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The Chris Isaak Show

Season 3 Episode 3

Let the Games Begin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2004 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

Let the Games Begin

As a long-time baseball fan Chris, who often tries to meld his American boy-next-door lifestyle with his rock-star profession, revels in his newfound friendship with star Oakland A's pitcher Barry Zito. That is, until he discovers that Barry can do just about everything better than he can. He's startled by Barry's musical aptitude when he joins in on a band rehearsal, and after surfing, jogging, mountain biking, and even boxing with him, Chris wonders if there is anything Barry isn't good at. Chris tries hard to be a good sport, but is secretly frantic to find something he can beat Barry at.

Yola, meanwhile, has her own plans for the Cy Young Award winner... not the least of which involves trying to get to second base. She's mesmerized by Barry's movie star looks, unpretentious attitude, and unwavering discipline. When he plays his guitar, she's inspired by his gift for singing and songwriting and, much to Chris' chagrin, considers signing him. But, little by little, Yola's admiration turns to intimidation, and she's not quite sure how to rise above it.

Convinced that a rock star of his caliber needs a personal assistant, Anson hires Roger, an unemployed executive he met at the bar, to coordinate his busy schedule. Unfortunately, when Roger decides it's time to talk about his salary, Anson soon discovers what it means to be "The Boss..."


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • 1.  The character of
        "Roger" first appeared in the series in season two's episode 25, "Rat in the
        House," only then, the character, also played by Don Thompson, was called
        "Arthur."  You may recall that Arthur
        was sitting at the bar at Bimbo's when a dejected Anson entered, bummed that
        Damien was such a big hit with the rest of the band.  Arthur had just been fired, and was explaining his situation to
        Anson.  Though not identified by name in
        the episode, the closing credits identified that character as "Arthur."

        2.  In addition, the
        details about Roger's situation – if he indeed is intended to serve as the same
        character; are a bit odd.  First off,
        let's assume that there was no interruption in time between season two and
        season three; (in reality, 18 months separated the end of season two and the
        start of season three, while nearly two years separate the "Rat in the House"
        episode from this one,) then Anson's comment of having met Roger in the bar
        after "he just got fired," would mean that this episode, chronologically, would
        have to be much closer in time to that original episode.  Possible, but not very likely…  Yola was already busy with Josh, and would
        not have been able to hook up with Barry Zito. 
        Then there's the issue of Anson's sprained wrist…  how would that "Rat in the House" episode
        injury factor into this "just got fired" scenario?  Secondly, "Roger" says he was a District Manager at Bridgestone,
        while "Arthur" says he was "regional sales champ" for an unidentified
        firm.  Is this a big difference?  No, probably not, but all the details lumped
        together are a bit confusing to the viewer. 
        Don Thompson is a familiar face, playing a role similar to one he'd
        created almost two years earlier… similar, but not at all the same…  ;-)

        3.  Though we've seen
        the "Road Racer" pinball game in the green room in the past, this is the first
        (and only) time we see the Foosball game there.

        4.  Chris' neighbors,
        and who lives where, has been a bit confusing throughout the entire
        series.  For example:

        'Pete' lives behind Chris:  "Crimes and Punishment." (Season 1)

        'Don' / 'Tom' (John Destry, same
        actor for both roles) lives next door to Chris: 'Don' in "It's the
        Music, Stupid," and 'Tom' in "T&A." (Season 1)

        'Doug' now lives next door:  "Hell is Other People" (Season 2)

        'Don' (John Destry once again,) now
        lives behind Chris in this season 3 episode.

        5.  This is the first
        time, throughout the entire series, that Chris' label was officially identified
        as "Warner Records."  All through the
        first two seasons, Chris' label was referred to as "the label," "the record
        label," or "the record company."  The
        only reference to Warner's before this episode was in season two's episode 3,
        "Chris Isaak Day," where Cody entices Yola to join him in Vegas with "the group
        from Warner's."

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Quote #1:

        Chris, Kenney, and Barry, in the dugout at the Little League game, discussing Barry's date with Yola the night before:

        Barry: "We went for a walk, I sang her a couple of songs..."

        Chris: "You sang to her?"

        Kenney: "Yeah, like you never tried the old acapella aphrodisiac."

        Quote #2:

        After Chris gets hit - in a uniquely painful place - by a pitch thrown to him by Barry, he doubles over in pain. Always there for his friend, Kenney offers Chris some sage advice:

        Kenney: "There's no crying in baseball..."

        Quote #3:

        Further in the above scene, as Chris tries to recover a little dignity:

        Chris: "Nice pitch Barry."

        Barry: "You looked like you took that right in the nuts, Chris."

        Chris: "Oh, it's... new glove... You know, not to talk, brother, but I think I could have got some wood on that."

        Kenney: "I think you did."

    • NOTES (1)

      • Songs featured in this episode:

        Live concert setting at Bimbo's.

        "I Want Your Love"
        Live rehearsal at Bimbo's with Barry Zito.

        "I See You Everywhere"
        Live concert setting at Bimbo's.

        "Think of Tomorrow"
        Live concert setting at Bimbo's.

    • ALLUSIONS (0)