The Chris Isaak Show - Season 2

Showtime (ended 2004)


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  • Charity Begins at Home
    From Showtime: At the request of his mother, Dr. Dorothy Isaak, Chris agrees to organize a charity benefit concert at Bimbo's. The night of the event, during a torrential rain storm, he shares the stage with an amazing line-up of talent – among them Green Day, The Goo Goo Dolls, Art Alexakis, Trisha Yearwood, Stephan Jenkins, Gavin Rossdale, comedian Kathy Griffin, and, possibly, Tina Turner. Throughout the soggy, star-studded evening, Chris catches glimpses of a gorgeous naval officer whose gaze keeps eluding him. Yola has a reputation for canceling personal plans at the last minute. So she hurries to take care of some final details for the charity concert before leaving on a long-awaited vacation to Hawaii with friends. But her obsessive need to organize and manage every last detail of Chris' professional life ultimately causes her to miss the plane. Yola must finally admit that she has trouble letting go of her work. Meanwhile, Anson is fervently necking with his on-and-off girlfriend Tanya in a broom closet at Bimbo's when she confides to him that she's being harassed by Gordon, a guy she used to date. Anson boldly gives her his best advice on how to handle the situation, and ends up in the parking lot after the concert, dealing with Gordon, fist to face.moreless
  • Isaakland
    Episode 16
    From Showtime: Chris is shocked to learn that one of his favorite childhood hangouts, a small amusement park, has been closed and may be torn down. On a nostalgic whim he buys it, renames it Isaakland, and makes plans to restore it to the family fun park of his youth. Though Yola, Kenney, Roly and Hershel are dubious, Anson is wildly excited by the idea including Chris's promise of a free pass on all the rides. But it's the old caretaker, Fletcher Furnell who educates Chris about the harsh realities of running this beloved American tradition. Yola is star struck to meet celebrated actor Robert Culp. When he asks her out on a date, Yola is flattered but leery of their age difference. However, Bob proves that his age is not an issue. In fact, it's Yola who struggles to keep up with Bob's numerous interests and irrepressible nature. Seeing him perform with the band at Isaakland, a gang of 12 year-olds decides Anson is a cool guy and invite him to hang out with them. But when the kids confide that their idea of fun includes thievery and vandalism, Anson has some very grown-up decisions to make.moreless
  • Just Us Kids
    Just Us Kids
    Episode 15
    From Showtime: Backstage, following a great show with guest star Paul Stanley of the rock group KISS, it's revealed that Chris has never thrown a party. A few days later, when news comes that Chris's latest album has gone platinum, he seizes the opportunity to reciprocate by throwing a big celebration party. Skeptical that he can pull it off, Yola offers to help. But Chris is still worried. Party costs are mounting. Worse still, Chris is convinced that no one will show up. Meanwhile, as Yola begins dating her high school sweetheart Kyle, she's cautiously optimistic that this may be something more than the usual six week, doomed from the start, romance. When she's forced to find alternate supervision for her dog Jimi, Kyle pulls some strings to get him into the exclusive Greenbriar Canine Day Care. But Jimi's expulsion from doggie day care the very same day could have serious repercussions for Yola's blossoming relationship. Anson's father, Professor Drubner, begrudgingly extends an invitation to his son from the dean of the college, to teach a master class in music. While there, he overhears his dad's boring class lectures and the insults of many of his students. Troubled, Anson is forced to see his domineering father in a new, vulnerable light.moreless
  • The Hidden Mommy
    The Hidden Mommy
    Episode 14
    From Showtime: Chris is performing with country music star Trisha Yearwood when he hears from his mom that old Uncle Corky has called from a V.A. nursing home and wants to see him. Believing his days are numbered, Chris feels obliged to go along when Uncle Corky weasels his way out of the nursing home and into his spare bedroom. But, once there, he makes a surprising recovery and starts to infiltrate every facet of Chris's life. Yola is thrilled that her handsome new boyfriend Trevor is so lacking in pretense despite being incredibly wealthy. So she's bewildered yet charmed when he believes her joke that she has made the knitted cashmere sweater she is wearing and then asks her to knit him one. Too smitten to see the folly of the situation, Yola agrees and secretly signs up for knitting lessons. But her promise to Trevor turns into a personal obsession as she tries to master the art of knitting without completely losing her mind. Kenney sees an opportunity to fuel Anson's anxiety when Anson reveals he has an appointment with a proctologist. Later, extremely nervous, Anson is taken aback to see that Dr. Darcy is not only compassionate and gentle, but a woman - and very good-looking! Anson is confused about his feelings for his butt doctor and doesn't know how to handle it.moreless
  • Home of the Brave
