The Chris Isaak Show

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2004 on Showtime



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    • Quote #1:

      An indignant Yola to Chris, regarding Cody's apparent lack of loyalty:

      Yola: "My friend saw Cody having dinner with Sheryl Louis last night."

      Chris: "Sheryl Louis over at HK? Yeah they handle the big ones…"

      Quote #2:

      Chris and Mona, discussing the potential reasons why Chris wants to keep his budding relationship with Yola a secret from the band:

      Mona: "Your inability to sustain a relationship, your fear of intimacy, your lack of trust…"

      Chris: "Are you done or are you just out of air?"

      Quote #3:

      Anson and Tanya, discussing Anson's role for "Murder Mystery Weekend" at the hotel:

      Tanya: "So it says your character's name is Clifford. You're working your way through college by playing in the band. You're a philosophy student at Columbia University. Oooh, an intellectual."

      Anson: "Intellectual?"

      Tanya: "Yeah, you know, someone who thinks really hard about deep shit."

      Anson: "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I've seen 'em. They wear glasses."

      Quote #4:

      Yola and Anson, discussing Niche and the "Act, don't just be" philosophy he espoused. A discussion that brings both to similar conclusions:

      Yola: "You know what the brave person does, the person who lives life…"

      Anson: "Street luge?"

      (An obvious reference to season one's "Deke" character from episode 4 "The Real Me," with Chris' cousin Ordell's tribute band "Blue Hotel." The keyboard player (Deke) in that episode tried to get Anson to live life on the edge by participating in street luge.)

      Quote #5:

      As Tanya heads down the stairs, Anson pleads with her to stay:

      Anson: "I'm sorry. I think too much. I won't do it again."

      Quote #6:

      As a half-blind Hershel makes his way to what he thinks is the hotel gym, he encounters a group of San Mateo Swingers doing what they do best. As the group continues their "workout," Hershel, to whom everything is out of focus, politely asks: "Pilates?"