The Chris Isaak Show

Season 1 Episode 4

It's the Music, Stupid

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2001 on Showtime
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It's the Music, Stupid
From Showtime: For a long time, Chris has been stalked by Kim, a mousy fan who is so obsessed with him that she camps outside his house and tries to win him over with homemade banana bread. She suddenly disappears, leaving behind only a red tennis shoe. Chris is at first relieved, but then, he begins to worry and hires Ray,a musician-turned-private detective to track her down. And Kim's disappearance isn't the only mystery. At an auction of celebrity memorabilia, Chris gets into a bidding war with Joe Walsh over a guitar owned by Elvis' sideman Scotty Moore, only to be beaten out by an anonymous phone bidder. Yola is determined to find out who got the guitar, so much so that she sabotages a blossoming relationship with Denver Lane, the antique expert and auctioneer who oversaw the sale. Anson, meanwhile, is doing some sabotaging of his own. When his father Merrill, a demanding figure who doesn't approve of his music, asks him and his sister Marissa, to play a piece by Brahms at their mother's birthday, Anson can't help but do everything possible to mess things up, including bringing along tattooed punk rock singer Bif Naked.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • 1.  In the scene where the band is ragging on Chris for being cheap, Roly is holding a clear glass filled with water. The camera cuts away from Roly and Kenney to Chris who laments the label... When it cuts back to Roly and Kenney, Roly is holding a Styrofoam cup... As the
        scene continues, Anson finishes the horn arrangements he'd been working on... and Roly is holding the glass once more...

        2.  For the very first time, we get an extremely good view of the exterior of Chris' humble abode. We see from this angle that the house has a chimney; yet, there is no fireplace visible in any of the interior shots of the house. Also, the wall of windows with the French doors and the balcony appears to be at the front of the house... The view from inside looking out in that room is the ocean, and this episode establishes the fact that the front of Chris' house faces the water.

        3.  In an episode that focuses on Chris' "frugal" lifestyle, I had a lot of fun looking for bits and dabs that highlight that lifestyle. For example, as Kenney stops by Chris' house to have a look at Scotty Moore's guitar (which, of course, Chris didn't win...) we see Chris fixing the fence in the front yard. As Kenney
        approaches, Chris can be seen hammering out a kink in an old nail... while that's frugal enough – we see that he's fixing that nail with a patched hammer... If you look closely, you'll see that the handle has been wrapped with tape close to the hammer head...

        4.  In the jam session with Joe Walsh in Chris' living room, Chris' guitar strap alternates in shots from being on the inside to the outside of the collar of his red shirt...

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      • Songs featured in this episode:

        "7 Lonely Nights"
        Chris playing live, alone in his living room.

        "Rocky Mountain Way"
        Live concert setting at Bimbo's with Joe Walsh.

        "Wrong to Love You"
        Live rehearsal setting at Chris' house with Joe Walsh.

        "Lie to Me"
        Live concert setting at the Fillmore.

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