    Home of the Brave
    Episode 13
    From Showtime: Chris accepts an invitation to sing the national anthem at the San Francisco Giants next game. Then Roly recounts Chris's previous attempt at the anthem, when he botched both the lyrics and the notorious high note. Chris remembers too, and the embarrassment and humiliation that went with it. But he's determined to face his fears and try again. When Chris wakes up the next morning with laryngitis and is ordered, by his doctor, to refrain from all talking and singing, Kenney's sure he's faking it. But Chris is a resourceful guy in more ways than one. Meanwhile, Yola is worried she may have unintentionally offended Nicki Wooster, the new president of Manacle Records, who has a prosthetic leg. Wanting to apologize, and 'get a leg up on the situation,' she only manages to make things worse. Anson gets the brush-off from Bianca, a lovely, powerfully built new waitress at Bimbo's. Later, Anson convinces Kenney and Roly to attend their friend C.J's bachelor party. Just as Kenney and Roly are trying to sneak out, the lights dim and two tall strippers emerge. To Anson's joy, one of them is Bianca. But he's not nearly so enthusiastic when he becomes a boy toy in their dance routine and starts to fear for his personal safety.moreless
  • Farm Boys
    Farm Boys
    Episode 12
    From Showtime: On a flight to Nashville to sing a duet with Emmy Lou Harris, Chris and the gang are forced to crash land in a wheat field in the middle of nowhere. They come upon an isolated by picturesque farmhouse and are warmly greeted by Evie and her husband Del, who recognize Chris right away. But despite their apparent good will, Chris and the others begin to suspect that Evie and her family are hiding something and have no intention of helping them to get home. As Yola settles into the guest room, she notices the odd behavior of Evie's son, Teddy, and how he is always sneaking up into the attic. More curious than afraid, she is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and is amazed by what she discovers. Meanwhile, Anson has a dilemma. He's very attracted to Evie's daughter Inger, but he made a promise to God to give up girls if they survived the plane crash. Now he's having to resist all her seductive advances and the temptation is making him miserable.moreless
  • Gimme Shelter
    Gimme Shelter
    Episode 11
    From Showtime: Chris secretly longs for a few days to unwind when the demands of his work start piling up. Instead, he must prepare for a visit from television host Lucia Kent, who plans to broadcast her show live from his house. To spruce things up, Chris decided to install a fountain and, ever frugal, begins the work himself. While digging in his backyard, he uncovers a hatch leading to a 1950's bomb shelter. Later, excited by his historical find, Chris invites Yola, Kenney, Roly, and Hershel to go below. But when the inside latch breaks off, trapping them all inside, it seems assured that Chris will have an endless holiday! Meanwhile, Anson can't think or see straight when Julia, a hot new waitress at Bimbo's convinces him that he would be more appealing with green eyes. But the new tinted contact lenses don't do anything for his looks, his vision, or his love life. Dejected, he heads over to Chris' house to discover everyone inexplicably missing. Yola isn't sure how she feels when her mother, Betty receives a marriage proposal from a guy Yola used to date. Feeling heavy-hearted and very single, she does her best to help her mom with the wedding preparations while secretly wondering why it isn't the other way around.moreless
  • Mysterious Hearts
    Mysterious Hearts
    Episode 10
    From Showtime: During a performance at Bimbo's with guest singer Sophie B. Hawkins, Chris notices Heather, a beautiful young woman, smiling back at him from the audience. Sophie notices her, too. Later, backstage, they are excited to meet Heather and learn that she is an emerging sculptor. But when both he and Sophie show up at Heather's inaugural exhibition the next night, Chris clues in that Sophie is attracted to her too, and a rivalry for Heather's affections ensues. Desperate to one-up Sophie, Chris is the first to purchase one of Heather's horrific animatronic sculptures – for five thousand dollars! Yola's blind date with a handsome but tedious guy has her wishing for a speedy end to the evening. But when his car is forced into a sudden head-on collision with a bus shelter, she feels both terrified and sexually charged. Yola's worried. It seems this passionate chemistry with Ian can only be found while tempting death in the front seat of his car. Meanwhile, Anson is not sure what to make of it when he discovers that his girlfriend, Trish, is embellishing his character to anyone who will listen.moreless
  • Hell Is Other People
