video for "Please" in Chris' living room, we see Brian sitting on a chair in front of the TV, holding onto a container of cheese balls, munching away on them as he watches the video. Then the doorbell rings. As Chris gets up to answer it, he takes the cheese balls from Brian and puts them on the bar between the kitchen and the
        living room. Chris goes to the door and lets Yola in, and the two of them find their way back into the kitchen as they have their conversation. The scene cuts back to Brian, still sitting on his chair in front of the TV, once again holding onto the container of cheese balls... yet asking Chris where the cheese balls got to... However, the perspective of the camera is Chris' from the kitchen, looking across the bar... as we see Brian, holding a can of cheese balls, we can see the can that Chris took from him earlier sitting on the bar... right where he left it to answer the door.

        2. The TV that Chris and Brian are watching the "Please" video on in Chris living room is a modern one with a square screen... not the vintage rounded screen with the wooden cabinet we see as the show's opener each week. In actual fact, however, we don't see a Television set in Chris' house much at all throughout any part of the series. The only times in season one that we see a TV set is when the machine is somehow required in the episode.

        3. When Bai Ling
        visits Chris in his room at the hotel, she sits on the love seat in front of his window – across from Nedra's room.
        The curtains are opened only far enough to reveal the center pane and
        about half of the pane to the right of that.
        As their conversation continues, the curtains behind Bai Ling are suddenly opened farther, showing about half the pane to the left of the center

        4. Likely NOT a goof, but worth noting... As Bai Ling
        leaves Chris' room (#6), we see Jean-Baptiste looking out of his bedroom (#8) door, which is at the end of the hall to the right of Chris' room. While it's possible that his room connects the wings of the hotel that cause Chris' room and Nedra's room to run parallel
        to each other, it's also possible that this could be an error...

        5. As Chris talks to Monique on the phone in the closing sequence – after he and Anson watch the NEW video… the image on the TV screen behind him, is a shot of Bai Ling's eye from the "Please" video…

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Quote #1:

        Jodie to Anson when they meet again in the field after the first day's shooting: "What are you, the choreographer?"

        Anson: "No, I'm straight, I'm in the band."

        Quote #2:

        Jodie to Anson as they're talking in the barn. Anson, happy that Jodie accepted a date with him, begins to dance a bit, and winds up behind Thor, her horse:

        "Don't stand behind him, he doesn't like it. Especially men."

        Anson: "Yeah, sure, I'm the same way."

        Quote #3:

        Chris to Anson, in Chris' living room after the video shoot, talking about the mystery of women: "It's the mystery. The never-ending mystery that keeps us coming back for more, you know? That thing about 'em that makes us want 'em; that drives us crazy for 'em."

        Anson: "Jugs."

        Chris: "It's so great that we have these moments together…" as he helps Anson from his chair and points him toward the door…

    • NOTES (1)

      • Songs featured in this episode:
        "Wicked Game"
        Live concert setting at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

        Chris and the director watch the video in Chris' living room.

        "Don't Leave Me On My Own"
        Live location performance with the band.

        "Goin' Nowhere"
        Mock-video-shoot subject song.

        "Eyes of Texas"
        Soundtrack music played during the bar scene with Anson and Jodie.

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