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The Chris Isaak Show

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 18, 2001 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

From Showtime: When Chris tears his hamstring surfing and is confined to a wheelchair, Yola hires a physical therapist to help nurse him back to health. The therapist, a beautiful Chinese woman named Debbie Fung catches Chris' eye, but when he makes a play for her, she ignores him. Maybe it's the rejection, maybe it's the scary old movies he's been watching, but Chris starts to notice that there's something strange about Debbie. First, she won't tell him where she's from. Then he walks in on her while she's practicing Kung Fu. When he discovers another Chinese woman lurking in his garage, Chris is convinced something sinister is going on. To add to the intrigue, Anson gets wind of the fortune that, according to urban legend, is buried in the secret tunnels under Bimbo's. He heads down to look for it and when Kenney comes along to get his keys back from Anson, the two of them are trapped in the subterranean passages. Hershel, meanwhile, has an idea for a movie, but can't get anyone to listen.moreless

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    Michelle Goh

    Michelle Goh

    Debbie Fung

    Guest Star

    Shawn Colvin

    Shawn Colvin


    Guest Star

    Yorks Tong

    Yorks Tong

    Young Chinese Woman

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • 1.  As Chris tells Yola the story of his surfing accident, different scenes of Chris are interspersed to highlight what really happened on the
        beach. Most of the scenes involve Chris carrying or riding a white and yellow Bear surfboard. Unfortunately, in the scene where he's seen falling off the board, he's riding a blue and green one.

        2.  The furniture in Chris' living room gets moved around a lot in this episode. Whether that's to accommodate his wheelchair or the TV that's seen extensively in this episode, is unsure. For example, in the opening scene, Chris is watching a contemporary TV in his living room. The TV is sitting on a table in front of the wooden cabinet that normally sits next to the leather chair in the corner, and one of the couches is sitting with its back to the windows. In the Monopoly game scene, the leather chair is missing entirely, and the TV is in the corner, instead. In the scene where Chris is receiving his first physical therapy session with Debbie, we get a good view of the living room as Chris lies on the floor. Nowhere do we see the TV or the wooden cabinet, and the couch is now facing the windows. Yet, in the very next scene, the cabinet is back, with the TV in front of it, and one of the couches is back with its back
        to the windows... Finally, in the scene where Chris calls Kenney, the TV is completely missing in the scene.

        3.  Kenney, always a gentleman, tells two flight attendants he meets at Bimbo's how happy he is that the gender-based word "stewardess" seems to have been done away with, in favor of the more PC term of "flight attendant." Both agree with him, and comment on his sensitivity. Unfortunately, every other
        time he refers to them throughout the rest of the episode, they're "stewardesses..."

        4.  Kenney and Anson are seen in several scenes, wandering around the basement at Bimbo's. Funny thing is, they never seem to stumble upon Mona's lair... A decidedly more comfortable place to spend a night stuck in the bowels of the club, than the room they wound up in.

        5.  In the scene where Anson has one chance to make a call on his cell phone before the batteries die, Kenney tells him to "...call someone that we
        know is gonna be home..." Ironically enough, the only person that both of them knew would likely be home, was
        Chris... Anson, however, calls Tanya.

        6.  The pair of French doors in Chris' living room open inward in this episode for the first time, with the doorknob on the right-hand door. (Inside looking out.) In at least two previous episodes,
        "Crimes and Punishment," (episode 3) and "Tomorrowland,"
        (episode 9,) the doors are seen opening outward, with the doorknob on the left-hand door. In this episode, as the
        storm blows the doors open (opening in,) the camera is outside looking in as Chris attempts to close them again. From this perspective, we see that the lock, the smaller latch right above the doorknob... is on the outside of the door. This scene also confirms completely, that the balcony set is not enclosed by glass. Rain can be seen hitting the windows all across the front of the house.

        7.  For the second (and final) time, we see the nifty computer that the record company bought for Chris in episode 6, "T & A." Hershel and Cody are seen at Chris' house, chatting with Wes Craven using the machine's video conferencing software. It's the only time we see the machine anywhere in the house in the entire episode.

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    • NOTES (1)

      • Songs featured in this episode:

        "Two Hearts"
        Soundtrack music – Chris' physical therapy session at his house. He sings softly along with himself.

        "Anywhere You Go"
        Anson, Hershel, and Roly, playing live in the green room at Bimbo's with Shawn Colvin.

        "Back on Your Side"
        Live concert setting at Bimbo's with Shawn Colvin.

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