    From Showtime: Bret Michaels, lead singer for the rock band Poison, is producing a movie and may have a part that's perfect for Chris. To help him decide, Bret wants to hang out together. Eager for the part, Chris puts his best foot forward. But his principles waiver when a neighbor begins building a deck too close to Chris' house. To maintain his privacy and his relationship with the guy next door, Chris makes an anonymous call to the building department. Feeling like a snitch, Chris realizes that the effects of his underhanded tactics are extending much further than his own backyard. Kenney loves everything about Janine and he's blissfully happy. Then, during a mid winter fishing trip with the band, Kenney discovers that Janine had a previous relationship… with Anson! To make matters worse, Anson offers him inside information on what gets Janine sexually charged, turning his seething anger into a full rage. Kenney's struggle to come to terms with this incomprehensible truth puts his friendship with Anson to the ultimate test. Meanwhile, Yola is thrilled, and a bit intimidated, when she's asked to join an elite women's reading group. Anxious to impress these powerful businesswomen, Yola finds herself more drawn to that they are wearing than their insights on the book they are gathered to discuss. Later, when a weasely celebrity photographer grabs a shot of her and Chris in a seemingly compromising position and it becomes front page tabloid news, Yola is convinced her reputation in the music industry, and with her reading group, is ruined.moreless
  • Rat in the House
    Rat in the House
    Episode 8
    From Showtime: While Chris and an attractive woman snuggle together watching a late night movie on TV, a brown rat sporting a long tail, comes into view and sends his date scurrying from the house. In the days that follow, he becomes frantic as every feeble attempt to catch it fails to rid him of his uninvited houseguest. Chris soon suspects there may be more than one rat to deal with when Yola introduces him to her latest romantic interest, Josh, a handsome, worldly, good-at-everything guy. She invites Josh to be her houseguest but Chris, ever protective, is sure he is leeching off her trusting nature, and her wallet. Yola believes she's found Mr. Perfect and resents Chris' interference, until she sees her beautiful apartment turning into a rat's nest. Meanwhile, Anson hurts himself in Kung Fu class, rendering his right hand useless for at least two weeks. Annoyed that Anson would be so careless, Chris instructs Yola to find an interim keyboard player. When Chris hires Damien, a young guy with abundant talent and long, flowing hair, Anson worries that his temporary injury has permanently ruined his career.moreless
  • Driven
    Episode 7
    From Showtime: When a wayward bean fragment from a new coffee grinder scratches Yola's eye, she must wear an eye patch for a week. To her surprise, the restricted vision gives Yola a better view of her shallow behavior and she vows to become a nicer person by doing good deeds. Yola begins the transformation by selling Chris' decrepit Nova and getting him a fabulous new car. Chris is elated by the gesture, but as the novelty of the moon roof, dual climate control, and GPS wear off, Chris starts to long for the charm and practicality of his beloved Nova and conspires with Yola to get it back. Meanwhile, Anson is devastated when his buddy, Phil is crushed to death by a vending machine while trying to steal a soda. Mourning his friend's wasted potential, he searches for a way to add more meaning to his life. After much deliberation, Anson decides to set a go-cart world record for the most laps around a track in 24 hours without stopping. And with Kenney and Roly's help he may just do it, until 12-year-old Mickey Tibbals shows up to challenge him.moreless
  • Family Ties
    Family Ties
    Episode 6
    From Showtime: On the rebound from Stephanie, Chris breaks an unwritten band rule and starts dating a young singer/songwriter named Olivia. All though he finds her efforts at songwriting painful, she's very sexy, and her father owns forty acres of the best surfing beach in California. But their new relationship takes a direct hit while attending a ceremony at the San Francisco Zoo, where Chris' record company has adopted an animal in his name. To his embarrassment, ‘Isaak,' an ornery old chimp with no toilet training and great aim, doesn't seem to think much of Chris' taste in women. Yola suffers a different kind of humiliation when she discovers her mom's new love interest, Brad, is a guy she previously dated, and dumped. Mom's convinced she has finally found true love, but Yola suggests that Brad is actually trying to get even, and she's determined to beat him at his own game. Meanwhile, Anson's manliness is put to the test when he starts dating the Zoo's herpetologist. But her interest in snakes has Anson on edge, especially when the pet python she keeps in her bedroom goes missing.moreless
  • Duty Calls
    Duty Calls
    Episode 5
    From Showtime: Sifting through a pile of neglected mail, Chris discovers a final notice summoning him to jury duty. Later, during a rehearsal, the guys and Everclear's Art Alexakis discuss how to keep him out of the jury box. Clutching a note from his doctor, Chris arrives at the courthouse but brightens considerably when he meets Irina, an immigrant proudly sporting her jury ID badge. She is swept up by the opportunity to serve her new country, while Chris is swept away by her good looks. Meanwhile, Yola has a professional and personal crisis to deal with. When a new client has a heart attack while having sex in the Ikonn conference room, Yola immediately initiates damage control. But dealing with her personal feelings proves more difficult when she finds out that the man she is protecting was cheating on a devoted wife. Anson has a different set of challenges when his newest girlfriend, Sherrie, wants to make home movies of their rambunctious lovemaking. Reluctantly, at first, Anson is soon happily obsessing over his manly appearance on camera, to the detriment of his new found relationship.moreless
  • Wrong Number
    Wrong Number
    Episode 4
    From Showtime: As Valentine's Day approaches, a love-struck Chris suggests to Stephanie that they live together. She accepts, but as the hunt for a house begins, the battle lines are drawn. Chris and Stephanie, it turns out, have very different ideas of what constitutes a dream house. Meanwhile, a desperate woman leaves messages for her estranged lover on Chris' answering machine by mistake. This sounds like real love, but Chris senses the relationship is doomed unless he can track the unknown woman down. Yola's new roommate, Tess has a thing about clothes – she doesn't like wearing them. Yola tries to get inspired by Tess' natural spirit, but can't overcome her inhibitions. Finding his inspiration in Penthouse Forum, Anson takes a job with Jiffy Parcel Service hoping to deliver lingerie packages to hot, lonely housewives. But the only sexy woman he meets has an agenda that's definitely against company policy.moreless
  • Chris Isaak Day
    Chris Isaak Day
    Episode 3
    From Showtime: Chris is flattered when the mayor of his hometown of Stockton, California, wants to rename a street, ‘Chris Isaak Avenue.' But his journalist girlfriend Stephanie, teases him about how much he enjoys the attention that being a celebrity brings. Chris disagrees, and propels them into their first lover's tiff. However, the trip to Stockton links Chris' past to the present, and opens his eyes to what's truly important. Yola complains to Chris that she's fed up dating self-absorbed weasels from the music industry. He offers to introduce her to Ted Thomas, a fireman from his hometown. Yola is hesitant until she sees the hunky firefighter posing half-naked in a Stockton Engine Company Forty-Nine fund raising calendar. Unhappily, after a few dates, she comes to realize that Ted's got a few celebrity issues of his own – even if they're only in his head. Anson has celebrity issues, too. When his latest squeeze, Tanya complains that the Planet Hollywood jacket Anson gave her is nylon instead of leather, he's pissed off that he's unable to get her the real thing. It takes Kenney to explain the facts of life – that there's a big difference from being in the band, and being the star of the band.moreless
  • The Devil Made Me Do It
    From Showtime: Chris, convinced he has finally found the right woman, suggests that rock journalist Steffie Furst move some of her things into his place. For Chris, this is a big step, perhaps too big a step. Complicating matters is his growing resentment of the generous attention Steffie pays to the subject of her latest magazine assignment, the good-looking Stephan Jenkins (Third Eye Blind.) But Kenney turns that jealousy into suspicion when he suggests that Steffie might be writing a covert and intimate article about Chris, instead. Yola is caught off guard when she finds out how serious Chris really is about Steffie. She overcompensates by striking up an awkward friendship with her. But when she accidentally sets Steffie's silk jacket on fire and later runs into her with her car, Yola wonders if her subconscious is trying to tell her something. Meanwhile, a shapely young female walking down the street catches Anson's eye and he sets out in dogged pursuit. But when he catches up with her, he is shocked to discover it is none other than Yola! Embarrassed that he has mistaken his manager for an object of his sexual desire, Anson is now uncomfortable even being in the same room with her. To make matters worse, Anson thinks he sees Yola every time he is with another woman, effectively destroying his love life all together.moreless
  • In the Name of Love
    From Showtime: A major rock journalist, Stephanie Furst, wants to interview Chris for a book she's writing on the legendary Roy Orbison. But Chris is leery after the guys in the band warn him she has a reputation for trashing her subjects. Very suspicious, Chris agrees to meet with her for half an hour only. To his astonishment, he is completely smitten by Stephanie the moment they meet and fabricates Roy Orbison anecdotes as a reason to keep seeing her. Kenney, despite his better judgment, asks Anson for an introduction to Valerie, a gorgeous babe who's the friend of Anson's new squeeze. What he gets is a double date that takes him from the height of anticipation to the depths of despair. Yola, meanwhile, shares an elevator with the incredibly handsome Dr. Kip Milberg, a canine psychologist, and develops an instant love for dogs. She borrows Jimi, a Springer spaniel with destructive behavior problems and books an appointment. But on their first date, Yola notices some rather bizarre behavior, leading her to conclude that Dr. Milberg may have spent too much time with his patients.moreless